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Buraco Jogatina: Card Games

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Description of Buraco Jogatina: Card Games

Buraco, also known as Burraco, Canasta or Canastra, is a traditional card game in many Latin American countries and Italy.

In Buraco Canasta Jogatina: Card Games For Free, you can play on your smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever you want, with the rules you prefer: Buraco Aberto, Buraco Fechado or Buraco STBL. Set up matches with 2 or 4 players and meld lots of canastas playing against real people in multiplayer online or with our bots.

Buraco Canasta Jogatina: Card Games For Free Features:

👥 Play with friends and relatives in the same match.

🤖 Play multiplayer online or practice against our bots.

💬 Chat with other players while you play.

💕 3 game modes: Buraco Aberto, Buraco Fechado or Buraco STBL.

🙋‍♂ Set up matches with 2 or 4 players.

🎨 Table, decks and cards customization.

🥇 Ranking and statistics.

And for you, a Buraco enthusiast: we invite you to join our VIP Club, so you may take part in our ranking and enjoy other exclusive advantages. Try it out, free of charge, for one month, or for one week!

Do like millions of other people and play the best Buraco app for your smartphone or tablet.

Download Buraco Canasta Jogatina: Card Games For Free now and be the canasta master!

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More Information Of Buraco Jogatina: Card Games

lable: Card - Games Current Version:4.5.0 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Jogatina.com

User Reviews


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Carolina Cantidio 2016-02-17

Versão nova está péssima! Cheia de propagandas, travando sempre! Melhor tentar voltar à anterior.
zin min 2016-02-27

Loredana Fabian 2016-04-16

Not working anymore After latest update (19/2/2016) the app is not working anymore. It blocks my phone
Ana Maria Arci Gaglioni 2016-04-17

Jogo muito legal, mas ainda tem muita propaganda na versão gratuita, e às vezes trava no meu celular.
Bonita Pinto 2016-02-27

It\'s a gud game.. I enjoyed it...
Fifi Gar 2020-02-19

Paying online with real people is great. Playing against the computer is not so great. There are only 2 speeds ...super slow or super fast. The AI is faulty...does not provide realistc play. It makes too many obvious mistakes.
Chris T 2020-12-11

AI knows exactly which cards you need when playing in teams, hands them out to opponents. Very unfair: Opponents always end up with far better cards... impossible to have a chance regardless of difficulty setting. Your partner is an idiot (he\'ll bati when you have 10 cards). I speak Português, but why is it not in English too? It kills my battery quickly & leaves my phone on fire! Forced updates (most recent is awful). Not fun at all due to bugs & ridiculous difficulty. Uninstalled. -1*
denise faris 2019-01-13

I don\'t understand why all of a sudden this app. was updated without permission and switched from english to spanish on all my devices. the graphics are worse and the controls are different. sorry i have to uninstall and find a better one.
Becky Fritz 2017-03-09

i froze up and it boots me, i imediately return but am banned from playing because i abandon a game? how about for calling you all asshats and your game a pile of excrement, now thats a good reason to ban someone!
Amit Dave 2020-06-08

As said latest version is available in English but actually it is not, it is in Russian language and even don\'t have option to change it to English.