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Bring me Cakes - Fairy Maze Swipe, Sokoban tribute APK

Bring me Cakes - Fairy Maze Swipe, Sokoban tribute



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Description of Bring me Cakes - Fairy Maze Swipe, Sokoban tribute

An addictive brain teaser to keep your brain smart!

Swipe to move characters, collect tasty cakes and solve challenging puzzles.

If you like sliding puzzlers, sokoban or maze games you'd love Bring me Cakes! Your move!

BRING ME CAKES is a brand new game based on a famous fairy tale.

You are playing for a cute girl Little Red Riding Hood who is carrying cakes to her sweet Granny. Granny in turn is waiting for you all the gameplay time.

So don’t make her upset! Bring cakes to her!


- Addictive and challenging gameplay for all ages.

- Sliding puzzler: simple one finger control.

- More than 200 delicate handmade levels.

- No moves limit! No time limit! Play at your own pace.

- Mind-bending experience for puzzle lovers (sokoban, maze).

- Different locations and many funny characters.

- Bright unique Full HD graphics.

- Free daily levels and Gifts

- Can be played offline


-- UNDO: Have a mistake? Don't worry, just put your move back.

-- HINT: Granny helps you to make several right moves.

-- DYNAMITE: Destroy an annoying obstacle to pass a level.

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.83.01 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Potato Jam

User Reviews


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Pablo Gabriel Camarasa 2020-06-30

The game is pretty good but 30\" video ads triggered by completing or restarting a level is a little annoying. I know you need the ads but maybe it could give us something in return instead of just instantiate them just because. Again, it\'s not an interstitial or a 5\" video, it\'s a 30\" one.
Michael Bresil 2020-05-14

Really great game. I\'d give 5 stars if after 100% finishing all the levels you could unlock the next chapter without having to pay. I\'m not stuck waiting for the daily challenge which only gets me 9 cupcakes a day. At this rate I\'ll have to wait a month before I can open chapter 3. And by then I\'ll probably lose interest.
Billy O\'Hara 2020-03-02

Goin 4 stars for now, have issue in Chapter 2 certain levels where Character is freezing in place when the \"Red\" Explosives are triggered to explode by monsters, mine carts, etc. Paid for Infinity Dynamite, Granny\'s Advise, Removed Ads, Unchained Levels, and Unlocked Chapter 3 (short on cakes to open, didn\'t know they would be used.) Where is Chapter 4?! Beat Ch 1- 3: Easy & Hard Pathways! Want Fifth Star! I Want To Beat Game! Overall Great Game: Wicked Twisted Sliding Fairy Tale Awesomeness!
Matthew Belanger 2019-02-11

excellent game, wonderfully challenging but can be beaten with patience and persistence. plenty of levels and they remain fun due to the several different hazards (wolf, water, gnome, etc) introduced throughout, nice graphics, good feel. interesting twist to the block pushing game (SEGA had Shove it) that is on the play store entitled \"sokoban\". very fun, well made. would rate 6 out of 5.
Rebbanne K 2017-10-25

Cute but not a baby game. Gets difficult. Could you some explanations. Hey how do I get out of level 25?
Kald shdad 2017-10-15

One of the smartest games, soo beautiful and fun , much better than the other games
Brin Sherman 2020-06-02

Great game but getting a perfect score on all levels of the first two worlds does not give you access to the third world. It seems you need to watch the \"optional\" advertising along the way to earn the tokens needed.
MollyJayne Callisse 2020-09-23

Good difficulty progression. Controls lag a bit. All aspects of play not made clear from start thus you end up havingvto waste bonuses before you are told... would have been 5 * if not for that. Two difficulty paths to choose. Can double helps watching videos but not required.
Shweebe 2017-09-15

It\'s a great game so far. The graphics, music and sound effects are so cute. Puzzles are challenging but not too difficult to figure out.
Salma Khanom 2020-07-27

I would give this game 5 star but it\'s too much hard to unlock the chapter 3. Without that it\'s a very challenging and entertaining game. If the requirement of the cake in chapter 3 decrease I hope it\'ll be more enjoyable.