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Description of Booking Revolution

Instead of taking shots in the ring, start calling the shots backstage! Assume control of a given promotion and set about making it your own by changing the gimmicks of the wrestlers. Then deploy your talent in cards of your own creation - complete with sophisticated ratings that measure the entertainment you're providing. As a fully playable wrestling management sim, it's also your responsibility to put the right person over in the right way at the right time for maximum impact! But with a locker room full of egos and rival promotions fighting to beat you in the ratings, your dream job could turn into a nightmare.

Upgrade to "Pro" to start at a promotion of your choice with full privileges - such as hiring new talent. This also grants you access to the editor, where you can save your changes to all 350 characters across all 9 promotions to create your own universe. You can then enjoy acting out your own dream matches with no pressure in "Exhibition" mode with immortals who are always at full health.

The following guide assumes that you are familiar with the basic controls from the previous game in the series:


The key ingredients to a "good" match are as follows:

- The "Popularity" of the wrestlers involved determines how much the fans will care about their actions. It affects their overall enthusiasm for the match, as well as how much they will "pop" for key moments (such as a near fall). In some instances, it is "Strength" that determines how entertaining an attack is, etc.

- The purple vial indicates whether there is a Face-Heel "chemistry" between a good guy and a bad guy. Without this, the match may lack meaning (although especially popular or talented wrestlers can overcome it). Wrestlers who are friends in real life may also have automatic chemistry.

- The green scales indicate whether the match is evenly "balanced" or not. Fans will quickly lose interest if one person dominates and they are not convinced that anybody could win at any moment. It is important to keep an eye on the health meters and make sure there is some back-and-forth.

- The clock grows increasingly solid, indicating that the match is running is too long. The fans have a limited attention span depending on the scale of the match. It is not impossible to make gains after boredom has set it, but it's certainly harder. Note that the last minute of a match ceases to be boring! Long-sighted bookers can use this for exciting time limit draws.

- The skull & crossbones indicates that the match is relying too much on extreme violence. Fans can become desensitized to this after a while and it will lose its impact. The damage is not permanent though, and faith can be restored if you lay off the weapons.

- A flame around the rating indicates that there is an established rivalry that the fans are getting a kick out of seeing. This enhances their enthusiasm for the match - as well as providing pre-match "hype" (a better starting score). You can use promos to create rivalries if they do not happen naturally.

- The overall score for a show is the average of all the matches on the card - with the "main event" being twice as significant as all the others. It is slightly more generous than the rating for a single match, as it is not expected that every match on the card will be a classic. A 5-star show may be one full of 4-star matches!

I regret that there is more to this game than I could ever explain here! I hope you enjoy figuring some things out for yourself.

* Please note this game depicts a fictitious universe and is not affiliated with any real wrestling promotions.

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lable: Sports - Games Current Version:1.932 Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:MDickie

User Reviews


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Kb George 2019-04-08

It is a very good game and I want to thank Mat Dickie for all the games he has made. All his games helped me when I was bored they also helped when I was feeling angry or sad. As Sad as I was when I heard that Mat has retired I have to take it. We will forever Remember you Dickie all of us who have had the chance to play your games. we will miss u 😢😢😢😢
NASSIR G•O•A•T•E•D 2020-10-05

A few adjustments could make this game that much greater. (1) The ability to write your own storyline. (2) More Championship Templates. (3) Ability to schedule match cards beyond just one show at a time. (4) Ability to name PPVs, gimmick PPVs also.
Robert Solorzano 2020-02-23

Very fun! Would love to see an updated moveset & stages! Also a little tip for the rest of ya\'ll, purchase the extended version. In order to make more money, when signing wrestlers, edit their attitudes & popularity to 50%. Then sign them a contract at least up to $4,500. They will automatically accept the low amount. Once signed, then change their stats back. Do this to all your wrestlers. Your profit will rise. Trust me. According to the game, I\'m 10 years in & over $16 million in profit.
Francis Scher 2020-05-24

The game is good, but I have some suggestions. This games is ment to be more backstage than the other wrestling games by this same developer, but it feels like a plain copy. I\'d suggest that you create storylines and pick who wrestles, but not need to actually control the wrestlers. If you chose who wrestled and depending on how popular the current feud was and not you\'re controlls this game would be 1000x better. If the developer is reading this, please take my idea into consideration.
Fredrick Plump 2020-07-12

It is okay because it allows you to pick the script from your rosters but I wish there were more scripts to choose from also we need to be able to name payper views and make gimmicks I also wish there was a woman\'s division so men can\'t fight women. And more championships to select from. And they need money in the bank and other matches. And everyone can\'t have the same moves (slingshot,headlock,headlock takedown).
Karthick Raghul 2019-11-25

This game is the best booking games I have ever played! But keeping the same dialogues give us making a same storyline. So add more conversations in the next update and add new face wrestlers and try to move very Old wrestlers to Hollywood or create a new promotion called Legend. (My one and only request is add more dialogues) Thank you
Funky Here 2019-09-08

As good as old N64 WWF Games!! Of course the graphics and presentation are on a smaller scale but for move sets, the ability to customize and create your own wrestlers apparel, looks, gimmick, and even entrance (which needs to be addressed), you cant go wrong with this one. Feels like a button masher trying to get up when you\'re knocked down or trying to reverse an opponent\'s move. The ONLY downside ive found is that when i try to add my mp3 files to wrestlers entrances, the game crashes😩
fish stick 2019-07-04

Awful. Your not actually even running the show they make you choose a wrestler to play as and fight your opponent. The controls are impossible to get use to there is literally like 100 ways to attack. It isnt even real wrestling! All the moves are just submissions. Dont even try and install any other game made by Mcdickie theyre all terrible. I begin a game and a second later i have someone saying i hurt their friend and start trying to kill me(which they do because its impossible to face them.)
Victory Chinonso 2020-10-21

The game is good but a few adjustment will make the game more better. (1) more championship templates (2) The ability to choose where you want to take over from (3) the ability to write your own storyline. (4) ability to name PPVs, gimmick also.
Laptop with an Unsupported Graphics Card 2020-07-29

My experience with Wrestling games made by MDickie are quite in between. However most of the things in those games are not what suit my style. Don\'t get me wrong, I like many of the features like starting different matches with different wrestlers of your choosing but they don\'t mix well with what this game and the 2D version has. The controls are too clunky. Without a basic understanding of these controls, you\'d better off simulating the entire match instead. But even then, the AI is quite challenging to say the least and even spamming them or mashing them won\'t give you even a slight advantage. If you don\'t have good depth perception, you will have a bad time because the angle and direction of your hit to someone will usually miss due to the depth because it is 2D. The ratings system is quite out of luck and events of the match vary throughout and they can be unexpected. They\'re quite the worst actually. I was playing WR3D with my friend who is really good at the game and even with him doing the work in the booking section, it isn\'t worth it. If the mechanics are worse in WR3D and WR, then it goes at the same category with Booking Revolution. I don\'t recommend this game however I do encourage you to play some of the PC versions as they are not clunky despite them being really old. I also recommend Hard Times especially on the mobile. The controls are the same however with much more freedom to play, it isn\'t clunky as it is. I like most of the MDickie games but this one is not my suit. I know this game or any other game made by Mat Dickie are not going to be updated considering his retirement and his focus on the Switch and I respect that. I hope sooner or later he would return for the people\'s favor but he does deserve a break once in a while because of his timely work. This is just my take and I hope you all have a great day.