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Description of Bubble Shooter

Classic bubble shoot eliminate shooter game, exquisite picture quality, fun levels, no wifi, best time to pass the game!

Welcome to the happy life of a dinosaur mom, cute dragon hiding in the depths of bubble jungle, slide your fingers, eliminate colored bubbles, pop, pop, look, dragons were you found.

How to play:

- Aim and match the bubble you want to shoot in the bubble.

- Match 3 or more same bubbles.

- Remove bubbles to find cute dragons.

- Click on the props in the game, the use of props allows you to easily through the game

- The game will give you the stars based on your performance in the game, the higher the score the more stars


+ High quality and good music

+ No wifi can play

+ Completely free

+ Well designed level, not only fun but also a lot!

You can download it for free for your girlfriends or old parents.

I wish you a happy life here!

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More Information Of Bubble Shooter

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:119.0 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Happy Dragon Inc.

User Reviews


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Diane Spell 2019-01-09

I downloaded this game 3 days ago and I\'m addicted! I love that it\'s not insanely difficult to get 3 stars, sometimes on the first try and sometimes after several, but this game does not make me angry trying to beat a level like most all the other games like it. The graphics are cute too. The ONLY reason I didn\'t give 5 stars (I give it 4 1/2) is because the adorable dinosaur whistles CONSTANTLY through the game, you can\'t make it stop, and it drives me crazy! PLEASE make it stop whistling??!!
Cherry Blackmore 2018-11-09

Good game, fun, easy to play and not a memory hog. It loses 2 stars though, 1 because it has video ads and the other because I\'m not happy about the fact that you\'re advertising a CASINO APP in a PEGI 3 RATED GAME. That\'s not on; all casino apps are 18+ only. Are you trying to get kids into gambling? Please remove these ads - for \"Huuuuuge Casino (they feature an Irish Leprechaun) - right away!
A Google user 2020-06-26

This game is good for a relaxing mood or reducing stress it is also very easy to play if you know the tricks. But i think that this game has too many ads which pop out at the wrong time. No one will be surprised if someone deletes this app for its intolerable number of ads. Using this app for a long time great job, keep it up but reduce the amount of ads.
Elaine von Tobel 2020-07-06

So many bugs. After you complete a level you can go to the next level but there is not an option to replay. Sometimes it will move on to the next level and sometimes it won\'t you have to click on it. And often when I open the treasure chest and it gives me three balls I only get two. There are other things but I\'m just getting a little fed up with the bugs and I\'m going to have to uninstall this annoying app.
Lee Henderson 2020-06-12

Level 2399, the ad pops up when game is ALMOST finished, from the bottom. Blocks play and after 3 attempts, there is no solution! Please fix it. Thanks! It\'s been a loooong time since there\'s been any issues, so great job! And I still love to play this game! Sone of the new items are very interesting.
Ally 2018-11-28

First off, to rate the game, the app gives you two options. \"Yes, I like it\" or the other option is \"No, I want to complain.\" Pretty passive aggressive. It\'s not complaining, it\'s leaving an honest review. So here comes the honesty. Literally no challenge to the game at all. It\'s definitely not the worst game I\'ve played, but you don\'t have to try to beat it; it\'s a 100% pass rate, ALWAYS. Plus ads before, during, and after every single level. If you like games that offer no challenge, is riddled with ads, and like wins handed to you, then this is the game for you. Otherwise you\'re wasting your time with this game.
Angela Dodds 2020-06-19

As an update, I used to play the original bubble shooter but it went by bpy. Absolutely love this game. Am at level 922. Only con is no collection of points. This is something that I miss from the other on Ads don\'t bother me. You have to get paid. I very much love this game Update:- still love game but @ level 1875, I I upgraded my phone from a Galaxy S9+ to a Galaxy Note 10+. Everything transferred nicely except all my games, I had start over. I was wondering how many levels there were. Owell.
Holli Slayman 2019-06-24

This game is really fun and I like how it does not have a lot going on like other bubble shooter games such as Bubble Wich Saga. The levels go on for a really long time so you can keep on playing. I like how there is no time limit on the game and you can take your time to decide what bubble you want to shoot and where. Over all, this game is very fun to play and a great time killer.
Heidi Carter 2019-04-14

Excellent game and perfect if you just want to play a game and not have loads of really difficult levels that take so many attempts (and usually purchases!) to succeed. Lots of ads but that\'s what makes these games available. You don\'t have to watch all the ads. Levels are easily won without the little extras you can get at the beginning by going to the ad. Highly recommend this game if you want a game that is not frustrating. Thank you to the developers.
Wildlife Rescue 2019-01-01

I like the game but all the adds while playing really sucks and how it keeps messing the game up and closing out and also reloading for every move you make . sad but going to have to say that I am going to delete the game. Just not my type of enjoyment. I wanted to play the game and not be botherd by adds popping up every few seconds. I hate to be forced to keep closing out all the adds just to play a game. one star is all I can give it. Trash the adds and you have a great game.