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Description of Bryton Active

Spend more time riding and less time worrying! The easy-to-use Bryton Active app allows you to track/plan workouts, customize your device, plan trips, sync to popular 3rd party platforms, and much more!

User-Friendly Interface

The new Active app offers whole new experience with a more Intuitive and easier to navigate user interface, reorganized and categorized app menus, and more user-friendly design, all while incorporating powerful features and functions!

Zero-Touch Setup

Setup just became even easier! Conveniently customize almost any setting in REAL TIME with a simple push of a button without navigating through device menus!

Conveniently Upload Activities

Cut the cord on PC uploads! With improved Bluetooth communication, it is now easier than ever to sync your rides and view detailed ride overviews and analysis whenever and wherever you are riding with Bryton Active!

Simply Plan Trips

Easily plan trips on your trip-enabled Bryton computer! Either enter an address or point of interest and let the app automatically find the best route for you or define your own routes with touch-enabled points and multi-destination custom routes!

Auto Sync to 3rd Party Platforms

The Bryton Active app can automatically sync your workouts with your favorite 3rd party platforms such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, Selfloops, Today's Plan and Relive after simple set up so you can share your rides with friends and family or be fully prepared for race day!

Easily Update Firmware/GPS Data

After pairing your computer with the Active app, it will automatically check the firmware version and current GPS data on the device and notify you when updates become available so you are always have the newest and best updates and features!

New Bluetooth-Enabled Features

It is now possible to sync and plan workouts, download planned trips, view/upload ride logs, modify device and data grid settings, calibrate altitude and much more all via Bluetooth from the Bryton app without connecting the device to WiFi (mobile data charges may apply)

New Automatic Features

With the new app, it is now possible to automatically sync tracks from your device to the Active app, automatically calibrate altitude, and set up the auto pause feature of the Bryton device.

*Currently only available for Rider 320, Rider 410, Rider 420, Rider 450 and Aero 60, Rider 750

Stay connected

With the Bryton Active app and Bluetooth connection, riders will be able to receive call, SMS and emails on the cycle computer. Enjoy the ride without missing any important messages. Choose any kind of notifications you want to receive in the app and leave the rest behind.


• Add/Remove/Edit Data Screens

• Upload Activities

• Configure User/Bike Profiles

• Set Smart Notifications for compatible devices

• Manage Bryton Devices

• Modify General Device Settings

• Set up Heart Rate & Power Zones

• Plan/Download Trips and Workouts

• View activities and workout data with detailed overviews

• Configure device settings and WiFi on your WiFi enabled Bryton computers

• Calibrate Altitude

• AutoSync workouts to Strava/TrainingPeaks/SelfLoops

• Change Device/App Language

• Update Firmware/GPS Data

• Receive messages, phone calls, emails on your Bryton Rider series


Rider 10, Rider 15, Rider 310,Rider 320, Rider 330, Rider 530, Rider 410, Rider 420, Rider 450, Aero 60, Rider 750, Rider 860

Visit https://www.brytonsport.com/#/ for more information or contact support@brytonsport.com with any questions.

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More Information Of Bryton Active

lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:2.16.164 Publish Date:2022-02-23 Developer:Bryton Inc.

User Reviews


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David Stakes 2020-09-17

Ap seems to constantly loose it\'s authorisation to Strava. What is that nonsense. To get my ride I have to use the .fit file off the unit. Which is highly inconvenient. Fast losing my confidence in this unit. Even Strava seem to think this is a problem. Please fix it Bryton. Seems you have made the app impossible to use with the latest update . Email sent.
KLUNKER 289 2019-03-25

Always having trouble loading activity to Strava..auto sync what?? I like the device but the app and support is horrible. I guess I\'m being forced to move on to a more reliable Garmin. It\'s pretty much useless👎👎 Wow, BT sync is getting worse. no sync again with strava. You guys do this for a living? pretty sad, nice app rating.
Ian Bradshaw 2020-04-16

Sometimes the record of ride will not sync. Everything else seems to work, but not being able to load some rides from the device lets the whole system down. If you want the computer just to see stats on the move, it\'s great, but not really practical to use to export or review rides later, or share to apps like Strava.
shane callis 2020-05-03

Cant put more than one data page in. I\'ve been struggling with this app for way too long. When are you going to fix it?? Absolutely terrible 😖 5/1/20. Now It won\'t even download rides. If your thinking about getting this app or a bryton do yourself a favor and stay away from this product.
Laurent Pariat 2020-02-19

App is unresponsive, bluetooth sync is problematic and files get lost in transfer. Plus the support is virtually non-existent. I\'m never buying a Bryton product again. Update, couple of months later: still no joy with this app and zero response from the support team. Terrible service - avoid at all cost.
Bela P 2020-06-09

ANYONE WITH ANDROID 10 READ: I had the same problems that most of the users, the app could not upload activities etc. Then I went to Permission manager and saw that the App does not have permission to storage. After i have changed that the App works fine, synchronised straight away with Strava as well. This is essential for Android 10 users, as Android 10 has a new permission system that prevents apps to use storage, location, etc. I hope this helps most of the people.
Alvaro Freire 2020-05-01

Since last update, the progress bar stops working when I upload a file with Bryton Active App. But if I wait long enough, the file is loaded and sync with Strava. I\'ve a Rider 310 and until now it worked perfectly. Can you please fix it? I already send an email to support team but so far without response.
Thomas Rando 2019-03-07

A much needed update to the original Bryton app. Tons of new features and a much better interface. Much sleeker and easier to use!
sebas forest 2019-11-23

I\'m using an android phone and it took me a while to understand why my mobile wouldn\'t pair with the app. Turns out it was because I didn\'t give permission to the app to access my files. It never told me to fix that, it just stalled at \"loading...\" forever. The app works well but it\'s not very intuitive and the instructions are not very clear, you have to do a lot of googling.
Brian Tang 2020-07-10

Extremely unreliable route import from Komoot- it will randomly import some routes but not others. I created two routes on Komoot in exactly the same way, one after the other, but somehow the Bryton app will import one but not the other. It\'s also impossible to trigger route importing from Komoot/Ride with GPS without reconnecting the account. The interface is extraordinarily clunky, but just about works (at least the bare functionality); using the UI is like pulling teeth, but if you\'re really patient, you can usually get it to do what you want (as long as you\'re not trying to import routes from a 3rd party service. That wouldn\'t be such a problem if the Bryton route planner wasn\'t as terrible as it is. It\'s a real shame because I really like the hardware of my Bryton bike computer, but this app is shockingly terrible.