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Description of Bubble Shooter

🙈Welcome to this exciting world of bubbles for the COOL bubble-shots live fun! (🤶🎁🧸 Holiday gifts have been prepared for you in our 2020 games! Celebrate Christmas & Ester Day with our limited time updates! 🎄🎄🎄)

🙌 Show off your bubbles popping skills within Bubble Shooter! Tap to switch and release to shoot! There're all colors of shining bubbles💫, powerful boosters💥 and tons of gorgeous maps diliver you to a new dreamy bubbling world!

Take on Vikings' SAVING saga and see what will happen!!!

Can you burst ALL bubbles and SAVE the genies🐾?

🌈 FEATURES of Bubble Shooter 2020 bubbles pop game:

★ Once You Pop, You Can't Stop! Bubble Shooter is simple yet addictive! Take challenges, tap and shoot! 💥💥Burst bubbles, 💥💥burst stones, 💥💥burst through the bubble wall and enjoy endless free shots! The satisfying winning feeling fix is never far away!

★ TONS of good levels! Bubble Shooter Viking Pop is renovated from the classic bubble shooter game. 🏋️‍♀️ Advanced colorful gameplay with more brain training levels! Bubble Shooter awaits your jump-in!

★ GORGEOUS MAPS! AWESOME EFFECTS! 🛫 Gentle vibe, 🛬 3D effects and ☄️ awesome bubbles' bursting sound is perfect for thorough relaxation! Relax with this fun popping bubbles' game in a fantstic bubbling world!

★ ADVENTURE with Vikings!😍 Bubble pop with cute characters, heaps of unlockable new episodes and a massive variery of popping bubbles puzzles, you simply can't get enough!

★ No WiFi! Popping on the go!🏃‍♀️ Enjoy Bubble Shooter offline whenever and wherever you want!🤳 There're new jewelry bubbles, marvelous new boosters, fire balls, genies and bubble boosters!

(💰💰💰Unexpected rewards hidden in Bubble Shooter!)

HOW TO PLAY Bubble Shooter popping bubbles game?

★ Tap👆 on the bubble's Orb and switch🖖 the bubble to that fits your match. Swipe to control the free aim line for a precise bubble shot and shoot bubbles to burst them!

★ Help genies Einherjar get out of the bubble jungle🌳🍄🌳 by shooting through the bubbles wall! Level clear as you navigate the right path!

★ Beat levels to unlock new mysterious episodes and receive extra free bubble shooter rewards💎! Make smart bubble shots to reduce steps and level up your rewards!

★ Merry Chrismas🎄🎄🎄 in Vikings' bubbling world! During Christmas holidays log in daily to get your special Chrismas gifts we packed up for you!

Have fun RECEIVING COINS with Bubble Shooter Vikings Pop! 💥💥💥Blast all bubbles and win every turn-based battles. The ONLY HOPE to save Vikings' world rests in your magical power (burst bubbles!💥💥).

💪Shoot bubbles with Vikings on way to Valhala! Help Vikings to fourish again!

Note: Bubble Shooter Vikings Pop games 2020 is completely free to play and in game coins can be won for free either. But extra purchase within Bubble Shooter such as extra moves or bubble boosters require payment with real money.

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👻 A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played our free games 2020 - Bubble Shooter Viking Pop!

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2021-11-17 Developer:LinkDesks - Jewel Games Star

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Tabitha Dorner 2021-01-06

Fun game, I really like it. But it recently stopped letting you watch an ad for 3 extra shots when you\'re out of bubbles. Without those extra 3 shots I\'ve been stuck at level 220. I would pay for extra coins but just can\'t bring myself to do it. I don\'t mind watching ads though for free stuff. If they ever bring that option back I\'ll start playing again.
Sod This 2021-02-02

Edit. Finished game, wish were more levels! Was fun! ......... Adverts are torture! It isn\'t the amount of adverts that are doing my head in, it is the fact that it seems to be the same 3 ads over and over. Today, I have played about 20 games and every single ad is Manor Matters. Every single time... I just want to hurl the phone through the window and certainly not download the game which defeats the object I am sure! The game itself, great. 300 games in and it is beginning to get hard.
J. G. 2021-02-16

I love the simpleness of the Game and the easiness of the controls. I just wish that you could spin and collect additional coins without ads, especially when you\'ve already paid to have ads removed. Other than this, I love what I\'ve played so far! Thanks! 😊👍❤️
Devonte Cunningham 2021-02-05

I have enjoyed playing this one. I love the uniqueness to how the levels are made. I enjoy the \"guide to the top\" levels. The collection of powerups and gold is pretty smooth. I have so many and never needed to pay for them. I only paid to remove advertisements.
Connie James 2020-12-26

Even though I\'m over level 200, I\'m playing somewhat blindly. Don\'t know what any of the pictures indicate, such as gold circle with 3 interlinked triangles, red heart, blue circle, etc. And what do the minutes indicate? Sometimes when you hit a colored \"spider web\" and two other circles of the same color, everything attached is \"popped\", but sometimes not. Why? As with any new game/app it would be nice to have \"rules/guidelines\" to read. Frustrating
Walter Duncan 2020-09-06

Wow!!! I\'ve had a lot more fun with this game than I expected. It\'s not pushy with ads at all, and there aren\'t any in-game purchases for things like upgrades that I\'ve really seen (pb bc of lack of throwing it in ur face). Super fun and wholesome!! Really really good. Highly suggest it. (Edit: with the latest update, sometimes the screen freezes. I wasn\'t sure if u guys were aware of it. keep being awesome)
Shahriar Ajori 2021-03-01

For the first 60 or so levels of the game, it is insanely easy to an extent where it is actually boring to play! It\'s like you start with 30 bubbles and when you finish the level, you have like 20 extra bubbles left. So not challenging and fun at all. After that, in just one single level the game becomes impossible to beat without using the boosters, which you have to pay or watch ads for. So at no point is this game fun to play. Levels are Either too easy or just must pay to win. Such a shame.
Don MCHUgh 2021-01-31

This is just about the best bubble shooter game out there. I play it often and its addictingly very fun to play. Always have fun. Very highly recomnended to everyone. Thank you for all your team members for a job very well done. Please tell them all thank ylu for me. Have a great day.
Jannie Schlüter 2020-12-11

-1 Stars rating. I bought the Ads-free pack, yet ads are still the key element of this \"program\". It is all a scam, really. The only ads that get removed are the occasional popups of ads and they did not occur that often. EACH add takes 30 seconds to finish. This is all insanity. There should be laws in place that restrict such ads exploits. This \"program\" should be called \"Ads player with occasional Bubble Shooting\". The h*** with this!!
J.T. Kane 2020-11-26

Genuinely glad to have downloaded this. Took like a buck fifty to eliminate ads forever. Not pay to win. No five-life cap. You can watch ads or pay for extra goodies, but they definitely aren\'t necessary to succeed or enjoy the game. I actually opened up the play store myself to post this rating because I\'ve been enjoying it so much more than the Brand Name Alternative.