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Description of Boost Perks

Boost Perks gives you access to special deals, exclusive perks and chances to win one-of-a-kind experiences—and it’s all included as part of your Boost service.

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lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:2.1.0 Publish Date:2021-12-31 Developer:Sprint

User Reviews


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Rachelle Palfy 2020-09-24

I\'ve been with Boost for years. Always pay on time. Had a few issues with them though. I had my account setup with auto pay BUT they decided to take out double payments so I took that off. Then recently my phone wasn\'t working for almost a week. It wasn\'t lack of payment. Turns out they were working on the towers and didnt think to send a mass email to oet their customers know. One of my jobs I NEED my phone for so I lost money. It\'s alot of other little things as well. May switch carriers
Roger Yackee 2020-12-11

Complaining about service is probably going to be about a phone that hasn\'t been updated or is outdated. The $35 base plan does not offer the highest rate of Internet, never did, it just wasn\'t enforced. Customer service has always help me with a payment extension if your bills are on time. Unfortunately most people are just too lazy, uneducated or scamming to figure it out themselves. I travel all over this country without service problems. Update your phone\'s properly. Get rid of your porn
Eddy 2020-12-04

Negative one star, not for this app but for the Boost Mobile Network. Boost does a terrible job at delivering service data even when you need it. I always miss out on text messages that got sent 3 days to a week for them to just pop up when they want. The internet and data also slows down when the middle of the month with unlimited data. Sometimes I recieve or place a call and the person on the other end can never hear me or I have to hang up and call. Point is the service Boost Mobile provSUCKS
T Fries 2020-11-07

App is ok . Frankly, it\'s Boost Mobile\'s terrible phone service that truly sucks. Yea i get my calls and texts , but god forbid I need to use my phone for anything internet related , because eight times out of ten I get no datasignal, or a very poor signal, regardless of which phone I\'ve had. Data service in Fresno , Ca SUCKS. What good is 6 gb data per month when it rarely works when you need it to ?! Embarrassing and pathetic.
Greg Reynolds 2020-05-16

In the general scheme of things, when most companies or services announce new programs or changes to the items, the changes ALWAYS favor the company. But when Boost contacts me, it is always that they have found a new way to benefit me!. I am always interested in any new announcement! I have loved the phones I\'ve had, the programs I\'ve signed up to, and the personal attention when I need guidance, help, or new action. Good work, everyone! I recommend you whenever I can. You\'re excellent.
Abraham\'s Lincoln Sedan 2020-09-25

When using right-to-left layout in Android you cannot view or access many parts of the screen, which I found out when I was unable to enter the pin sent to me. Many of the offers are all right, but sometime I am sent back to the start screen randomly and searching is problematic for so many reasons.
Sherri Walker 2020-05-16

Boost is wonderful. I have had it for about 5 years and I love it. Everything is exellent like how you can order your phone online. All the specifics are there and you get reviews. You order your phone and you get it in 3-4 days. Activation is a breeze and before you know it, life is good. I love my boost. Don\'t ever change.
Jordan Freeman 2020-10-11

Boost sucks you can\'t talk on the phone and use the web at the same time and signal very sorry to. If you call customer service about the signal they always say the have tower down their working on the tower to solve the problem it should be fixed soon.
Harvey Richardson 2021-02-02

This app is ok. They don\'t really give you perks every month that\'s the down fall for me. Other cell phone companies I know give incentives weekly or every month, I mean who wouldn\'t like to get something for free or an extra something. I think that Boost could do more for their customers especially if you are loyal and have been with them for a long time.
Brocuccio 2019-11-01

Been a customer for years. Pretty simple phone switching and easy to pay the bill if you dont have autopay turned on. Switched from the unlimited to the unlimited plus for the 30g of hotspot and unlimited highspeed data. My plan updates and i find out that they lied to me and only gave me 20g of hotspot and on top of that my \"highspeed data\" is still slowed down before halfway through each month which is horrible considering i pay my bill on the 4th of every month.