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Description of Build Battle

Build Battle is a very creative building game, it has the classic gameplay in Blockman GO. With imagination, players turn required theme into a construction work within a prescribed time. And then competes with the works of other players to determine the winner.

Here are the rules for this game:

- There will be 8 players. After the game starts, they will be transferred to their respective rooms.

- A theme will be set by system automatically. The player needs to complete the construction within the prescribed time according to the theme.

- When time is up, players will be transferred to other players' room to grade works.

- The player with the highest score will be the winner of this game.

This game is owned by Blockman GO. Download Blockman GO to play more interesting games.

If you have any reports or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at indiegames@sandboxol.com

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More Information Of Build Battle

lable: Casual - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:Blockman GO studio

User Reviews


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Person 1 2020-07-02

I do like this game because it\'s like minecraft. I can join multiplayers without loging in on my accounts. The only thing i don\'t want here is the building themes, why is the theme watermelon FOR THREE TIMES??? AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Another thing, can you please fix the controls? I feel uncomfortable when i\'m flying up, SOO SLOW. Thanks
•Celeste• 2020-07-22

Oh my God this game is so good install this right now like the graphics perfect like the building tool perfect everything about this perfect give this 5 Stars right now it\'s so cool and you can even build anything you want that\'s the best thing in this game if you\'re not playing this game what are you doing with your life this game is epic and cool I enjoy this a lot
A Google user 2019-03-30

I gave 5 stars because game is amazing and shows you how good you are at building and if you have enough experience with the actual Minecraft! so see if your ready for talented skills? if you want to see get the game! :-) and share your thoughts about the game!bye! my name on the game is Jay-ZLeno
Wala Lang 2020-05-18

Its very great game but the one problem why i gave this 4 stars is because the player kinda \"stupid\" when i played the build battle it says build an orange i build the most beautiful orange i\"ve build and the other peroson build a blocks everywhere and when its over voting or guess the winner is not me it\'s the noob won the block putting everywhere and its not even an orange they are stupidd to think.
Infinity Kitty 2020-04-14

I think it\'s pretty fun. But I think it would be better to have more blocks to use ^^\' And maybe we could all vote for the topic. :3
Selena Lopez 2020-08-10

If you wanna have a build battle but it\'s not on Minecraft. And is almost like Minecraft come to here. It\'s great to play this game... The Game is simple and fun. Who wouldn\'t wanna download it. For real tho. It\'s a good app. The only problem is I can\'t add ppl as friends on this app.
Jahzara 2020-01-28

It\'s not the best game but it\'s very fun you get to meet new people and compete against some people. I personally play this game on my iPad when I dont have my phone.if you were to play this game make sure to have a big screen, trust me it will be way! easier to play. Come play this game it\'s very fun!!
Rocky Hehar 2019-11-27

, please games are a good game it\'s like Minecraft but you don\'t have to pay and it\'s good for kids really nice because you don\'t have to pay and it\'s really good I guess it\'s a really fun people make these kinds of games like a fake Minecraft not like those ones it\'s just better experience egg for kids if kids see this is tipsy Minecraft is on trying to say it be very nice because and the kids are just like oh Mom please I really want this app and it cost us $10 but you don\'t want to pay! ❤❤❤
Wendy Perkins 2020-05-03

I love this game it took quick to download and it\'s just right for me because I love building best game I\'ve ever played and I say that about a lot of games I think the reason it was quick to download and it\'s not really glitchy it\'s because I have a Samsung tablet LOL love love love this app you have to download it and if you don\'t that\'s okay 2 but if you have a Samsung tablet get this game it\'s not really glitchy this is my first day playing it
cosmin ionascu 2019-03-11

This game changed too much..... I liked the old game and Im not happy that I cant login with google accounts and I need an id because all my progress is lost... :(