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Description of Bubble Shooter

🔥Classic Candy Bubble Shooter is a free game.🔥

It's a ancient puzzle and Match-Three game.

As a classic game, Candy Bubble shooter is popular at all over the world.

No matter women, elderly, housewives, handsome man, pretty girls love Candy Bubble Shooter.

Candy Bubble Shooter is a very funny and happy game. Play it with your family.

We add


Let show it for you.

1. a super pet feed system. You can feed your own bird and dress up it.

2. 500+ funny and challenging game levels, Do you want to challenge your brain?

3. More than 50 kinds of bubbles.

4. Fluent shooting experience.

5. Captivating arcade inspired music.

6. Match 3 meets bubble burst.

7. More strategy and more happy.

What we bring to you?

1. Bring relax and happy to you.

2. Help you kill your boring time.

3. Help you train your brain and finger.

4. Are you alone? We will be with you.

Unlike word search game, Candy Bubble shooter is suitable for all countries and all language.

Candy Bubble Shooter is one of the best matching and puzzle game!


If your family have elderly, you want them to keep away from mahjong, card and other casino game or they want find something to kill time.

If your wife, childs or girl friend always bother you.

If your husband or boy friends always live you alone.

You can try to download bubble shooter. All you problem will go away.

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More Information Of Bubble Shooter

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:73.0 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Candy Bubble Studio

User Reviews


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Debbie Cleveland 2018-12-27

Love this game! Primitive Bubble Pop was my first bubble pop game. I made it to the maximum levels (around 3,400 levels or so), so needed a new bubble pop game. Has many challenging options when playing each level, so it does not get too repetitive or boring. There are ads, but you can choose not to watch them, making this game always free to play. No purchases needed to play this game.
A Google user 2020-06-22

I just installed this game again and I\'m so disappointed. Used to be able to play with minimal ads but now there are so many it\'s annoying. When you have to go through ads during and after every game it takes the enjoyment out of the game. This used to be my favorite game. I\'m uninstalling it now.
S Fields 2019-06-18

I Love This Game!! I am on 1552 and climbing! Yes you have Ads but what game doesn\'t? Get Over it!! hit your back button and continue with Your Game !!! This Game has a Treasure Chest it gives you extra Balls to use during the Game but you have to let the Ad play for 30 sec! hit the back button! or the X at the top of page or the Skip this Ad !!!! I Love This Game !!!! UPDATE: I\'m on #1885 Game is beginning to have Problems! I\'m going to Uninstall and Started from Beginning!! I Love This Game ❤️
Jon Targaryen 2021-03-14

BUGS ALL OVER THE GAME: impossible to get 3 stars on a lot of levels, and it\'s not possible to even finish level 1223. Overall is good enough, I like to be able to play offline, but the game has a few problems: repetitive music, annoying bird sounds saying \"thanks\" all the time, and a bug that makes the game not display 3 stars on a level that was completed with fewer stars in the 1st attempt. Also, you should release information about what\'s in each update of the game.
Shannon Allen 2019-06-03

I\'ve had this game for about 2 to 3 years now and on multiple devices. I love it for a leisurely game to play. I have never had any issues with it glitching and I don\'t mind having to watch ads to be able to use some features. I am 100% satisfied with this app and would recommend it over all other bubble shooting apps.
Carolyn Chisholm 2020-06-01

A game consisting of cute graphics. It is easy to play, and gives the player many chances to succeed. However, it is a bit repetitive. Maybe the graphics or game could be changed slightly.
Mary Temples 2019-06-01

no way to finish the game on level 1223... stuck there and cannot advance. also if you accidently hit to open the game while using data once you immediately quit and turn on airplane mode and reopen to play.... too late... bombarded by ads! uninstalling once again to stop the ads in airplane mode but this time..not reinstalling
DatLady SONYA 2019-02-05

your game move real real slow. it used to didn\'t move that slow. it moves so slow sometime I want to just delete the game
Pe Hu 2019-03-30

More bugs than a pile of dung. Which is what this game is. They never acknowledged my bug reports to them. At least 3 ads per level. Stars disappear. It gets very frustrating and not fun at all. Don\'t install unless you want to reward people that ignore their bugs.
Lynda Kimble-Williams 2019-10-07

Too many adds, the more you play the more the adds increase. Waste of time getting through all the adds to play this game. Extreme add frustration. And now since I\'ve gone through a mandatory system upgrade the adds are more and longer, unable to exit out must wait for the two minute add to play. Do not download, too many long adds.