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Description of Box Office Tycoon - Idle Movie Tycoon Game

Build a Movie Theater or Cinema in the Hottest of Tycoon Games.

Become a Box Office Tycoon in the Film Industry! Build a Movie Empire!


• CASUAL and EASY idle management game play, unlike those other complicated tycoon games!

• Build Concessions, Arcades, Karaoke, Theaters, Ticket Booths and more in this simulation games!

• Hire MANAGERS to earn money FASTER!!

• Tap to UPGRADE stations and EARN MORE!

• Complete GOALS to earn rewards and unlock NEW LOCATIONS More maps than other idle games!

• Hold VIP SCREENINGS and run Marketing BOOSTS for extra profits, making this game different from all the other free tycoon games

• Build an Idle Box Office MOVIE empire and watch it grow. This clicker manager simulation is the best of the tycoon games


• Theater continues generating money even when offline or online in this tycoon games!

• No skill necessary, just continuous play! No mindless tapping like the other tycoon clicker games


• Free casual management game, acts like a movie theater management simulator just like a real life game

• Tap to Upgrade and earn BOOSTS

If you love Idle Tycoon Management games, this new casual game will blow you away. Watch as your box office movie empire grows! Have you ever wondered how to be an effective movie theater manager? Become a movie business tycoon by managing your movie theater business and earn lots of cash in the process. This is not an endless clicker game, no need for endless tapping like those others online clicker simulations.

Box Office Tycoon is a simulation game that mixes movie theater management with tycoon style investments. The key of this idle movie theater management simulation game is to build and manage your theater using your cash earnings, upgradable managers and idle benefits. With the profits you earn from managing the movie theater you will have to hire and pay managers and movie theater staff, upgrade your movie theaters, and manage the whole business.

What makes this different from working at AMC, Noovie, Blockbuster, Cinemark, Cineplex or other large theaters, is that you are the boss. AMC and Noovie don't compare to your tycoon movie theater empire. You are the boss, you make the decisions, you manage your business in this fun free idle simulation management game. Don't get stuck playing boring tycoon games like managing a supermarket, a theme park, prison or mine. No one likes being idle and watching the fun from the sidelines. Be the boss, earn cash, and be the tycoon, unlike those other management games. Build your utopia. Other idle games dont compare to Box Office Tycoon - the best in management games.

Tired of being a miner or a farmer or managing a theme park, fitness gym, supermarket, factory, prison, restaurant and food or hotel empire? Become an idle movie tycoon capitalist in one of the best sims. Seriously the best of all the sims management games! Fun free exciting entertainment for all the wanna be tycoons out there. Become a movie theater tycoon billionaire in this money manager clicker simulator.

If you love Idle and Incremental games, this is the Casual tycoon game for you! Best of all the tycoon idle games!

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The makers of other Idle Tycoon Games! Among many other fun free idles games! Earn money, get rich, become a billionaire tycoon in these top ranked tycoon games.

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► The game does not offer an opportunity to win real cash money or real prizes.

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:2.0.3 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Hothead Games

User Reviews


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Matthew Ryan 2020-09-20

These guys make decent idle games. The only thing that I don\'t like about them is that once you max out one theatre, it\'s basically done. Yeah, you can keep playing it, but there\'s nothing else to unlock there, no massive way to continue upgrading. Once you max out this game that\'s it. And paying real money can surely speed up the process, but even playing free you will reach the end of the road, and then there\'s nothing much else to do but switch to a different Idle game.
Tom Freret 2020-09-18

Nice game, but needs big improvements. Very difficult to earn money because the customers are so few and far between, most of the time I\'m lucky to have 5 cars in the car park! The VIP is hardly any help, he doesn\'t exactly pay sufficient money and it doesn\'t seem to increase the more you improve the theater. Nice idea, but needs work to make it to the level of other tycoon games.
Rick Dayton 2020-11-02

If you\'re looking for a good time-waster of a game that\'s not a \"pay to win,\" this is a fun one! Only comment that I have for the developers: I have noticed in some theaters, once services are maxed (restrooms, concessions, etc.), I still see unhappy customers because of slow concessions, or full restrooms. Might be a good to boost all of those services, adding additional levels, more stalls in the bathroom, faster concessions service. A done theater should have no unsatisfied customers.
Emily Hughes 2020-09-27

I enjoy this game a lot, however I feel the pricing is a bit off. Most games do not price their skip ad function at £15, £10 max is what I\'ve seen elsewhere. I normally buy these, but draw the line here. You can also not use certain paid for features in other theaters which isn\'t good. Gameplay is fun, not keen on the bought features.
Gunnur Bell 2020-08-24

Another tycoon \"game\" with a lot of ads. The ad for this game itself is a clickbait \"minigame\" that redirects you to the play store along with most of the ads for the game. 1.) Very little offline cash collection 2-3 hours 2.) 2x boost only last 10 minutes per ad watched 3.) Ad boost from the celebrity is based off of how much cash you have (I think) and is not a good source of cash when you are broke 4.) Even with ads, the progress is a snail\'s pace trying to persuade players to spend money.
Ghost Pants 2020-09-02

This is definitely a game that benefits from you not playing it. I\'m annoyed that I can\'t fulfill everyone\'s need. I don\'t understand the restrooms, it doesn\'t negatively impact you but you\'re expected to upgrade it. The concessions, arcade, and restroom can\'t be speed up fast enough to keep up with demand so technically you lose out of a lot of money. The pay options are super expensive...I\'m not paying $15 to skip ads, I\'d do $5 to show support but definitely not $15.
Chris S 2021-02-18

The game is fun to me. However I feel betrayed. I paid for ad free. \"Pay us $15 and you can skip the ads keep the rewards.\" Sure, that sounds cool. They then give you tokens you only get to skip so many before they make you buy \"ad coins\" with gems, which have to be bought with cash. That is weak. You guys are greedy. Make the game fun, have your ads. I understand that\'s buisness. Be above the rest, make a fun game and don\'t be greedy. That will create loyalty. Ya know? Being fair. Ridiculous.
Dawn G 2020-11-09

I like idle games for the most part. This one is ok. My observations based on this game vs other similar games: 1. Level upgrades for each component get very expensive, very quickly. 2. Watching videos for a 2 minute \'cleaner\' is not good value. Should be at least 5-10 minutes. 3. Watching videos for 10 minutes of 2x earnings is also not great value. Should be 20 minutes, minimum. 4. Managers should also work for more than 2 minutes before resting. Should be 10-20 minutes, minimum.
Andrew Sheedy 2020-09-06

The only way to progress in this game is by not playing it. You then come back in 2 hours , watch 1 ad to double earnt money while offline, then upgrade 2 or 3 things and run out of money. A few minutes of playtime then there\'s nothing to do. You can either sit there and twiddle your thumbs waiting or watch multiple ads to bank dribs and drabs of money. The income and cost of items/upgrades is not in proportion. It takes too long to progress and gets boring leaving users to uninstall the game.
Satine Sheetz 2020-09-04

Initially the game was fun. But the app keeps crashing. I thought it was my phone so I did a reboot. Then I went to the play store saw there was an update. But its stuck at the halfway mark.😡 why doesn\'t the money I earn transfer to the next level? Now that the app is fixed, can yall fix the money issue I have money that I earned on previous levels that do not transfer over to the new level why????New issue some of the ads won\'t play, the screen turns black, and I cant get the extra money