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Description of Brut.

Follow today’s news and never miss one of our new videos. Be the first to comment and share the most trending topics happening now. With one click you can access all of our videos.

* Every day, a selection of our five can't-miss videos. The core of what we do is to use video to help give you the latest context in politics, the environment and culture. So that you can engage in the news yourself. All of our videos are sharable, and we encourage commenting with your friends on social media, and directly through our website and app.

* If you have a moment on the train, at work, or just hanging around, the Brut. application lets you escape to the latest videos on the natural world, ecology and climate change if you have 5, 10 or 20 minutes. You choose. Our best videos about the environment for your free time, all found here.

* Access to all of our videos, based on your interests. What do you want to know more about? Whether it's the latest news in politics, or a chill moment with our nature videos our catalogue is sorted by playlists: Breaking news, interviews, humanitarian causes, the environment, inspiring women, pop culture, viral sensations and key figures in entertainment. All of our editorial line is available in one scroll.

Need a taste? Here are our primary topics covered by Brut. New videos are constantly uploaded and the playlists updated daily.

News, government, social movements, international and domestic politics. (the White House, Congress, world leaders…) World events (Brexit, Superbowl, elections, fashion week...) Gender Equality, human rights, inspiring people, personal testimonies, cultural events, film, concerts, entertainment, fashion, ecology, lifestyle, health, sports, solution-based journalism, fighting inequality, ecology, climate change, young people changing the world, nature, animals, travel, DIY…

* Don't lose time looking for a specific video or topic. Use our search tool to find the video that is calling to you. With more than 10,000 videos and news videos coming to you everyday, state your curiosity on all our engaging topics all in the same application.

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More Information Of Brut.

lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:11.6 Publish Date:2021-05-10 Developer:Brut.

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Moghal Saif 2020-07-31

I have no complaints about the app the knowledge they provide is amazing , but I have that many people are asking about dark mode , I have solution for that if you use a android phone go to developers settings and turn on all dark mode ( the name might differ ) by this any app you use will display a black ui rather than the old white one . Hope it helps you ✌🏽
Lee John Moore 2019-10-11

I like the Brut app and the way media is presented. It\'s great when you\'re stuck in a waiting room or something and need to kill a few minutes of potential boredom. As all videos are heavily subtitled, you can just mute the audio in that kind of environment and they are still very accessible. Also, as someone who speaks French as a second language, I find the app to be a very useful, daily immersion option. What\'s more the developers seem very responsive to issue reports. I\'m just upgrading this to a five star review because they completely resolved an issue with Google Account logins in just over a day. An offline mode would be nice for those times where service is an issue (like, it would be nice to mark videos for offline viewing so they are downloaded) but I\'ve got a feeling that\'s not a mainstream desire. Anyway, it\'s a great app! Keep up the good work. 💌
Steve Reiki 2021-02-05

This is a very good app, I would like to give it a better review and more stars. Unfortunately there is a glitch, videos are on mute and revert back to silent when you unmute them. I\'m uninstalling for now but will gladly reinstall if the issue is fixed. Edit: Many apologies for the late reply, I can now say that this app is working good, many thanks. Would be better with a dark theme but not complaining. It now gets 5 stars from me and 2 thumbs up 👍.
Dave Sepaya 2020-08-06

The app was Amazing,good news than most conventional news outlet,very informative to learn news,superb keep up the good work 😍
sourav sarkar 2020-04-03

Very good app....but why videos are by default muted??? we have to unmute for listen the audio of any video.....fix this issue
G A 2020-12-10

Brut is whitewashing crimes done by radical islamist same as what aljazeera, huffpost, ndtv, wire, quint are doing since long time. Opindia is the only king of journalism
Rajeev Mahadevan 2020-03-07

Excellent content. Needs a dark mode.
Gabe Ross 2020-11-14

Love how unbiased this news is, I would love to see a dark theme though.
Lachlan Kennedy 2020-07-27

Great concept! Please implement a dark mode option and an Australian version would be welcome.
Shivam Upadhyay 2020-10-16

Not able to download video.there is error coming \"Use wifi to download\" my wifi is connected but still same error.