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Description of Bus Rush

Bus Rush is an amazing running game for Android. Run along the craziest scenarios in the Bus Rush City. Drag to jump or slide and to move left or right. Avoid hitting trucks, buses and subway trains. Run around the Bus Rush city, subway, forest and beach and gather all the coins you can.

In this exciting runner game, you can choose among 10 different characters to play with. Surf the Bus Rush city with Roy, Zoey, Darryl, Katie, or any of your favorite characters! Also, you can customize your virtual surfer of choice by purchasing thematic runner skins!

The Bus Rush Store has lots of items to improve your running performance. Get runner upgrades to improve your power ups (including magnets and boots). Upgrade your jetpack too, and get lots of coins. You can also purchase Boards to surf mid-air and survive obstacle hits —whether you hit buses, trucks or even subway trains!

Bus Rush also gives you the chance of getting amazing gifts. Collect your daily gift each day and open mystery boxes to get some special rewards!

Bus Rush is a very fun runner game. Download it now and start running!


- Chinatown included!

- Bonus stage implemented!

- New character included!

- 10 characters for you to choose and surf the city!

- 14 great skins to change the looks of your favorite runner!

- Amazing power-ups: coin magnet, jetpack, super jump, score multiplier and air-surfing boards!

- Different scenarios to run in. City, subway, forest and beach!

- Trucks, buses and subway trains to avoid!

- Lots of obstacle-dodging fun!

- Daily gift

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More Information Of Bus Rush

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.18.00 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Play365

User Reviews


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Josanne vital 2020-08-21

Great game but the screen shouldn\'t jump whenever the character jumps. There should be lives. You should be able to skip a mission to can\'t do. How do you get in the sewers?
— 黄琳娜 2019-03-25

Very laggy. Whenever you jump, the character\'s perspective is shifted and you don\'t know where you\'re going. Coins usually block your view and its hard to obtain coins overall. Graphics look like a blob of random 3D characters that cost too much and the storyline is just outrageous and downright boring. Powers are useless and if you use money on this game it\'s gonna be considered a waste. I got bored the minute I started playing this trash. I don\'t recommend this game at all. STREAM WAVES!!!
Christopher Paquin 2020-10-30

When you need to watch an add before the game will even allow you to play for the first time we are not off to a good start. This is a poor rip off from subway surfers. Everything from controls to graphics are lazy poor copies of better games. Don\'t bother with this garbage
Aaron Doucet 2020-06-02

It\'s subway surfers, recreated poorly by a company that seems to exist solely to take other people\'s games, art styles and mechanics, recreate them as closely, cheaply and quickly as they can without being sued for asset theft, add even more monetization, and then spend the remaining 80-90% of their budget saturating the market with ads for them. They\'re so deep into self parody that even their business model is stolen. Guys, at least Zynga had their own art style, come on.
abbas abu123 2020-06-09

I like this game....... but there was a big problem .if we are playing the game and we lose at that moment you will give some other game to install so i and my brother uninstalled the game
Masthan.K 2020-07-26

Super game but the problem is the characters And skate boards are is so much money
Lilima Nanda 2020-09-02

It\'s a very nice game.i really like it very much.l just used to play it since 2 years but never got a slite boring.it has amazing experience with me.
Sean Sean 2019-04-09

just started playing. its chalenging from the start. i think ill like it. ads are kind of annoying after every death. but. i guess youv gotta make money somehow
Lee Morgan 2020-11-25

I havent even started the game and have already been forced to watch 3 ads. I can tell this is going to be a recuring thing. Uninstalling. Fake reviews, a ton of fake reviews to get you to download. There is nothing good about this game. Stay away
Billie E 2020-08-16

Great game , most of the gifts are skating boards and money , lots of ads tho