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Your money—faster.

With Branch, you get instant access to the money you’ve already earned—whether it’s wages, tips, mileage reimbursements, or more.

How it works: Branch is a free digital wallet that your company uses to pay you. They can push funds to you faster (as quickly as after each shift or job) and you can also request pay advances from upcoming paychecks.*

Order a physical Branch Card to start using your funds immediately. You can also use the virtual debit card that comes with your Branch app as soon as you connect it to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Ready to work and get paid the same day?

Once the money’s in your Branch Wallet, you can:

+Save, send, or spend


Keep your money in the Branch Wallet and watch it grow.


Send your money to external bank accounts for free**—we don’t get jealous.


Use your Branch Card to shop online, pay for gas & groceries, and get free cash at more than 55,000 ATMs—anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

It’s your money—you’ve earned it.

With Branch, you can…

+Get Paid Faster

Branch pushes money into your wallet the moment your company pays you. No more waiting for bank delays or paper checks.

+Create Your Own Payday

When an unexpected bill pops up before payday or you just need money now, Branch is there. Take an advance of up to 50% of your earned wages ahead of time if needed.

+Enjoy Zero-fee Banking

The Branch Wallet comes with zero fees, so you can say goodbye to overdraft charges, ATM fees, and other hidden bank fees.

+Gain Peace of Mind with Card Security

Easily lock/unlock your card for an added layer of security.

+Pay Bills

Use your Branch Wallet or card to pay for recurring bills, subscriptions, and auto-payments.

+Transfer Money Easily

Instantly move money between other bank accounts.

+Pay On the Go

Contactless payments are easily enabled through Apple Pay or Google Pay.

+Sign Up in 90 seconds

Start getting paid right away. Need help? Our responsive customer support (from real people!) can help you via email, phone, or chat.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us at support@branchapp.com


*Timing and availability may vary depending on the company’s deposit schedule.

**There is no cost to use the app or Branch debit card. However, you may incur a small fee if you choose to transfer your funds from the Branch account to an external debit card or account instantly.

Banking Services provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. The Branch Mastercard Debit Card is issued by Evolve Bank & Trust pursuant to a license from Mastercard and may be used everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted.

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User Reviews


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William Thompson 2019-10-01

Terrible app. They get you to give them your bank info, then it won\'t do anything for you. It gives some excuse saying they can\'t see enough direct deposits to be eligible for an advance, even though I clearly have been getting them every week for a decade. On top of that, there doesn\'t seem to be anyone at customer service. Does anyone already run this app? I\'m deleting my profile and bank info. Will never use it again, and I highly advise against giving them any of your valuable information.
Kaylyn Bal 2019-12-10

Great app, very helpful. You do need to give it time to track you going to work and the amount you can access increases. It it also based on your paycheck. They have a fast response chat system to contact them with which is so much more convinient, and they treat you better than Dave. They also allow a ONE time courtesy to push your payment back. I am very pleased.
Marrien Bacon 2019-11-28

The app is defective which can prevent you from borrowing. It predicts a payback date and it won\'t let you confirm the date because it is not available to select. The terms of the transfer also shows that they are a predatory app as they were 3.99 one week and upgraded to 4.99 for the instant fee. If I have to pay a fee I am not leaving a tip. Also the take all the money at once so I\'m like why can\'t I borrow all my money at once. Customer service is nice but pointless because they can\'t fix it.
Michael-John Serino 2019-11-05

A++!!!!! This is one of the best apps out there as of right now (11-05-2019) If you looking to get small easy and instant loans until your next pay date..... Best part about this app and it allow you to take small quick loans is that it Literally Only Cost $1.00!!!!! Real Talk.....
Shawn Lynch 2020-03-02

I absolutely love this app!, I stared using there money loan services for about 4 weeks now and I\'ve hadn\'t had any problems with branch at all. Although I wish they somehow could kindly up my borrowing limit to $100.00. Instead of $50 that would greatly help out! But other than that I\'m completely satisfied with there service and application!. Yes, I also use earnin and dave. All three have there cons and pros.
Katie Gilbert 2019-11-30

I\'ve been trying to find a new advance app for times when I\'m really struggling, especially this time of year, and was anxious to try Branch but was so happy when I saw how easy it was to set up and how instant it was to have cash out as an available option! Highly recommend!
Natasha Stephens 2019-04-17

Do not use this app! Once you put in your bank information and go through the set up process if you don\'t want to use the app and want to stop them from having access to your bank account there is no way to view or delete/unlink your bank account! three is also no way to deactivate your account! The only option is to contact them via email and I still haven\'t gotten a response from them or know if they\'re going to take money from my account even though I didn\'t use their services!
Tracy Leverson 2020-01-12

Great app!! Please give Branch a try. I love this app!! 5 stars all day everyday!!💯 Update: This message is for EVERYONE! Branch is so far the BEST app to try. Not once has Branch let me down. Please tip cause it allows for indiviuals like me to get an advance when needed. I will continue to give 5 stars wish i could give 20 stars. Go Branch!!
Sarah Williford 2019-05-31

i love it!! fast and easy to use!! i have been in a very tight apot for aome time now. my mother and grandmother recently passed away and i have been picking up their medical bills. i have been scraping for money to pay my nills as well. saying that branch has been such a life saver is an understatement. branch has saved me and my family.
Garrett Myking 2019-09-24

Yes! gottah say this app works its not a scam if ur like me ur looking for something fast, easy to do an fill out so that way you can get your cash as quick as possible and it does exactly that it took me 5 minutes to fill out all the info that it needs. I already gotten a cash advance from them and you put the type of amount you want to pay for borrowing the cash advance which is pretty reasonable seeing as though they\'re supposed to charge you a $5 fee like most apps like this.