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Description of Bowling Crew — 3D bowling game

Challenge your friends or play 1v1 matches with worthy opponents from all over the world. Bowling Crew is an excellent choice for bowling fans and a top-rated bowling game!

Switch between fascinating bowling balls to knock down all ten pins and get a strike! Win epic PvP-battles to gain rewards. Level up to win even more bowling matches and climb to the top of this free, fun multiplayer game.

Wargaming brings you legendary online multiplayer games to play with your like-minded friends.

Bowling Crew features:


We will quickly find you a skill-appropriate opponent. Every match lasts no longer than 3 minutes. No more waiting – play online anytime, anywhere.


Test your skills on alleys with nonstandard rules every day. Show everyone how you're rolling!


Every two weeks, you have an opportunity to participate in a competitive season with unique prizes. Win matches, gather tokens and collect season rewards!


We take special care of graphics. Our breathtaking alleys will dive you into a fascinating atmosphere of one of the iconic world epochs (often, not confirmed).


-revolutionary gameplay, which is easy to learn and difficult to master;

-millions of players, who are waiting for a challenge;

-12 unique 3D bowling alleys and 83 striking balls;

-weekly leagues, where you can advance and unlock new bowling balls;

-hidden easter eggs in every bowling lane – try to find them all;

-quick-fire real-time PvP multiplayer, which allows you to compete with the best bowling players;

Welcome to Bowling Crew! Compete with your friends for the 'KING OF BOWLING' title. It is the first sports game from World of Tanks Blitz and World of Warships Blitz creators.


In case you've faced any issues or have some questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

E-mail support@bowlingcrew.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bowlingcrewgame

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/BowlingCrew

Discord: https://discord.gg/Hb2w6r5

The game requires an Internet connection.

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lable: Sports - Games Current Version:1.28 Publish Date:2021-09-17 Developer:Wargaming Group

User Reviews


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J- Kane 2020-12-17

I\'ve been playing practically everyday since installed in October... I need to agree with some of the negative reviews. I put the ball on the same mark, bowl the same way on the same alley, but always get different results. While my opponent throws it his same way and gets strikes. Sometimes I\'ll throw the bounce balls and all the pins go flying everywhere but 2 are still standing, how is that possible? I don\'t spend money on this game...I just play for fun, but it\'s almost not fun anymore
Dawn Howell 2020-11-10

I\'ve really enjoyed playing this game, I even got my grandsons playing this game. My complaint is with the update that changed the daily challenge from gold bars to coins. It takes so many coins to play, upgrade balls and now to play daily challenge. It is hard enough to get the coins to go to next stage & now I need just as many coins to do anything else. I used to love this game but now I\'m seriously thinking about just uninstalling it. Fix this problem soon or I\'m outta here.
Susan Shalla 2020-11-20

Guess what bowlers, this game is ripping you off. The special trail offer for me is $19.99, my daughter\'s is $24.99, on FB a player screened shot their offer and it\'s $9.99. 1st off $19.99 is way too $$$. 2nd it should be the same for all. 3rd the increases to purchase is getting expensive. You\'re ruining this game. Again purchased skin and it was a duplicate. I got 60 cans instead of a different skin. I can\'t even buy a new skin. So I sit with wasted money on 60 cans I can\'t use. 😡😡😡
Steve Tenhagen 2021-03-14

I only gave this game a 1 star because there is nothing lower available. I can\'t believe i have been playing this game for 3 years and there have been no significant changes to the game to make it a competitive game. Still very one sided. I think you need to hire more experienced people to improve your game. The ones you have are not doing a very good job.
xxn0thing 2020-12-10

Fun... BUT... absolutely pay-to-win. Once you get to a certain point, you will be constantly put up against opponents with \"golden names\" who are paying for upgrades... And the upgrade prices are insane! Some of the upgrade prices are more than the price of a triple-A title on Playstation or PC. EDIT:. Uninstalled. Free to play is true, but when you get to a certain level, you will face a constant stream of opponents with golden names and equipment 2-3 levels higher than yours. Enjoy.
Christina E 2020-11-10

3 stars simply because you CAN NOT play with your friends unless they have Facebook. Also you CAN NOT practice without being forced to watch ads. Spending real money in the game it would be nice to have ad free practice, maybe offer a paid version of the game without all the ads and being able to play friends whether or not they have a Facebook. The play is fun and much like real bowling! The presentation and graphics are great as well 👍 👌 . Over all it is fun and I enjoy it.
Java Bali 2021-02-08

This the game of Bowling Crew very good graphics and easy to play. Also, we getting happy a new friend online too! By the way, next day I will buy one of Bowling Crew products. So, we think the ads is not too annoying like the other game apps. It\'s friendly ads and make you will not leave your stay at home! Happy Bowling Crew, my Friend! As the new virtual bowler, we think a Bowling Crew must get 5 star from me. So, please don\'t cry, the other Bowling game in the world!
Glauco Di Lieto 2020-10-05

Edited after spending a bit more time on the game. I\'m actually really addicted to this game, graphics and physics are great and there\'s lots to unlock. What takes the fun away a bit is when you realise that, even if most of the opponents are real as claimed, you are not playing them in real time. You are seeing a past game, the result is predetermined, so there\'s no psychology involved: \"take that\" or \"watch how it\'s done\" is meaningless. May as well be playing a computer. Otherwise great fun.
dale rohn 2020-12-03

I really like the game. Great mechanics, matchups are sketchy at times, but overall, a good app. $20 a month for the season pass????? Seriously? I get Netflix, Pandora, Starz, and Hulu for $20 per month, so that seems grossly unnecessary.
DM 2021-02-12

I have to say this is LOTS & LOTS of FUN !!! The people who manage the game really care. ! It is and is not like real bowling. The new season is great. And adding the skill shot to win more is making the game even more fun ! The you \"Got\" area is a very nice touch. It shows what you accumulated when you open up the current bowling bag. Thank you for continuing to make this game fun with your imaginations and programming. And Have a Wonderful Valentine\'s Day, and GODBLESS. DMPurplelady