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Description of Bookkeeping - MoneyIO

==== Features ====

● Multiple accounts

Cash, Bank, Credit card, Electronic money, 4 types of accounts

● Transfer

Transfer, Withdrawal, Deposit, Add value, Payment, Fee, clear capital flow

● Custom classification

Built-in 8 categories and 40 subcategories to meet basic needs, the name can be edited, the icon color can be adjusted, the category can be added, there are hundreds of icons to choose from, and the variety is unlimited

● Periodic transactions

Salary income, rent expenditure, the bookkeeping steps are simplified; there is no designated date for the cycle date, and it will be automatically included on the last day of the month

● Installment transaction

Instalment expenditure, the remainder can be designated to be included in the first or last installment

● Merge and Reorganization

Pull accounts by classification, split-item accounts, merge accounts, and reorganize arbitrarily, which is convenient and smooth

● Overview

Income, Expenditure, Transfer, Balance, capital flow at a glance; Top 3 categories, Top 3 subcategories, and Top 5 transactions, easy to grasp

● Category analysis

Group statistics by categories, one-click switching of income and expenditure, sort by amount, and reveal undisbursed information

● Sub-category analysis

Group statistics by sub-category, one-click switching of income and expenditure, sort by date, and reveal undisbursed information

● Transaction Analysis

Show transaction distribution by date, sort the list by date or amount, reveal undisbursed information, touch the list item to edit and correct

● Any period

Today, this week, this month, this year, week-to-date, month-to-date, year-to-date, past 7 days, past 30 days, past 180 days, the cycle is quickly switched, and the analysis cycle can also be customized

● Search

Search by category, remarks, store name, support wildcard characters (_ or%) similar search

● Backup and restore

Complete backup and restore all data

● Replacement

After the mobile replacement or reinstall, the bookkeeping will continue, restore to the current state of the backup

● Share

Export your own billing data completely and share it with friends and relatives who are billing together through Telegram, LINE and other software

==== Function introduction ====


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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:rra3b.io

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Soundararajan N 2021-03-23

How to check and add the currency?. Please inform whether the app will track the sms received from banks for bank transactions. I am unable to check the currency details. No Setting option is available.