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Description of BOKU BOKU

BOKU BOKU is a blocks-building game, you can use blocks to create your own world, a unique playground that is only for you.

- Blocks-building game, Create Freely!

- Many interactive objects for play.

- Friendly for children, family and girl.

- Support multiplayer mode.

- Continuous evolving!


***** Game Features *****

- Create Freely

By using blocks, you can build your world freely. From houses, schools, restaurants, and theme parks etc. In addition, you can play the piano, play on the swing, have a nice meal, and go to the restroom as well. You can do whatever you want, and live your ideal life in the game.

- Interaction with Objects

What if I tell you that you can interact with the objects that are built in the world. For example, you can actually use the toilet in the bathroom. Also, you can zoom in to look at the calendar and the clock on the wall as they are showing the real time and date. Another cool thing is that the calculator in the office is real, so you can use it to do some math. You will discover more interesting actions when you explore the game more.

- Musical Instruments

There are musical instruments included in the game. For instance, you can find piano, xylophone, drum kits, and Taiko drum etc. The best part is that everything will produce sound. When you sit in front of the musical instrument, then you can play with it. More and more music instruments will be added to the game in the future.

- Create Your Own Character

In the physical appearance of the character, you can change the clothes, hats, and facial expression of your character. For boys, would you choose to put a suit on, or dress like a policeman? For girls, would you choose to wear a beautiful dress, or a student uniform? You can also dress like a ninja or wear an animal headgear. Then, take a photo or go to multiplayer mode to impress other players!

- Multiplayer Mode

In the multiplayer mode, you can go to the same world with other players. You can explore, play, and interact with other players such as giving flowers, offering kisses, and fighting with a light saber and laser gun. During multiplayer mode, communicating through texts and voice is supported.

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More Information Of BOKU BOKU

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.0.201 Publish Date:2021-12-14 Developer:PIXTICLE

User Reviews


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Capable Rain 2020-10-27

I really like this game, but I do have a few suggestions:) I think that you could add more foods that you could pick up, like sandwiches, doughnuts, apples, etc. Second, I think more server/room modes should be added, for example, a game mode where you can\'t fly, or where you can\'t dash. Or where the changes other players make to your world won\'t be saved. I also would like to ask for a backpack option(where you can put items in) and maybe add books that you can pick up and read..?,
SmithTails Terminator 2021-02-07

I like this game and It\'s so cute! But it doesn\'t have dogs or cats in the game. I would\'ve rated it 4 stars, but good game. Please can you add cats and dogs? I\'ve been waiting for 1 year(s). Well, good game! Keep on your work, Pixticle! Good game! It sometimes lags but I dont care. It needs an item search button as well though. But good game! Adorable! Can you add TVs, Computers, survival mode and more clothes? More like Minecraft!
Kitty Cat 2021-01-20

This game is super good. I\'ve been playing for about 3 years now. This game is really fun and just good in general. There is bugs though. Sometimes im playing in a server and then all the sudden the blocks disappear, although you can fix it by zooming out, its annoying. The second random freezes. Like I\'m playing in a game and everyone freezes while I can move, while the 3rd is not being able to get in the rooms at all, no matter how long I wait it keeps loading. Please fix these bugs. Thanks.
CasseyRamos GC 2020-12-31

This game is great,especially I love building stuff,and I love the thing like the task and stuff,where u get candy(money) just by doing it you can also learn new movement,It has great graphics,And your probably wondering why I gave 4 stars,well the other raters are kinda right,when u play multiplayer games,even if your the that made it,the blocks will suddenly disappear,like u cant see it,but when I first played it,I joined a multiplayer game,and it never did it,it was normal,improve it PLEASE!
Yakko Warner 2020-05-07

I love this game. It\'s basically Terraria with a bit of Roblox in it. It\'s online, it\'s fun, it\'s creative, it\'s everything you could ask for in a sandbox game. However, there is a problem. Everytime I try to play, it loads, and gets stuck at 29. I\'ve tried to contact the developer, but I haven\'t received a message yet. Update: I\'ve reinstalled the game. It\'s gonna take a while to get back everything I had, which annoys me a LOT, but at least I can still play the game.
Kiki Matsumoto 2020-07-11

I LOVE this game,and I would suggest you to buy it! Its really cute and relaxing. The only thing thats a bit of a problem for me,is the fact that when you try to do a quest,It doesnt give a hint,or tell you how to do it.. And right now in the game,my next quest is to play a song on the piano,but Ive tried EVERYTHING but dont know how to play a song... But thats really the only thing thats been a problem for me...Or maybe im just stupid so i dont know how to play a song..
Ivory Tower 2020-12-03

Ok, this game is the best of the best. I LOVE it it\'s so cute. But my two complaints is that if there is a crab, a spider and the rest of the animals, PLEASE add in a cat! I love cats and this game will be perfect with it. Please add cats in. The second complaint is I NEED an item search button. You have no idea how easy my life would be once that thing is added in the game. But great game! Thx
Yrie Fernandez 2020-10-20

I really like the game \"Boku Boku\" This game is more like \"Terraria\", But is more unique and beautiful than Terraria! There are so many different kinds of uses in any different items, and I can\'t wait to discover more other new different kind of uses in new different items. And this is the Nice part! Behold, when I put a calendar in my home in the game, and when I use it, it really shows the Real Year, Month and Day, it even marks my Birthdate with a Candle, Good Job! You\'ve Impressed me!
Ckirbyneon 2019-07-14

Hello I just want to say how amazing this game is and how much I enjoy playing it though I have a some suggestions on what you guys should add😆 1. Dogs and cats to have as pets 2. boats that players can iteract with and sail in above the water 3. allow players to have sertant emotes like dancing! 4. add a Computer that players can sit and maybe play a game on I hope you guys take some of my suggestion into think and thank you for an amazing game! :D
Namkiz Nanaz 2020-11-20

Personally I really love this game! It inspires me to do more and be creative with my own way and if I can I would give this game 10/10 however if can I think adding a child or a baby to the game will be quite interesting so you won\'t feel alone when you bought it like a new pack a new section just for the baby nursery! I\'ll be sure to buy more candies if the game adds it thank you for creating and sharing this wonderful app! ❤