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Description of Burger

A burger-serving game has arrived for your best enjoyment in a free version with the Magma Mobile’s touch!

You are hired in a chain restaurant to serve clients as quickly as possible to earn money and even tips for yourself. Take orders from your customers and make a recipe among sandwiches, garnishes, desserts and sodas. The more you play, the more ingredients will appear in the fast-food joint!

Take up the challenge and try the Career Mode to cope with a higher difficulty each day of the year!

Work from Monday to Saturday and reach your goal to get more money and new ingredients for the service. Then if you are a great employee, you will even unlock a lot of achievements!

Time is money!

Try your best in the Time Attack Mode to collect the maximum amount of coins within the time limit!

This time management game will definitely entertain and challenge you and your family!

Game Features

- A whole lot of different ingredients like bread, meat and lettuce

- More than 300 levels and 40 achievements for burger maniacs

- Many side dishes like ice creams, french fries and muffins

- Share your creation with the gallery

So come play Burger and become the master king of burgers!

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More Information Of Burger

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.0.20 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Magma Mobile

User Reviews


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N D 2020-12-12

Relaxing and fun. I don\'t eat meat or dairy so the burgers I make I imagine are all meat and cheese substitutes and yes such things exist and are quite delish! Also the game has the best burger builder game art. This developer needs to hire this artist for more games. He or she is very talented! Update: I finally beat the game!
Expiredbeans 2019-09-23

Satisfying and fun, but there should be less stages between unlocks, because it gets boring after a while. I think it should have a game mode called \'Endless\' where you have no time limit. One problem is the suspense at the end of a level, and the volume of the buzzer. That gets me every time. Otherwise, it\'s a good game.
Indu Gunasekaran 2019-04-10

(Please read this review fully & think of it)This game literally improves my concentration & multi~tasking skills. It\'s fun to create my own burger,the time attack mode is a great game mode for developing our speed as well as the concentration.
Manny Dyers 2019-12-18

In my opinion, I think that is one of the best games out there! There\'s good grafics, (sorry im a bad speller) I like the way you put in what day it is as the level.one problem, when you added a new item it takes forever! I\'m in the 30s levels and last thing I got to yoos was on day 21! that\'s the only thing I want you to fix! other then that, this is my one of favorite game I ever played.
Arafabrar Hossain 2019-09-24

Learnt to assemble quickly game isn\'t good enough because of huge amounts of ingredients for giant burgers with less amount of time for making it and others as well before time ends for both timers given for assembling.Most important and annoying problems are if any food is placed wrong on making quickly due to shortness of time then automatically everything is vanished and I have to remake it again quickly and I didn\'t have enough fun due to shortness of time and disappearing immediately.
DJ CHRISTMAS 2020-05-21

This game is pretty straight forward, easy controls, simple gameplay, kind of addictive, and overall a fun game. I recommend this game to anyone looking to kill time or to kill boredom. Easy to use by kids too. Well designed graphics and gameplay. Keep it up y\'all!
Gracie and logan helm 2020-05-02

My experience with this game is amazing, why? Because you get to go through different levels you get to unlock new foods and practice mode to... But beside that it is expressly on the practice mode because you create your own burger and your dessert and your drink to go with it also and you also can collect money with this game to it is like cooking fever but it doesn\'t show there face just there order... But this game is alsome because you can create stuff... This game is off the hook alsome.
Bridgett LaRive 2019-07-10

The controls are not very good. I would try sliding the pieces and it\'d take to many try to get them to move. If the wasn\'t an issue I\'d rate better but for now I am uninstalling and may reinstall later to see if this get fixed.
A Google user 2018-12-26

AMAZING!! This game is so addictive and fun at the same time. whenever I\'m bored i go straight to this game! if i didn\'t have this game i wouldn\'t know what I\'d do! definately recommend!
nurin tutorial 2019-05-09

low rating cause I installed it but i can\'t play it usually.I in online but I can\'t play it.I don\'t know why!!!!!!