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Description of Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga – A magical bubble shooting puzzle game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga.

The newest game in the popular Bubble Witch series. Stella the Witch is back and she needs your help to defeat Wilbur in this exciting puzzle blasting adventure! Wilbur may look cute, but he's full of magical mischief! Travel the realm bursting as many bubbles as you can in this bubble shooting puzzle game.

Help Stella, Nero and Violet restore piece to the realm by matching bubbles with the unique aiming line that allows you and Stella to blast and pop with magical precision! Solve the puzzles to reunite the ghosts, save the owls and rescue the important fairy queen in this explosive bubble shooting adventure. Cast spells and power ups with Nero and blast your way through those extra tough levels to keep up with the mischievous Wilbur!

Blast! Stella needs to rebuild her home all thanks to the evil Wilbur. Take aim and pop your way through the levels to find the magic star dust Stella needs in order to rebuild, customize and style her new home!

The only bubble shooter you will ever need! Take on this magical Saga alone or pop with friends, burst their bubble by setting an all new high-score.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga features:

• Match 3 bubbles to pop them in this magical puzzle shooting adventure

• Spellbinding game modes and cute characters!

• Release the owls, free the ghosts and save the Fairy Queen from Wilbur!

• Rebuild Stella’s house and visit your friends to get rewards

• Special boosters to help you pass those tricky levels

• Easily sync the game between devices when connected to the Internet

• Leader boards to watch your friends and competitors!

• A free & easy to play bubble shooter, challenging to master!

• Available to play on Android phone and tablet devices

Bubble Witch 3 Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Visit https://care.king.com/ if you need help!

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Start the bubble bursting experience today!

Have fun playing Bubble Witch 3 Saga!

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:7.13.64 Publish Date:2021-11-26 Developer:King

User Reviews


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Lori Moore 2020-12-22

it is addicting and lots of fun to play. Never gets old! It gets more challenging the higher you go in the levels. Im nearly to leel 500 and its still fun. has gotten really strategic now in levels 500 and above. Now at level 720, it has become much more difficult and at times can be not so much fun but I seem to stick with it to keep going to higher levels. I will find myself on the same level for a while and then suddenly get it and that keeps me interested. I am in level 958 now.
Marce Hanson 2021-03-12

Fun way to kill time! I\'m a grandma, not a gamer, so sometimes can\'t figure out some of the secrets to advance, but still enjoy playing. The more you play the more you learn to actually have a strategy! Make sure to read player guidelines! Lots of fun and you learn strategies with each game! Kind of addictive but challenging!!!
M Nielsen 2020-12-14

On level 3001. Game on this level always freezes at the end of game once youve won and you can not get past this point. Played it 3 times with the same result. Always freezes. Does not tabulate your score. Have to do a hard reset, then you are back at level 3001 again. This game no longer gives you points or spells you\'ve earned. It is one big mess! Fix your game please! Do you beta test an uodate? Not reliable. But alas, it\'s just a game but don\'t make the mistake of feeding ($) it!
jay Mcarthur 2020-11-25

It takes strategy and skill. I like how the ghost lights up when you free him. The Star Cats are so cute. Wilbur is cool. Some of the challenges are getting very hard to complete The Cloud like ones are quite tricky Morgana is a stubborn witch. Those Chameleon bubbles are tricky. The Magic Hats add a helpful boost but it can take awhile to get them. The ghosts are getting harder and harder to get to the top. Very frustrating at times but still enjoyable too. Strategy is definitely needed. Fun!
Lesli Carmichael 2020-09-26

It\'s a fun and challenging game. It helps me to keep focused and be very persistent to pass each level. I admit they\'re were days when I was ready to give up, but I keep pushing myself to pass each level. This is by far the best bubble shooter game I\'ve ever played.
A Google user 2021-03-05

I still like this game! New features, more opportunities to win & gather points, etc. New mini games! It\'s fun/challenging & colorful. : ) Have a great day! Stay safe and healthy!
Lisa Green 2021-01-12

Never thought I would ever be caught playing this game. In 12 week isolation to escape Coronavirus 😷, I decided to add this game to my toolkit of distractions. I can honestly say that I can\'t put it down. There\'s something strangely addictive about bursting those bubbles. I read somewhere that bubble-bursting games were relaxing; well, this one isn\'t! You need strategies to succeed each game. Try it, but watch your spending as the squeeze for cash is subtle but incredibly strong .
Eve Falls 2020-12-31

A fun game and great quality. Only downside is how often there are pop ups. Before every level you go through at least 2 pop ups for the game it\'s self that are always the same, 1 that may pop up for something special happening in the game and another for a different game by the same company. I understand every once in a while but it\'s before every game and it\'s excessive.
Joyce Hill 2021-03-15

It\'s a fun and addictive game. I really like playing, although I refuse to buy my way through the game (which you could do, but where\'s the challenge?). With the last update, what I call the Challenge Tree, has disappeared. This tree used to give you added challenges to complete in order to get extra \"spells\" to help get through the levels.
Manda Doodles 2020-10-03

Its a fun game but the app has a few glitches. At the end of a level the app freezes up sometimes and you have to close the app down and restart to move to the next level or replay that same level. The wait between the transition takes too long sometimes. Most of the time I move on to another game because its inconvenient to have to keep closing the app and reopening it. Other than that, its a decent app.