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Description of Booblyc TD Realm Tower Defense

🛡 One of the best tower defense offline game in 2020

🕹 Best Mobile Game - Indie Cup Awards

⚔️ Unusual engine category winner - GameGathering Conference

The game is filled with war strategy and tactics of castle defense! Explore the world, fight monsters, conquer all missions, beat bosses and win tournaments!

Do you like fantasy RPG defense games where you need to defend the castle? Are you fond of tactical games that make you think thoroughly about every step of the battle?

Download NOW Booblyc TD offline — the classic example of epic tower defense game, but more interesting, hilarious, and crazy than any other TD games you knew before!

🎮 Put your towers into action and defend the castle from never-ending waves of enemies! Get an armor and start playing Booblyc TD Battles - Realm Tower Defense offline Game now. Rush to realm battles of the kingdom enemies, join a legend crusade and tower defenders!

💬 A guy fell asleep at the table, playing his favorite game on a smartphone. He dreams of a crazy dream that he gets just in the heart of td battles with orc kingdom masters. The local empire warriors greet him, telling him that it would be nice if such a mage helped them in the castle siege.

🃏 Defense heroes must take part in kingdom siege, tower defending battles, and tournaments, rush quests completing, mine resources, collect and improve ccg cards, and train alongside the empire warriors under the king's command. All to join an epic empire defense in this amazing fantasy world of kingdoms, new lands, tower wars and castles! Use your strategy and war tactics to win all td battles! Make sure your name is well known in realm legends.

Each level has special tower lands to hire the warrior. You may move any unit in a special sector around the base point.

🗡 Apart from challenges on the levels, we created a unique map of this fantasy world that is interesting to explore, and through which you should play individually:

• Unique empire world! Explore castles and build the kingdom of your dreams

• Rush to win resources!

• Kingdom under siege! Lead your troops on the battlefields and manage tower crush

• Chests! Customization and upgrades of defenders and towers

• Over 300 levels! Endless tower defense with levels to apply all your tactical skills

• Crazy Tournaments! Participate in survival kingdom lands and challenge your rivals at war

• Interesting quests about the realm, not only wall defense!

• Ccg cards! Over 80 unique ccg cards to collect (weapons, upgrades for towers, magic, kings, pets)

• Unique bosses, each with their attributes — fantasy tower defense offline game at its best! Train your skills in strategy, tactics and defense

• 16+ humor!

💣 Explore the best defensive game! Do your best to defend the castle and crush the forces of the enemy kingdoms! Command the mightiest warriors and lead the greatest defense army to victory in unique TD battles offline!

Booblyc is your chance to get in the middle of the epic realm war and take part in exciting kingdom tower defense. Protect your castle tower no matter what!

Play this crazy tower defense game offline for free — enjoy hours of gameplay anytime and anywhere! It’s my defense and my kingdom!

✉️ Contact us:

- E-mail: booblyc@booblyc.com

- Official Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/BooblycTD/

- Official Website: http://booblyc.com/

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.0.662 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Booblyc TD

User Reviews


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Tài Lê 2018-11-01

Add more hero,plz. Let us purchase it with gem.
Leam Gomie Galicia 2021-01-17

Game alittle bit grindy. You cant proceed w/o a higher card level which is ptp. Monsters are kinda strong for newbies (Im stuck and it needs u to buy in order to level up.) I played Realm defense and Im at world 6 without paying some money. I think this game need to be balance. I got level 3 cards and its only 2 hit of a giant minotaur lol. I rarely review but this game is not for a hardcore one. Im here to play for fun not to get frustrated. 😐 I\'ll give 5 stars in the future. I\'ll be back. :(
Kiwi HeffeQue 2020-11-21

It\'s OK I guess... But it certainly should have less commercials. To be able to advance in the game it\'s virtually impossible not have to watch commercials (or pay). I\'m used to games having commercials, but this game is a bit over the top in that sense. Almost uninstalled it a few times out of frustration from having to watch so many adds to advance at a decent pace.
Роман Савуляк 2020-10-16

Positive sides are totally unique experience with \"towers\" and upgrades. It\'s TD but it does not look like it - it does not have any towers) Fair difficulty, awesome graphic style, several different game modes except campaign. Fantastic storyline(yeah, dude, it\'s there!) including good jokes and turnovers. Negatives are tons of ads for almost any action - without it you will play it for years. And on some step game turns into grind of simple non-challenging maps to get to the chest of carts.
E S 2020-10-27

One of the best tower defense games for suree
StallionDave 2020-07-03

This game has potential. Similar style, to the all time best, Kingdom Rush, yet has it\'s own fun and interesting style. Biggest difference is that this is pay to win, KR is not. You will not pass the first \"world\" without spending money. All the levels are replayable but you get absolutely nothing for doing so, not a single gem or anything. Which means you can\'t even grind slowly but surely. Fix this and it would be something, If not I\'d advise people to save their data and their bank accounts
J Doyle 2020-07-25

I have played this game for about 2 months now. Today it will be uninstalled. I\'ve spent some money on it but overall its quite frustrating. You have 1 card improver in the game, you pay €21 to access a second 1 for 30 days but its not enough. Its too difficult to acquire cards without watching endless ads and you end up with so many worthless cards. It was enjoyable enough starting off playing this game however it becomes quite monotonous. There\'s better games out there. Kingdom Rush Forever!!
Geralldo RuLey 2020-12-18

yeah. I make it done after some work around. I download it on rooted emulator and transfer game data to my phone as a backup data. It works fine now on my phone but when i play on emulator i got banned just after finish 2nd stage, i know this game use server side data so i dont think to try to change any memory value, Its okay as long as i play on phone now 😁
Matthew Neal 2019-09-22

Like Crazy Defense with tower cards, but makes it so you can ha e multiple heroes around. Sometimes the controls can be clunky, like when you want to move a fighter during a busy map. But that goes along with the strategy. Fun game that has different modes and surprises.
Kristen Disu 2020-11-07

Everything is great aside from upgrading cards as it takes way too long then it leads to crowded selection where you can\'t track which cards you should be upgrading anymore. There is also a great difficulty spike when you reach the first 2 stages before the first boss. I hope for its improvement such as smaller time, queuing or simultaneous upgrading of cards.