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Description of Buffer: Social Media Tools

Plan & schedule your social media campaigns. Track your progress with analytics.

Buffer is the most intuitive and affordable social media management tool for small business. Schedule social content, get engagement data and insights, and see all of your posts in one place.

Why you'll love Buffer:

- Draft and publish content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

- Plan Instagram Stories ahead of time.

- Get easy-to-read analytics for every update you share.

- Preview your scheduled posts in one place and gain insight into how your posts perform across channels with our new Overview.

- Create a consistent presence across your social accounts with the calendar view.

- Share from all of your favourite apps. Including scheduling native retweets from most Twitter apps!

- Get world class support from your friends at Buffer.

You can also add to Buffer from your favourite browser using our Browser Extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Privacy Policy: https://buffer.com/privacy

Terms of Use: https://buffer.com/terms

Do you have any questions for us?

Email: hello@buffer.com

Twitter: @buffer

Facebook: http://facebook.com/bufferapp

Instagram: @buffer

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/bufferapp/

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lable: Social - Apps Current Version:8.2.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Buffer, Inc

User Reviews


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Kathy Curtis 2019-03-22

Buffer is the bomb! They post my social media free! I know the free part won\'t meet everyone\'s need but I am so thankful for the free version, no budget to pay. My business is struggling to say the least. Thank you Buffer, you deserve all the credit! #Buffer #amazing #thankyou
Food In Singapore 2020-09-25

I have been with Buffer since 2017 and probably already spent more than US$10,000 on the subscription services, but I am now taking my frustrations to Play Store reviews because it\'s has been more than 24-hours since I submitted the last \"Critical\" issue ticket and they have yet to revert or solve anything. First of all, they blocked you from accessing your scheduled content for Instagram until you \"convert it to a business account and enable direct scheduling\". I am not even using direct scheduling because I prefer the flexibility to upload them manually so I may change the captions as I see fit. Second, please stop denying that it\'s an issue from Facebook and Instagram because I am currently being blocked by them WITHOUT prior notification. ALL my schedule content from 23 September to 30 September are not NOT accessible and there is absolutely NOTHING they are doing anything about it. It\'s a disaster.
Latifa Rahim 2020-03-19

Used to be good but now I had to do manual post everytime! Back then we\'d be directed instantly to pre-post page with pics and caption already on their places. All we had to do was click \"Post\" and it\'s done. Now, even the images sometime did not appear. Let\'s say I was about to post 3 photos in one (slideshow) post. The image appear on my device will be only the 3rd! Where did 1 and 2 go?? Anyway. Won\'t recommend this anymore. What a disappointment.
J J 2020-09-28

Great app, but not for Instagram. I\'ve used Buffer for years, at times I even had a paid account. It generally works well, although you can no longer get audience stats on free accounts. But it NEVER works for Instagram. I even switched my Instagram to a business profile just so I could use it with Buffer - all in vain. All I get are notices my images failed to post. I tried to fix it on my desktop, android, & iPad, but nothing works.
kareah c. 2020-11-13

Love it. It\'s so nice to set up your posts and have them scheduled to automatically post. I do, however, wish you could upload PDFs too. Another is, I\'m not a business owner, but as a Salesperson I leverage social media. It would be nice to queue more than 8 on the free version, OR make a \'lower end\' paid version for like $2-5/month. For someone like me, I really don\'t need all the bells and whistles, only the amazing post scheduling!
Ash Hanlon 2020-11-19

I loved this app, and constantly recommended it to friends. Right up until it forced me to sign in to Facebook (which I don\'t share onto) mid week. It\'s now lost all the remaining posts for this week and it\'s no longer connected to my Insta account. I have no idea if I\'ll ever get all that work back again, but I\'m already two posts behind with my week, seeing a sales drop, and really, really upset as I\'m chronically ill & it takes me a whole day to get all my content written and organised.
Sussan Desi 2019-04-05

I stupidly paid for a monthly subscription. Buffer constantly can\'t seem to post on my social media accounts. The posts fail with no explanation. I then have to delete them and reload them again from a computer. Such a waste of time and I can see why it\'s so much cheaper than Hootsuite. Customer service also never get back to you.
Joel Zorrilla 2019-12-10

This app has more bugs than the Amazon jungle! Last week my Instagram posts were covered by a black box. This week o can\'t post galleries ( other images are removed) fix these bugs and i promise to delete this review. You have ONE WEEK or I\'m switching, and adjusting this to ONE star. #clowns
dreaming4891 2020-01-29

Hi Buffer. Just signed up. Already having issues. I tried several times to remove a linked account but the app is not doing it. I even uninstalled Buffer and then installed again. The account is still there. I am really not impressed. I have been on Buffer for less than 15 mins and feels like I am not free with my own info. On top of it, the analytics section states that I have not made any posts on that linked account when I actually have 10 recent posts. I am very disappointed.
Crystal Rapoza 2020-12-21

This app takes so much drama out of my life. I used to go into Instagram or Twitter to post and get sucked into the daily arguments and heated headlines. Now, with Buffer, my posts are published without me. I still log on to check notifications, but I tend to respond to just my notifications and sign back off. Buffer has made me so much more productive! And I love that they do all they can to provide accessibility features! That\'s so important for my disabled services.