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Description of Bubble Level

A bubble level, spirit level or simply a spirit is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). Bubble Level app is handy, accurate, simple to use and incredibly useful tool for your Android device.

A traditional modern level meter has a slightly curved glass tube which is incompletely filled with a liquid, usually a colored spirit or alcohol, leaving a bubble in the tube. At slight inclinations the bubble travels away from the center position, which is usually marked. Bubble Level app tries to mimic the real level meter and displays the data as real level meter would.

Bubble Level app also features a bull's eye level meter which is a circular, flat-bottomed device with the liquid under a slightly convex glass face with a circle at the center. It serves to level a surface across a plane, while the tubular level only does so in the direction of the tube. Bubble Level app tries to mimic the real bull's eye level and displays the data as real bull's eye level meter would.

Where can you use Bubble Level?

A bubble level is usually used in construction, carpentry and photography to determine if objects on which you're working on are level. Used properly, a bubble level can help you create flawlessly leveled pieces of furniture, help you when hanging paintings or other items on the wall, level billiard table, level table tennis table, set up a tripod for photographs, level your trailer or camper and much more. It’s a must have device for any home or apartment.

Your device should already be calibrated by the manufacturer. In case you believe it is wrongly calibrated you can recalibrate your device by opening calibration, placing your device screen facing up on a perfectly leveled surface (like the floor of your room) and press SET. Press RESET to return to your device default factory calibration.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.27 Publish Date:2021-07-14 Developer:Gamma Play

User Reviews


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Lizzie Young 2021-01-19

App does exactly what it says and so far, no ads. No fuss functional app that does what you need it to and doesn\'t bog you down with a lot of extraneous stuff you didn\'t ask for or have to figure out to get to work using it. Will recommend for anyone who is away from their physical level tools in a pinch to check something is basically level. Thanks to the developer for this baby!
Cajun Cootie 2020-10-28

I do love this!! It was absolutely perfect for leveling my little goldfish pond when I placed it in the hole. I do have one suggestion based on my own phone characteristics. The framing around the lens sticks out from the surface manipulating the leveling. I was able to find something to counteract that interference but how awesome would it be to maybe choose your phone type and the adjustments can be automatically accounted for?!! How cool would that be for others?!! :)
Anita G. Tinker 2020-10-28

I\'ve only used it this morning, but this app seemed to work well. There were whole screen ads that popped up during use, but I only saw 1 each time shortly after I opened the app and 1 a little later in, and do not consider that excessive. I suspect that longer minutes using at one opening, might get more ads. To the developers: Good job; does what it needs to do, & earns you a tiny bit, without a popup that interferes with the task needed. Nice balance.
Duane Teter 2020-10-10

I\'m pleased with the ease of use with this app and the multi-directional bubbles, which shows how the trailer sits front to back, and side to side. I have checked it\'s accuracy with a standard bubble level and it\'s spot on. Great app for checking the level of our camper on our lot from time to time, as we are full timing. Thanks to the developer!
Pete Bennett 2021-01-25

This app seems to be very accurate - I have tested it against an actual spirit level and both give same readings. Users of this app will need to make sure that their phones have flat backs or edges as buttons, curved backs, and slight protruding camera lenses logos will result in inaccurate readings. I use mine in a phone case that is perfectly flat and edges are straight.
Ike Samuel Jr. 2021-01-03

Actual very fkn accurate. Surprised how accurate it was. TBH i have plenty of levels but my lazy but didnt feel like walking to my garage for it so i downloaded this. Then after using it i went and got 3 of my levels and started comparing. This was as exact as its going to get. Just remember to ensure u take off the case if the buttons protrude. It really does make a difference
Robert Lynn 2020-11-13

Its just what it says it is. It works and ot does it simply. Which in a tool is really what is important. Also, its not flashy. Which I also like in a tool, because I\'m trying to level something (and since I\'m using this app, odds are I don\'t have my tools with me...) not have a mini rave on my phone... there are great apps for that. This doesn\'t need to be one of them. 3 levels: vertical, horizontal, and circular or bull\'s eye. Which is also all you really need. So, good job devs!
Dr W Joseph Peterson 2021-02-23

I enjoyed using this app to level my kitchen stove. It worked, and I appreciated that it was readily available. If I never use it again, it\'s OK, as it fulfilled my need at the time, although I\'m sure I will use it again - perhaps on my hunting or target bow!?
melody burns 2020-10-31

I have a guest bed upstairs and every time I sleep on it I feel like my head is lower than my feet. I needed a quick reference to see if that was actually the case, and in a few short seconds I found the Bubble Level app. It QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY verified my suspicion and I was able to correct it in just a few seconds -- just in time for my out of town guest to sleep in it!! Thank you so much for this app-- I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!!
Mark Squires 2021-01-01

Works great! I used to hang art in professional office spaces and hospitals. This would have been a good timesaver for me back in the \'90s! Now I use it to help my customers make sure their turntables are properly leveled. Thanks!