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Description of Bubble Shooter Classic

Enjoy the most addictive Bubble Shooter Classic game! Blast & pop bubbles to unlock new exciting challenges.

If you consider yourself a fan of vintage games like bubble shooter ™, then this classic game should be on your must-have list. Play the thrilling bubble pop game for free, aim carefully to hit the target and unlock fun boosts and power-ups. Put your matching talents to the test in this super fun bubble shooter ™ game. Play thousands of new puzzle levels, shoot and pop all the balls, beat all the challenges and win coins. It’s extremely addictive!

Bubble Shooter Classic is simple and easy to learn, perfect for both adults and kids to enjoy.

Got a free minute to spare? Looking for a fun puzzle game to play during long car rides? What can be more fun than shooting and popping colorful balloons?

It’s time to add some bubble fun to your life!

Get this awesome bubbles game and work your way through over 1000 brain teasers and puzzle levels, pop bubbles and unlock amazing boosters. Each new level has a different target you need to reach, so plan your moves carefully and fire away. Share this fun bubble game with friends and see who can beat all the challenges and reach the highest score.

Play the casual and most relaxing bubble popping for free. Download now to your device and start enjoying thousands of fun levels. It’s the classic bubble shooting fun you don’t want to miss! Join the color-matching adventure today and get the chance to experience the good old arcade game in a brand-new and exciting version!

Key Features:

+ COOL graphics and effects. Hit and smash all the colorful bubbles!

+ Thousands of AMAZING LEVELS with more added all the time. Challenge yourself with plenty of exciting puzzles as you advance through the game.

+ GREAT BOOSTERS and power-ups. Earn and use the FIREBALL or the BOMB to hit and blast the bubbles and clear the board. Conquer challenging levels with powerful boosts in this thrilling bubble pop adventure.

+ FUN PUZZLES and brain teasers. Use your logic and planning skills to overcome the obstacles on your way.

+ FREE BUBBLE SWAP. Tap on your bubble to change its color and work out a strategy to burst all the balloons.

+ Suitable for all ages. If you are looking for fun games for adults and games for kids, you got to try Bubble Shooter Classic.

+ A fun game to play with family and friends.

+ Free to download! Bubble Shooter Classic board game is entirely free to play, no wifi is needed.

+ There is no life or time limit, so you can play as much as you like!


Drag your finger to move the laser sight in the direction of the bubbles. Lift your finger to take a shot and create a line explosion. Match 3 or more identically colored bubbles to pop the group and blast the bubbles away. Shoot bubbles in this classic retro-style bubble shooter ™ game and sharpen your strategy and matching skills with fun puzzles.

Clear to board from all the colored balls and explore plenty of addicting bubble puzzle levels.

➤ Remember the more bubbles you remove from the board in one shot, the higher score you’ll get. Drop the big groups of bubbles first so you can clear a path!

Download now and play the new Bubble Shooter Classic game and start popping all these bubbles!

Boost your gaming experience with awesome power-ups:

🔥 Fireball – pop 7 bubbles in a row to get a cosmic fireball that will burn up bubbles on the way.

💣 Bomb – drop 10 bubbles or more to earn a starry bomb that will take out surrounding bubbles.

Bubble Shooter Classic is a fun game with thousands of exciting puzzle levels. Retro games are the coolest, and Bubble Shooter Classic is just one of them. Get it now and play everywhere. No internet connection is required.

Liked the game? We would love to get your feedback! Let us know what we can add to make your gameplay even more enjoyable and earn your 5-star review.

All rights of Bubble Shooter ™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.

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lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:5.45 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Fun Bubble Shooter Games

User Reviews


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Barbara A. Beckman 2020-12-25

I have played many bubble shooter games before and for the most part this game appeared to be fair but still I am seeing problems like suddenly producing a fireball bubble on it\'s own and shooting it uselessly into empty space! Or shooting several bubbles on it\'s own to wherever! I discovered years ago that I\'m actually rather good at this kind of game, to my surprise, but I tend to become rather displeased when the game takes the initiative to do it\'s own thing! That\'s not fair play!
Mandy Barnes 2020-08-18

Increased my original review because the problems with the ads should have not go against the game rating. Tech support is very attentive in responding to and issues with the ads crashing the game. The game itself is great. The game play is challenging yet fun. One of the best Bubble Shooter games I have played. Developers are very attentive and seem to want the player to enjoy their game.
Lost Minion 2019-07-03

I really can\'t see how this game got such high ratings with all the ads..i get the ad revenue thing with playing thses games ...but i spend twice as much time watching ad\'s then there\'s i do actually playing the game & that just ridiculous and it makes the game not worth downloading ..if it wasn\'t for all the ad\'s the game would be ok... the other thing is half the balls you can\'t use because there 10 to 20 of them in a row that don\'t match up .. this game is very frustrating
Kristy L. Fruth 2020-08-27

I enjoy this game. There are ads but they\'re mostly very short. However the yahtzee with buddies ad is ridiculous. I have to play the game for a minute for the ad to even begin to count down. Then it\'s a 60 second ad. At the end there is no way to close out of it. If you tap on the ad and try to back out, you just eventually end up on a black page with an android icon. Then I have to close it and restart. This is the only ad that shows up without a way to get back to my game. 😒
Inez Evans 2020-09-19

Like the game but your stupid Yatzy ad crashes the game every time. You should fix it or pull the ad. I would have given more stars except for that ad. Now the weather channel ad is making it crash. Come on folks get your act together!OK you fixed the crashes from the Yatzy ad but you are now showing me ads that are offensive to me about the fair tax amendment in Illinois. Please remove these ads because they are not true and are extremely deceptive. I DO NOT want to see these ads again!!!
J. XL 2020-09-16

I generally do not play the games but I\'ve had a great time - filling up idle moments with this game. It isn\'t too difficult the graphics are eye pleasing, the sound effects keep you engaged and the levels do get harder as you advance. Awesome for younger kids and adults. True game enthusiats would not enjoy it as much because of it\'s simplicity and lack of shooting characters into oblivion but if you want something fun where without a heavy learning curve this is highly recommended.
BAnn McDaniels 2020-04-28

The game freezes up after a few rounds. You have to completely exit the game and loose your progress. Other than that I love the game. Background color is too dark especially for vision impaired players.
Calley Macleod 2020-08-08

Edited as original issue of skipping target lines upon release seemed to only be for two levels before resolving itself. However, the option to get extra shots in return for watching an ad often does not function. The ad will load to a flashing screen and even leaving it in the hopes the ad will \"complete\" does not work. some levels really require these extra shots so will force you to spend coins instead. very frustrating.
Ushko Mi 2020-06-14

WAAAAYYYY too many commercials!!! For every one game I would play, I had to watch 2 commercials and often one of the commercials would go blank and I would have to exit the game completely and restart. It\'s nothing interesting and there are no true challenges to the game.
Cyn Tense 2020-07-05

Delayed shots, doesn\'t release bombs but makes sounds so it wastes shots, gives the same coloured balls when you buy more shots so it\'s impossible to clear level. Only gives 3 balls after watching 30 second ads. It would be a fun game if it wasn\'t shady. Thought about about spending money until I realized it has so many bugs. Ads don\'t play sometimes and will start playing in the middle of a level.