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Description of Breaking News Premium

Get the latest Breaking News Alerts, latest headlines and daily articles dedicated to each country we support.

Breaking News Premium app combines hundreds of trusted sources to provide the best content as fast as possible! You can even follow news through your favorite topics. Our artificial intelligence algorithm helps to filter out thousands of articles every day in order to find the ones that are most relevant and fun to read. You are what you read, that's why we have to be selective.

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lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:10.7.4 Publish Date:2021-05-14 Developer:SAFE APPS

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Steve White 2020-11-23

You wouldn\'t be reading this if you weren\'t looking for a reliable news app. If you choose the option, you can have breaking news updates as \"toast\" alerts, and to appear among your notifications. It allows an adequate amount of customization, too. I\'ve had no trouble with it, and I find it a great way to keep afoot of the news.
Malcolm Fletcher 2020-10-23

UPDATE. I paid for the premium app a year ago and have just changed my phone, the app has no facility to sign in with the email I previously registered but now insists I sign in with either Google or Facebook. I don\'t want to sign in with either of those but to use my email address I previously registered. Please fix this to return to 5 stars. Great app, But needs more local news links Scarborough, Bridlington, Whitby .
Joseph T. 2021-01-18

A lot of up to date news and can make opinionated comments like at YouTube. Very Good .
Plussa Miinus 2020-10-24

No complaints anymore. Good app 👍
Shirley Webster 2020-05-09

Like the news aspect but really don\'t like how people can send you messages. I just want to read the news in peace.
John Walker 2020-03-24

EDIT: There is no need to send a screenshot. Simply remove the orange banner on the main screen which nags users to sign in. Creating (and signing into) an account should be optional. Otherwise, this isn\'t truly a \"Safe App.\" ORIGINAL: The app nags you to create an account to have \"full access.\" In other words, it\'s crippleware unless divulge whatever info they require. I simply want to read the news.
Why Do You Need To Know? 2019-12-20

I enjoyed the fact that you could like as well as dislike people\'s comments. They recently removed that option. I don\'t like the fact that I have to see slanderous comments in the news feed. I don\'t want to hear people\'s general opinions in my newsfeed when I am just looking to see what the news is. This app is supposed to be just 4 News, not user opinion. I don\'t follow anyone on there, yet they were two or three people whose comments consistently showed up in my newsfeed as if they were a story
Catter Day 2019-12-19

What happened to the night mode or the dark mode? The app totally changed with the update. It looks terrible. I don\'t want images to show so now instead of just not showing the images there is a big white box where they would be. The update erased all my settings. So disappointed in this app now.
Ted Welsh 2019-01-03

their \"local news\" covers the entire state but none from my town. clunky click through process to get to actual stories. I should have tried it first before paying for ad free version.
Lawrence W 2020-07-29

Its a helpful app but I noticed that in the \'premium\' version I\'m not allowed to properly report answers and I also cannot see the pictures on people\'s posts. Considering this is the paid version it seems to not have as many features as the free version 🤷🤦