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BooleanTT - Boolean Algebra



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Description of BooleanTT - Boolean Algebra

A lightweight but powerful app to,

● Simplify / Minimize Expressions

● Solve Karnaugh Map

● Simulate Logic Circuits

● Generate Logic Circuits

● Number System Calculations

● Generate Truth Tables

● Generate SOP & POS

● Learn basic about Boolean algebra

+ Many more features

List of features


● Simplify / Minimize

○ Simplify with Step-by-Step instructions

- de Morgan's theorem, consensus , distributive, absorptive, associative + more laws available

○ Expressions or minterm list using Queen-McCuskey method

○ Generate Common, NAND Only, NOR Only circuits

○ Share quick links

● Karnaugh Map

○ Interactive KMap for 2,3,4 variables

○ Generate SoP & PoS type answer (Group 1s or 0s)

○ Generate Common, NAND Only, NOR Only circuits

○ Share Links or Image

○ Save Image of KMap

● Simulate Intermediate Logic Circuits


○ Extra: Value Nodes, Switch, LEDs

○ Powerful simulator

○ Save & Share image of circuit

● Calculator

○ Binary, Octal, Decimal & Hexadecimal numbers

○ Basic logic gates & arithmetic operations

○ Base conversions

● Generate Truth Table

○ With multiple outputs

○ Compare columns

○ Generate SOP & POS from TTable

○ Save & Share Images & Quick Links

● Generate SOP & POS

○ Interactive Truth Table

○ Generate Sum of Product (SOP) & Product of Sum (POS)

○ Generate Common, NAND Only, NOR Only circuits

● Smart Input

○ Built in keyboard for input Boolean expressions easily

○ Example Input: A. B+C.D’ = A AND B OR C AND (NOT D)

○ Use Copy-Paste

● Learn basic about Boolean algebra

○ Learn about logic gates & theorems

● History

○ Automatically saving all of your works

● Multi-Languages

○ English, Spanish, Portuguese, Sinhala & Catalan available

● Quick Access

○ Easily navigate through the app

● Quick Links

○ Generated shareable links for open activity directly from link

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Hashan Chamara Rajapaksha

User Reviews


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Gunjan Shuvro 2019-02-05

Wow... It\'s really a awesome app. I bought the premium to use for my rest of the semester. Really great app. Time and credit saver. Great job.
GrievingSanctuary 2020-01-22

Jesus Christ, I can\'t even change into a new account even when I reinstall or delete the data. If I try to sign in it\'s always the same account, it won\'t even give me an option to change into another account. Too bad, I was even planning to buy subscription but I accidentally used the wrong account in gmail and I since I can\'t use my main account where I do all my purchases, I\'ll just settle for the free version.
Ronnie Shafran 2019-11-16

Extremely helpful, premium version takes you through every step of an excersise. It really helped me out!
Adam Duncan 2018-09-19

$6 for a subscription that I have to renew every year? No thank you!
Asyraf 2020-08-17

Very good application, It help me a lot when I am doing my homework. I hope they will consider to offer life time subscription.
Zohaib Riaz 2020-08-11

Amazing app. Love this app. This app helps me too much during my online exam. Uffffffff😍
BaurK\' T 2017-11-19

This is very useful, can\'t wait for next updates. Well-done.
Billu Hatela 2020-12-07

I had purchased the one month premium today amd the money is debited from my account and the subscription is displayed on google play also but the app still asks to upgrade. It\'s not in premium status even after I have subscribed. Please look into the matter with immediate effect. Regards Billu
A Google user 2018-01-06

I\'m SriLankan,,, As a SriLankan student I\'m very proud of you sir for publishing an application like this for ICT students.... This application is very helpful
Jackson Zheng 2020-09-30

The overall UI design was very good as it was pretty and really easy to navigate. However being easy to navigate isn\'t such a big factor as the app hardly works at all! I only need to input a Boolean expression with 4 terms with a few or gates long for the app to minimise and it would crash and shut down straight away, not even giving me an answer! Very disappointing to even go as far as to charge you for extras as the basic functionality doesn\'t work at all.