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Description of Bricks Breaker Quest

How to play

- The ball flies to wherever you touched.

- Clear the stages by removing bricks on the board.

- Break the bricks and never let them hit the bottom.

- Find best positions and angles to hit every brick.


- Free to play

- Tons of stages

- Various types of balls

- Easy to play, Simplest game system, Designed for one handheld gameplay.

- Off-line (without internet connection) gameplay supported

- Multi-play supported

- Tablet device supported

- Achievement & leaderboard supported





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More Information Of Bricks Breaker Quest

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.1.24 Publish Date:2021-12-24 Developer:mobirix

User Reviews


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Maxim Zghibart 2019-05-11

Too much ads.the bouncing of the balls are completely unrealistic and it will make you angry at around level 75 or 65 (not too sure which one) and i do not recommend it for anyone especially if you want something to releive stress.please improve the physics and make it it so it doesn\'t have as much ads then i might consider reinstalling.
Mark Kindy 2018-12-20

Of all the \"Breaker\"-style apps I\'ve played thus far, this one is the least offensive. There are still an insulting number of ads even for freeware, but they get out of the way quicker. Handy slider control for better aiming. Graphical effects are much more appealing. The puzzles seem carefully laid-outml. Gameplay-wise, my only critique is a lack of a \"Replay\" button at the end of the stage; instead, you have to back out to the stage select menu if you want to replay the stage you just finished.
Andrey Bootsman 2019-01-01

The game is very addictive. However, there are two problems. First, the elimination of three lines needs to have confirmation to make sure that it is not used accidentally. Secondly, after some levels, the balls start shooting even without me releasing the finger after aiming, which is very annoying because you cannot take your time to aim properly. Please fix this!
theeldestboy Dubai 2019-05-15

Great game, but it desperately needs a \"fine adjust\" option. Modern phone screens are so sensitive that it\'s almost impossible to lift your finger off the screen without the aim line moving slightly. Playing this game in a car or any sort of moving vehicle is pointless as the ball never goes where intended. Give us a couple of directional arrows to adjust the line and then a release button to fire the ball.
heyitsmekasey 2019-05-17

In my opinion, the best of all the brick breaker games. Super smooth controls, easy to play for hours, and multiple modes. You can play classic, multi player, or quest mode. Im almost to level 300. Love this game!
Daniel Lowe 2019-01-25

love the game really keeps your attention, think the creators should add aome more power ups, like thw lightening to reduce how many times it needs hitting to vanish and the extra balls... have it where every 20 ball ia an explosion ball that knocks say 10 points off the block it hits and all blocks around it in a 1 block radius... could also have it where you get to select whivh power ups you want pre-starting the level ect.. just an idea, love the game just throwing my thoughts out there
Portia EPS 2020-12-09

Too many ads and many of the ads are inappropriate. Also, the ads are so repetitive. The same terrible ads, ad nauseum! I enjoy this as a satisfying wind-down game. I\'m stuck on level 653, but i won\'t be able to complete it without watching dozens of ads. Watching ads to get \"gems\" no longer feel optional- it is impossible to complete some levels without gems. Honestly, I\'ll probably delete just based on the ads. So annoying and offensive. Not appropriate for children.
Mark Kong 2019-05-07

this game is super addictive. it has very few microtrasactions but you shouldnt need to use them if youre skilled enough. i got to stage 156 after about 3 days. the game automatically gives you GEMs so you wont have to pay for anything but you have to build them up over time.
Heather Campbell 2021-02-21

Every now and then the game lags and I have to restart the phone or the game, but as of right now that is the worst thing that happens with the game. The levels are definitely difficult and interesting.
Jennifer Vivian 2020-07-06

Edit: I uninstalled and reinstalled and it went back to normal. The other game it kept taking me to was some kind of continuous ball thing. Definitely didn\'t like that! My game randomly reset today. I was doing really good. Level 707 and it reset. I clicked on level one and it\'s not even the same game I downloaded. Do not like this format and angry I lost all my progress. Bye bricks breakers quest. Not my cup of tea.