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Description of Bully: Anniversary Edition

The Rockstar Games tradition of groundbreaking, original gameplay and humorous tongue-in-cheek storytelling invades the schoolyard in Bully: Anniversary Edition. As mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins you’ll navigate the social hierarchy of the corrupt and crumbling prep school, Bullworth Academy. Stand up to bullies, get picked on by teachers, beat the jocks at dodge ball, play pranks, win or lose the girl and survive a year in the worst school around.

Bully: Anniversary Edition includes everything from the critically acclaimed Bully: Scholarship Edition plus support for high-resolution displays, enhanced graphics, improved lighting and textures, and controls redesigned for touch gameplay, all while adding multiplayer with new Friend Challenges.

Friend Challenges are head-to-head classroom and arcade style mini-games: see who can dissect the frog fastest in Biology, solve word problems in English, help a flying squirrel destroy his enemies with acorns in Nut Shots, and much more.


• Includes the complete Bully story with extra missions, characters, classroom mini-games, and unlockable items from Bully: Scholarship Edition

• Gorgeous graphics: high resolution textures, dynamic lighting, shadows and particle effects

• Native support for high resolution displays

• Enhanced with Immersion TouchSense Tactile Effects

• Challenge your friends anywhere with turn based multiplayer Friend Challenges. Play on the go and get notified when it’s your turn

• Intelligent touch controls with contextual buttons only when you need them

• Seamlessly continue your game across all your devices with cloud saves via the Rockstar Games Social Club

• Physical controller support

Mobile version developed in conjunction with War Drum Studios.








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lable: Action - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Rockstar Games

User Reviews


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Jonny Lee 2020-06-07

Graphic wise, on screen controls, camera angles and movements are much better on Bully than on all GTA games on mobile. I love this game, but it\'s very short unlike GTA games which took much more time to beat the game than this. And one thing I hate the games from Rockstar is once the game is beaten, player can\'t choose any past missions. Have to start all over again from New Game. If only all GTA games on mobile platform have the same controls, and camera movements, it would be great!!!
Paulo Silva 2020-09-24

I am very surprised, because, a game like that, working in a mobile, it\'s amazing! But, nothing is perfect, and, i have some bugs to mention to. 1. When you pick a bike, sometimes the whole screen get black or start to spin (something like it) 2. The cars sounds, i don\'t know if it\'s a Rockstar mistake, but the cars sound are very strange and annoying. 3. The character\'s life bar, sometimes get out of the character, i don\'t know how to explain it. Ok, that\'s all.
Ben Tedds 2019-01-08

I completed the PC version so I was very excited to play this on mobile; I have to say, for the most part I\'m impressed. Save for the odd FPS drop, the game runs smoothly at max graphics on my Honor Play, and looks wonderful in a 2.1:1 aspect ratio. However, there are small issues: in the Geography class, all the pins are out of alignment with the countries, which makes that game very difficult. Sometimes prefects attack invisible students. Skateboarding is near impossible with the controls.
stelle 2019-01-13

i just got a digital camera it supposed to be colorful picture, but its been black and white everytime i used that. and also i collected the75 rubberband and got rubberband ball, i can\'t used that! what\'s wrong? please help
Bins 2020-09-25

The game is immersive, as every Rockstar Games. It\'s the high school version of GTA! The graphics are good, for a mobile version. It runs in my phone smoothly. Though this game has response issues. Some of the controls are not that seamless. There was one time when I was fighting an NPC and I was rapidly tapping the attack button. Then the attack button just responded by holding itself, even though I did not hold it. Also \"Nut Shot\" is by far the game\'s worst part. No need to explain it.
Sange Sona 2019-05-29

The game stops working at the start. Don\'t know what\'s wrong. The device i have is a s10.. if doesn\'t work in this phone, then god knows where it works.. need a fix soon cause duh.. we paid for it!!
Devin B 2020-01-10

I played this game when it came out on the PS2, this feels almost the same when it comes to feel of the controls (used and Xbox controller via Bluetooth) and looks the same on graphics. I really enjoyed the original and this brought me the same joy and hrs of fun. For anyone who played the original or is looking for a game to pass the time, I highly recommend this. It has a long”ish” story and lots of collectibles to find to “100%” the game. Not much on the replay value and had issues with the Bluetooth controller once or twice, but nothing that turning off the controller then turning it on again didn’t fix. Other than that I had loads of fun and spent hrs playing this in my spare time.
Nikhil Hirani 2020-08-13

This was my first time playing the game. Compared to my experience with GTA SA on mobile, the controls here are really good. The story is kind of ok and the open world is very small and limited, but pretty good. The game is a grind for the first few missions but gets better as you play. However the biggest issue for me were the classes, especially the art and geography classes. The art mini-game is terrible and the locations of countries and states are wildly inaccurate. Final review - 4/5
Mike Alvitre 2020-12-09

This game has a amazing story . I loved playing this game . It has many things to do. It is a amazing game ! But on the phone it does have some glitches. When you get on a bike sometimes the whole camera will start spinning out of control. The game will even sometimes close out of no where ! So I\'ll be playing a mission or just roaming around and it will just quit ! It happened alot . I would rate this game 5 starts but the glitches it has doesnt deserve 5 stars
Midnight Rider 2020-11-30

An absolutely awesome game. Back in the mid 2000s i have to walk for 10 minutes for me to reach the nearby PS2 in our neighborhood to play this game. It\'s really convenient now that i can play it anywhere with my phone. The controls, graphics, and gameplays are great just like in the console. It\'s worth it and enjoyable. Good job Devs and keep up the good work!