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Description of Bosch Toolbox

For professional tradespeople! The BOSCH TOOLBOX is a new and innovative collection of digital tools for tradesmen and other professionals. Download the digital toolbox now - totally free.

Bosch Toolbox is for professional tradespeople working in the construction industry, as electricians, in gardening & landscaping, in industry, as metalworkers, as plumbing & HVAC engineers or as carpenters & masons. It is conceived to make the professionals more efficient in their daily life.

The app allows you to use track and calculate project time, project journeys, tasks and materials used and to create memos with the report sheet. You can measure distance and length of objects for your projects by using the measurement camera. You can use the unit converter to quickly convert more than 50 units in your daily business. Register your Bosch blue power tools and measuring tools for 3-year warranty free of charge in the app (only in selected countries). Send in a repair enquiry or find your closest Bosch dealer or service.

Bosch Toolbox app features:


- Easily configure your tool based on your individual needs and save the settings for future tasks

- Experience a new way of working and always benefit from the latest features and services

- Access and organize your connected Bosch power tools inventory via the app using Bluetooth and analyze the estimated tool battery status


- Quick and easy recording of journey, work done and materials used – directly on the customer’s premises

- Complete report sheet archive, sortable by date or client

- Acceptance procedure is secure and binding due to report sheet’s digital signature

- Export function for quickly sending report sheets as PDF files to accounting and customer

- Create your own company profile including company logo for the export PDF


- Comfortable and efficient project documentation – directly on the construction site (e.g. timesheet)

- Integrated media documentation (e.g. for construction defects): pictures, videos or voice recordings

- Employees have the ability to administer their time sheet digitally or to record the progress of the project

- Export function of the documents as PDF & TXT files


- Input of measured values (e.g. measures of length, angle, etc.) directly into a picture (+ use the unit converter)

- Marking of specifics (wiring, connections, ventilation, etc.) and addition of side notes (voice recording, text, video)

- Creation of new projects and folders

- Transmission via e-mail or messenger


- The easy-to-use converter helps to quickly convert many units

- Includes more than 50 units that are relevant to craftsmen: e.g. length measures, weight, volume, speed, power, energy, etc.

- Converts any unit such as cm, meter, yd, square mile, watt, psi, joule, kWh, Fahrenheit and many more within seconds


- Overview with direct links to other Bosch Professional mobile applications

You will also find many additional features including a product catalogue (power tools and accessories), dealer locator and contact details for Bosch Professional.

This app is provided free of charge by Bosch Power Tools, the leading manufacturer of power tools for trade and industry.

All Bosch Professional apps are of course of the usual high Bosch quality.

It’s in your hands. Bosch Professional.

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More Information Of Bosch Toolbox

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:6.9.1 Publish Date:2021-12-21 Developer:Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH

User Reviews


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Martin Morgan 2018-11-17

I just want to use the tape app but bosch want to know the ins and outs of a cats ass... Access to photos, where I am etc what\'s all that about?
Scott Wooten 2020-10-12

I have barely opened this app and it has blown me away. With just seeing the first few screens in the electrician section I can easily say this is a must have for any tradesman.
Albrecht Trefftz 2019-11-13

I use mostly building documentation, the report sheet and the unit converter. I find these tools absolutely fantastic!
P Fernandez 2020-05-18

Its kinda cool knowing the errors cause and knowing how to go about finishing each task. This app catches the errors while using the connected tool, leaving the user (YOU) feeling at ease and accomplished.
Clive Legge 2020-05-12

Found it was great because I can take photos at different stages with dimensions for future use.
H Myers 2019-05-14

I\'ve been a Commercial Construction Superintendent - Project Manager - Safety Officer and held many other titles throughout the 40+ yrs in the industry. Many times over those yrs we\'ve had guys that were under educated but sharp. I wish that I\'d had a tool of this nature and caliber to put into their hands. Sure... it\'s not the best but it\'s better than giving them a pencil and attempting to teach them while you\'re trying to build a Hospital. Everyone has a smart phone now. Give them this tool!!
Chris 2020-10-17

It used to be really easy to manually input your tool details to register for the warranty. This app fails to provide a manual method and despite numerous attempts both to login and do so I\'m thoroughly fed up.
Mike 2021-02-12

REQUIRES location? Someone please explain to me why the app requires location to annotate photos with dimensions. Not requests it, requires it. 1 star.
Rod Workman 2020-10-19

I like the converter but it still needs to convert cubic meters to cubic yards. There are a lot of archaic measures which are neat but not useful. Could have really used cubic meters to cubic yards on a deployment where I placed a lot of concrete
Matthew Pilbeam 2019-03-24

Combination of most of the useful information in one app. I have deleted several other apps as Bosch Toolbox made them obsolete.