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Description of Boost Jump!

Unlock dozens of cars and characters and Boost your way to space!

In this game, you will have to be determined and, step by step, become the best jumper ever!

Discover new lands and planets until you reach the speed of light in this addictive distance game.

How to play:

• Tap to Roll down the ramp.

• Tap to Boost!

Can you reach the North Pole?

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More Information Of Boost Jump!

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.7 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:HOMA GAMES

User Reviews


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Josh Bybee 2019-12-10

This company is grabbing way too much personal info for a game. Horrible privacy policy to even visit their website. Uninstslled app after reading just a little bit of the privacy policy for just their webpage. They don\'t need to know my location, my device, device ID, screen size, and who knows what else. Once I read that much I knew it was time to leave the website and uninstall the app after giving a review.
Christopher Burns 2020-01-11

Extremely boring. All you do is touch the screen, then watch an ad. But here\'s a tip - buying the ramp speed upgrades does absolutely nothing. The car jumps no further no matter how many times you upgrade that. The only one that makes a difference is the boost upgrade. The off line thing isn\'t worth it too. I\'m upgraded to around level 70 on the off line thing, and after all day it\'s only up to half of what I get with one jump.
[ACTF]ABulletSilly_96 ] 2019-12-19

Great execution unlike most games like this and I\'m very picky and have high expectations and this meets the minimum ones but my minimum is decent for a small game like this so I give it a 4 star review
Kaden Booker 2019-12-29

This is a very good game and they should add more things to it like they should have more cars and more characters and lots of more things and they should make a multiplayer where more people can play against you.
David Chaney 2020-04-05

I paid a $1.99 to remove ads. But if you want extras you still must click to watch videos. Also, this is literally a pre-school game. Just hold button and vehicle movies. No turning, no dodging obstacles or aiming for power-ups. Either upgrade your ramp or your fuel capacity each round. Want an even more boring game? Upgrade ramp because it does very little compared to fuel. Best part? It asks you constantly if you like the game. If you press \"no,\" it doesn\'t take a hint and asks again.
Zach Kellner 2019-12-16

Graphics: Above standard. Gameplay: Boring, repetitive, lack of depth. Customizations/Accessibility to said items: 4 ad views per item, no option to purchase them with in game earned currency. In short, the game is bland with relatively no depth or thought put in. Each \'upgrade\' only launches you 2-3 meters further than the last which is disappointing, the vehicle doesnt even roll far, which Id expect it to since it has wheels. I do not recommend this one.
Dozer Holden 2019-12-12

My experience on this game has been so good because you get to unlock new cars, skins, and trails👍
Aaron Klotz 2019-12-10

I installed this game because the video preview showed it looking similar to an old flash game that I use to love. But unfortunately it came no where near the same level of gameplay. The entire game is basically just: launch cart, dump boost immediately, watch video for x3 experience, buy a fw upgrades, repeat. By the time you reach level 30 (which is pretty quick) you aren\'t even playing the game. It\'s just lunching thr cart and waiting for it to land. I wouldn\'t recommend this to anyone.
William Danielson Jr 2020-01-02

It\'s ok. Tip though just spend your coin on boost and money generation. Ramp speed has very little effect. Also just hold boost from the end of the ramp until you run out for the best distance. Hopefully some strategy will be incorporated down the road. Oh and get used to watching ads.
Sheryl Moore 2020-01-12

I would rate this a 5 star but the ads are too long But its a good game