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Description of Bubble Level, Ruler

Smart Tools - universal set of tools: spirit level, plumb bob (camera mode), ruler.

Spirit Level (electronic level, clinometer):

- zero level with audible indication;

- simple calibration;

- 3 different display modes;

- definition of angle with or without decimal;

- angle measurement with hold function;

- display can be kept active (or energy saving mode);

- lock icon to stop from automatically changing screen with inclination;

- translated to 12 languages: العربية, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本語, Nederlands, Português, Русский, 繁體中文, 简体中文 (new translations in the near updating).

Plumb bob (plummet, plumbline) lets you use your phone’s camera combined with the accelerometer for measuring angles and tilt similarly to laser level.

- digital zoom;

- automatic focusing;

- additional reference lines;

- inclusion of a flashlight.

Ruler app (screen ruler, tape measure):

- set the units: cm, inch;

- measurement of the length (with hold function) either side of the device;

- graph paper, vertical and horizontal line;

- measurement in 4 modes: point, line, plane, level.

Digital level (surface level) will help You to install the refrigerator or washing machine, hang a shelf or picture, measure the angle of any surface. It is beautiful, functional and easy to use tool on every smartphone or tablet. Try smart tools and much more examples You will find in practice.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.22 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:NixGame

User Reviews


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Teodor Hadjiev 2017-05-21

The only app that could calibrate along all axis at once and persist this on restarts. My accel sensor is off by about 2 deg. Xiaomi phone with MIUI 8. Now it levels perfectly everytime. Of course the calibration (offset from system readings) is valid only in this app. Tha camera mode is perfect for me. The ruler and its calbration are a great bonus. Only the bubble mode (flat surface leveling) could get better colors and leveling is too slow.
Paolo Zovic 2018-12-31

On my Samsung S9 the picture on the camera mode is not in the good ratio, there is a distortion in a picture. Can you check and fix?
GA Rush 2018-10-16

Well done. I use this app often.
Kim Thomsen 2019-05-24

Bought the app and it still has adds.
Kaven Rousseau 2017-05-11

Camera mode is distorted and useless on galaxy s8.
Amin Shabanpour 2016-06-18

Excellent Excellent app with small permissions
Žiga Böhm 2020-05-27

Please bring the app to the same level of polish and style the free bubble level app is at. It seems to me the pro version is some kind of older version of code. Settings page still uses weird card type of visualization with some custom, non-system fonts. Also the bubble level doesn\'t utilize full screen estate as there\'s ugly white bar at the bottom. And please make the settings page available in dark mode. While functionality wise this is a good app, the polish needs work/updating.
Michael C 2016-08-31

Great tool Worth the 1.50. Does what it states. Easy to use and understand. Great for on the spot leveling when level is not within reach.
d bogtrotter 2016-10-20

Tried lots of other levels definitely the best i have found .well worth the money
Nathan Moulds 2017-01-19

The free version of Bubble Level (no ruler) is better. The ruler function on my phone is out of scale. Why pay for a ruler that each cm is short?