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Description of Braindom: Brain Games Test

Looking for brain games, brain tests, tricky puzzles to play and become the riddle master?

Come and solve them all and become the riddle master of the IQ games.

Enter the world of Braindom: Tricky Brain Teasers, Test, Riddle Games. This is the world of trivia crack, quiz games, riddles and brain puzzles. Come and solve, crush them all.

Find out who did it or who is the killer? Crack the mystery! Braindom is one of the free mind games which has more than 30M downloads, is the most popular brainwash, 7 second riddles mobile game.

Can you crack it and prove you are the smartest? It’s an easy-game with tricky brain games and brain puzzles. Find the impossible answers to form your brainly up.

Braindom: Tricky Brain Teasers, Test, Riddle Games has many trivia crack and tricky questions to boost your cerebral brain power.

There are hundreds of logic puzzles like who did it style. Prove yourself by solving smart games and mindblowing impossible answers in a brainly manner.

Braindom is the best of IQ games, kind of stupid test with different riddles testing. It will make you brain out and become the riddle master.

These new brainly puzzle games and brain teaser games break common sense and bring you an excellent brainwash experience. Ready for the brain out in these smart games? Try this impossible mindblowing game and crush each level in this 7 second riddles game.

This game is unique, original, and creative, designed not only to push yourself with mind games but also to brain wash. You can enjoy these free iq games to brainwash . What a cool brain test and brain-teasers in this easy-game!

It’s designed with multiple brain teaser games, tricky puzzles, mind games, quiz games, idiot test, logic puzzles, riddles and cool smart games.

This free game enables your brain to think smart by thinking games and make you master of riddles.

The brain wash experience is unpredictable.It is a mindblowing easy-game.

Try successfully passing the stupid test, moron test, idiot test and the dumb test and get the proof that you are the riddle master of this 7 second riddles.

Our character Brian would like to call you, the king riddle master, the trivia crack and royale king, so play and crush these puzzle games.

Can you beat the best of the puzzle games. Take the brain test, tricky puzzles and brain-teasers! What about some brain out and brain wash! Find the answers, crush impossible levels to form your brainly up.


• Very special of brain teaser games!

• Improve yourself with thinking games, word games!

• Imaginative and cool iq games!

• Apply real-life logic puzzles to beat the challenges.

• Test your savvy, imagination, and logic skills of puzzle games.

• Focus on the details and boost your cerebral power!

• Find solutions to the 7 second riddles!

• Tricky & Mindblowing Brain Teaser Games

• Great exercise for brainly.

• Easy-game for all, stupid test, brain games and brain puzzles for adults

• Great time killer, there are smart games for a brain wash experience

• Brain-teasers including word games, idiot test, moron test, color tricks and trivia crack

You will find that braindom is an easy game full of logic puzzles as brain teasers to brain out. Braindom includes brain test tricky puzzles and it is the best of brain teaser games. It is a kind of who is and who did it style thinking games and iq games. The best of 7 second riddles.

You don't have to be the akinator to know how to trivia crack the brain test tricky puzzles of Braindom! Get ready to untangle the knots of this easy game and brain wash while enjoying one of the best free thinking games.

In the levels of Braindom’s brain test tricky puzzles, brain teasers will line up on your way: mystery solving, who is lying, who did it, who is telling the truth, who’s the killer, who’s the vampire, who’s the father, who is the mother.

This is the very funny version of moron test, idiot test, quiz games, stupid test, smart games, 7 second riddles and brain puzzles!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.7.1 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Matchingham Games

User Reviews


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Aeriell Green 2020-07-13

The first few levels were fun, then it got super annoying having to watch an ad after EVERY single successful level. I understand the ads keep the game free, and they are necessary... but come on!!! After every level?? That is ridiculous. I just downloaded it last night, I am already on level 26, and I\'m over it already with all the ads. It\'s not fun to play a 15 second level, then have to watch a 30-60 second ad each time. Uninstalling.
Kim S. 2020-09-07

I like the concept and I understand the importance for ads for games that are ftp, however, having to watch a 30 second ad for every 5-10 seconds of gameplay is excessive. Especially since there is an option to watch videos for points as well. I got bored very quickly. Also, what is with asking players in the game to design a new logo for you? There was no mention of pay or reward. Are you going to watch a 30 second ad for every 5-10 seconds they spend designing it?
Antonis Papasavva 2020-08-05

I really have no idea why this game has so many 5 star ratings. Probably fake ratings. Anyway. EVERY SINGLE TAP you make on the screen, puts you in a 30 second ad. Sometimes two 30 seconds ad in a row. The game itself is not so well made. I wish I didn\'t have to wait for EVERY SINGLE TAP I MAKE! I don\'t know what the developers were thinking. This is not a game app. It is a \"give me money\" ad app. Waste of your time. Uninstalled after 3 minutes of me watching ads.
Robert Taylor 2020-08-12

Waaay to many ads, they show after every single level, which the levels themselves take about a minute to complete. I get that apps have ads in them if you don\'t want to pay to get them off, and I usually don\'t mind watching them for the most part, but the amount of ads that play in such a short amount of time is really aggravating. It takes away from the game and makes you disinterested in playing. Hard to get involved in the game when there is so many ads. I like the game just way to many ads.
Angela Busby 2020-08-08

Cute game but too many flaws. There are way too many pop up ads. I\'ve had one after almost every round, which does not include the claim button videos. Also, in the 15 mins I\'ve had it downloaded, it locked up 3 times with no way to move to the next level after winning the current round. Also, there is no way to get back to the main settings screen without having to complete close out and come back in. Would not recommend
Tasha Crawley 2020-08-10

NOPE, way too many ads. There is an ad after every single question and you have to watch an ad to collect the reward that you earned. To make matters worse, the game isn\'t even worth all of the ad torture that they put you through. Instructions are not given on questions, such as \"which glass has more water?\" I picked the correct answer, but then I discovered you have to take the items out of the glasses first, which wasn\'t instructed. Frustrating, not thought-provoking.
Jackie Daytona 2020-07-14

It\'s alright at first , the levels are a little too easy in the really beginning but it gets normal after a few levels. The only problem is with the one level, level 160, its unbeatable. Their is a serious glitch with this level, you can drag the gift to the boy on the left but after that you can\'t interact with the level at all the only thing you can do to get through it is skip. There\'s nothing you can do to beat it its impossible. PLEASE FIX!!! btw put on airplane mode to get rid of ads.
Jessica Doyle 2020-08-27

Sooooo many ads. I played this game for five min and 4 min of that was ads. The amount of ads was ridiculous. Each level asks one question. Which only takes a few moments to answer. Then there is a 30 sec ad between levels. Then you have to watch it to move on to the next level. It was extremely annoying. The game is fun. I got to level seven before it made me so irritated that I quit. Fun game but way too many ads.
Triple A Ayden Absol Art 2020-08-05

This game is fun, graphics are great and the puzzles are a good challenge for your brain. However the ads are far too frequent! At the start of the game I loved everything but as I progressed I noticed lots more ads. I still recommend this because you can skip most of the ads quickly. Please fix this problem and I will update this review to five stars. If you don\'t mind short ads since you can skip early on, play this. If you do, do not play this.
Casey Ryan 2020-10-06

Jesus Christ...I like the game, don\'t get me wrong. I also understand you\'re ad supported, I expect ads. But there\'s literally an ad after every single question, sometimes two ads! The mass amount of ads is overwhelming and it\'s bad enough that I am seriously considering deleting the app. How about one every 5 or 6? Even every 4 wouldn\'t be that bad. One and two after every round is just nonsense.