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Borderline personality disorder or BPD affects over 18 million Americans or roughly 6% of the adult population and is arguably the most devastating of all psychiatric disorders. At the same time, BPD is one of the most stigmatized, misunderstood, and least talked about psychiatric disorders. For many years it was believed that BPD only affected young women. However, we now know that both men and women of all ages are affected with BPD. What makes BPD such a devastating disorder is the high rate of self-injury and suicidal behavior associated with it. With a “death by suicide” rate of roughly 10% it currently has the highest mortality rate of any mental health condition.

The American Psychiatric Association classifies BPD not as a psychiatric disorder but as a personality disorder. A personality disorder is an enduring and pervasive pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving which deviates markedly from the social norm and causes significant personal distress as well as social and occupational impairment. Personality disorders tend to be treatment resistant, however there are exceptions.

This app will explore borderline personality disorder including the origin of the disorder, the symptoms, and associated behaviors, the statistics associated with BPD, and the current treatments. Despite what was once believed about BPD being untreatable, we now know that with the proper psychotherapy many people with BPD do get better and even fully recover.

Borderline Explained Includes:

• A Comprehensive Description of Borderline Personality Disorder.

• The A.P.A. official diagnostic criteria for BPD with explanations.

• A Discussion of the possible cause of BPD

• Original Articles on BPD from the app developers.

• Original Articles on BPD from experts in the field of psychology

• Borderline Personality Disorder in Men

• Information on Treatments from the Nat’l Institute of Health

• A Discussion of DBT Therapy for BPD and Suicide

• Podcast on BPD

• Detailed Statistics on the Prevalence of BPD

• Celebrities with BPD

• A Self-assessment for BPD

• Informational videos on BPD

• An Assessment for Testing your Knowledge about BPD

And Much More

We are happy to address any concerns you have or respond to your questions regarding BPD or our app at, psycnetsolutions@gmail.com

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User Reviews


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Raising Cain 2020-04-19

It\'s a pretty good read...especially if you are someone who suffers from BPD or for those who have a loved one who struggles with this agonizing disorder. Being that I have this disorder, I have read many articles on the matter. But this is (hands down) the most informative and accurate explanation I have read thus far. It has a very unique and insightful way of breaking it down and explaining to it\'s readers exactly what BPD is and what it\'s like to live with this disorder. I highly recommend!!
Jordan Yedermann 2021-01-01

As a person who has a BPD diagnosis and works front line in mental health, this app is incredibly problematic. Not to say that the creators experience is invalid or inaccurate, but the language used is very negative and the tone reads as very draining and almost hopeless. Having said that, I didn\'t get very far in as within the first sentence I was put off. If you are looking for positive information i would go to websites like MIND or CALM
asha Nightshadow 2020-04-19

As a married South Asian Woman with BPD, this app helped me to understand more about my own disorder, and its a breath of fresh air to see no stigma here. Elsewhere on the internet, and even in real life, people think so badly of BPD people and Borderlines are constantly told they are NPD and Psychopaths, when they are deeply wounded on the inside. And the most frightening part is that even Psychiatrists/Doctors, and Licensed Psychologists/Therapists stigmatize that disorder so harshly.......
Amanda Steward 2020-02-11

Excellent app. Helped me understand quite a bit more abiut my diagnosis and helped me explain it to my boss at work so they would understand more. Very informative and well written
Keiarne Scott 2020-08-15

Really well written, makes life a little easier to understand. I don\'t feel so alone in my disorder now and understand a bit better why I have so many diagnosis
Shelby Cohen 2020-03-28

I\'ve been able to read and learn a lot more on this personality disorder and self assess, thanks to this app.
Rachel Farmer 2020-06-07

I have this and it helped ME understand me for a minute and to be honest it helped tremendously to know someone out there gets what i didnt even understand myself. All the research and therapy and no one even came close to what this app has done. I feel a weight has been lifted from the part of me that says i am worthless even though I\'m not but when no one understands you and you dont yourself well thats immediately opens those evil doors to let in the demons that kill you from the inside out.
buffyjo renken 2020-05-18

praise be the collection of information within this app. It is a clear and unequivocally the best I have read, not only for pwBPD but also for those who love them. ✌ PS. I recommend you to my BPD group.😊
Christi M 2020-06-15

Upon a search of \"disorder\", within the top 10 results I see 3 \"psycnet\" apps, of which one of them is #1 result. While the information is good, (atleast the offline content), it is regurgitated from other sources. The layout of each app is identical, however the icon images on download screen seem \"too\" unique, thereby concealing the relationship until further examination. Its a tad creepy, considering the online \"tests\" and information stored from within the apps.
Christopher Morgan 2020-06-23

Very helpful and informative app. It does a great job explaining so very much about bpd. The ball is dropped, however, in the section \"10 Signs a Woman may have bpd\" It mostly reads as sexist and mysogynistic, as the clickbait title would lead most to assume. I felt uncomfortable and uneasy as I read it. Where\'s the \"10 Signs a PERSON may have bpd\" section? Why does this focus solely on females? Males don\'t do the same things?