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BrainAural 🎧 Get your Zen on

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Description of BrainAural 🎧 Get your Zen on

This professional Binaural Beats app can help put your brain into various states by stimulating the left and right auditory cortex with differential frequencies. Using 2 slightly different pitches of sound in each ear, the difference produces a noticeable pulsing sensation in the brain, which encourages brain waves of that frequency. Choosing the right pulse frequency can promote relaxation, increase focus, aid sleep, or a number of different effects. Because the effect requires a different frequency played in each ear, you need to listen with headphones.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:spikything.com

User Reviews


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Akbar Taufan 2019-06-10

Edit response to developer: Strangely enough, the pink noise helps me to sleep, it\'s been 2 nights in a row. Thank you for considering to have it running for hours. Had trouble sleeping as for the past month I had to be up all night and sleep during the day and now that things are back to normal schedule, I found it hard to close my eyes during the night. This seems to have helped me sleep at first use. I also apreciate the pink noise feature, as it helps to keep unwanted noise out.
Nick Dutch 2020-11-07

Some programs stop early and the frequency goes to zero with no sound. So not all the programs in the paid version work. Others are ok. But seriously, it really should be ALL of them and with more programs to use.
Dejan Delvaux 2019-12-18

I am what you call an insomniac trying to find a way to fall asleep and sleep through the night. Came across this app and thought it was another scam but after using it the last few weeks... I am thrilled. I easily fall asleep while using it... just need to sleep through the whole night now 😉 so if you have a program for that... I\'m interested. Big thumbs up guys for solving my first issue 👍🙏
Simply Sara 2020-11-02

No better no worse than numerous other BB aps, exxept this one took $2 out of my pocket to put in my device Edit: crashes each and every time I launch it and attempt to run the 2 hour Lucid Dream program at less than 2 minutes into the sequence... I\'m not at all impressed
A Google user 2019-03-28

Simple. Effective. My favorite binaural beats app.
Bill Hay 2019-06-14

Simple and clear app for using binaural sounds for self improvement. One of my two favorite apps for this (the other being Atmosphere).
JP de la Torre 2019-09-26

I really only use the brain boost, but it works for me and I recommend it.
Silja Tanner 2019-05-21

Great beats with quite a large selection, such as brain boost and meditation.
Doug Jacobson 2021-02-01

Works on my Note 8. My only issue is not being able to make your own...as in adjustments. Otherwise it\'s good.
Cecilia Munoz 2020-06-18

Good. This was the first time I tried your app. I used to listen to all these different beats and different frequencies. This type of therapy did me a lot of good. I will continue listening.