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Description of Bubble Shooter

The cutest bears ever in history! This is an epic game with endless, exciting levels. And even more excitingly, this bubble shooting game is free!

How to play:

- Aim and match the bubble that you are going to shoot.

- Match three or more bubbles to burst the bubbles.

- Clear all bubbles on the screen to move to a new level.

- The less steps you take, the higher your score will be.

- At the end of the game, you will receive coins based on your score. The higher your score is, the more rewards you'll get.

- At the end of the game, you can tap on the falling bubbles to score more points.


+ Easy to play and loads of fun.

+ Magnificent special effects and beautiful pictures.

+ Different character outfits.

+ Many interesting tools to help you clear the levels quickly in the game.

+ Many bubble combinations.

+ No Wi-Fi required to play the game.

If you like bubble shooting games, this is worth a try. Come, let's have fun together!

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More Information Of Bubble Shooter

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:68.0 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Bubble Shooter スタジオ

User Reviews


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Lola Evil 2018-09-19

I love this game. I even like the ads. They don\'t interrupt gameplay and just watching a five second ad can give you really great power ups. Ads are a fact of life with games these days and this game has found a way to incorporate that and still provide a great game with rewards for watching to boot. l love the gameplay. Its colourful and engaging and fun. Would absolutely recommend to a friend!
vimala tungala 2019-09-03

It was a great game according to me. It\'s challenging, but at the same time fun. It was not too hard that we could not Do, but surely was a little challenging. I believe that it would even help in the improvement of your skills mentally, let it be in any way. If u don\'t believe me, then try it for your self!
Charles Bee 2020-08-08

Super power buttons are in the way when you aim. Now it\'s stuck on level 3410. Balloon be is over 3411 but won\'t open, but I can replay 3410. Two days with no resolution and no contact, they don\'t care if I play or not, one more day and I delete! Now 3 days and no action!! See ya!
Yixin 2019-12-18

Addictive game. I enjoy listening to the cute bear\'s impressive wow each time i complete a stage. It sounds so genuinely impressed and encouraging. Also, i really like the graphics of the game, especially the shiny balls. Overall, the user experience is great.
Animesh Thakur 2019-02-02

Love the game...... I would consider it the best time pass, my father loves it and we both play it\" And even we\'ve crossed 3400 levels and but now the game is not starting and I don\'t know what had happened and only game is not starting with the next level. Whether its hanged or something else but not letting us to start off with the second level. Provide some help.
Mario Luigi 2020-08-02

The ads are way 2 much every in between games click is an ad quite annoying ,would give it zero stars if I could ads ads ads ads ,game is also boring after awhile no rewards no incentive how about a cannon upgrade, no enjoyment in this game just a time killer for when you\'re sick of the other games on ya phone
mukesh saini 2020-10-25

Dear Friends, Bubble Shooter is the best and most addictive game that I have come across. I would like to give it a 5 star rating and I would request all the Facebook readers to at least try it once and my firm belief is that you will never be able to come out of it. As you observe more you will discover new power options, so must and must download this wonderful wonderful game. I have completed upto level 660 (end) Each time I finish I start again. Recommend for all to Play again and again.
Christine Tokarski 2021-01-20

Will not load to 3411 for the last few days... I\'m removing a star per day, used to give you 5. *** Just unintalled and loaded back to be returned to level 67. Not funny! *** (2) Will uninstall once more, (3) Re-opened and back to level 67... Well,. I will take a week break and see. You, have a nice day, nevertheless.### (4) Jan.19th, 2021 and guess what? AGAIN, IT WON\'T GO PASS 3410 although I just update it. One less star.
Florence Yuan 2019-04-15

so addicted n yet it makes you want to continue to play non stop. Love the game. The only thing is annoying is the music too loud, u turn it down then you cannot hear each time the ball disappear.
Patricia Carter 2020-08-03

I love this game but l got a new phone , and the game took me back to the begining . i was on level 2,700 have been playing this a long time. What can been done to fix this. I dont like starting from the begining. Thank you