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Description of Buxfer: Budget & Expense Tracker

This is the official Buxfer Android application.

Budgeting. Forecasting. Investments. Retirement Planning. All at one secure place.

See all your accounts at one place, understand where your money goes, reduce unwanted spending, and save for future goals.

Join millions of users who are using Buxfer to take control of their financial future.


- Sync with over 20,000 banks all across the world.

- Add transactions on the go, even when not connected to the internet. Reconcile them later.

- Upload files from Quicken, MS Money and other financial softwares.


- Visualize spending trends and easily spot irregularities.

- Set weekly, monthly and yearly spending budgets.

- Get alerts on your mobile device when you exceed your spending limits.


- Preview future balances, expenses and cashflow based on previous spending patterns.

- Receive alerts for upcoming bills. Never get hit by a late fee again.

- Receive alerts about future problems before they happen.


- Plan for long-term goals like retirement and kid's education.

- Track all your investments at one place. Watch your nest egg grow.


- Slice and dice your finances precisely the way you want.

- Automatic Rules give you precise control over tagging, identifying transfers, and much more.

- Track accounts in different currencies. We do the math, so you don't have to!.

- Share access to your account with family, accountants, and others.

- Drill down with sub-tags (and sub-sub-tags). You get the idea!


- Industry-standard 128-bit encryption is used to secure communication between our servers and your computer.

- Server infrastructure is compliant with industry standards such as PCI and SOC 3.

- Daily scans and Audits by independent, reputed security firms like McAfee and Symantec.

- High-grade 256-bit encryption is used to secure any sensitive information stored on our servers.


We offer several levels of membership:

BASIC: Free for life

PILOT: 1.99 / month

PLUS: 3.99 / month

PRO: 4.99 / month

(when billed annually)

Features included:

BASIC: Manual data upload, IOU tracking, Multiple currencies

PILOT: Automatic bank sync, Automatic tagging

PLUS: Unlimited accounts, budgets and bill reminders

PRO: Investments, Forecast, Top Movers, Timeline, Payments, Automatic Backups

For more details on our pricing, please visit https://www.buxfer.com/pricing

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.4.36 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Buxfer Inc.

User Reviews


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A Google user 2017-07-22

This app looks good and is kind of easy to use, but it wasn\'t until after upgrading to pro that I realized that it wasn\'t syncing to my accounts in the background, but would only sync when I opened the app and entered a security code texted from Wells Fargo. This is tedious and defeats the purpose of alerts on my accounts if the app doesn\'t know what\'s going on when I don\'t have it open. When I emailed customer support (because obviously they have no phone number), I got NO RESPONSE even after emailing a few times. For paying 40-some bucks you think they\'d ba able to staff a few customer support folks to answer my email. My last qualm is that when you make budgets, there\'s nothing (I don\'t think) telling you what all your budgets add up to. So when I wanted to see what all my budgets left me with and how that related to what I bring in every month, I had to whip out the old calculator. Really??? Maybe I\'m wrong, but the only way I would know is if they would answer my damn emails. Now looking for a new way to track my money. Wish I hadn\'t upgraded.
Rahul Kishore Kumar 2018-05-13

Still needs some improvement while app start bacause app is taking more time to load. Save transaction is working alwayz on second click. Offline transaction is not saving. But still responding better aftr last update.
Luna L 2019-09-05

New app update and prompt support makes the app slightly better than before. But app version is still not as good as desktop version (ie. deleting tags, splitting tag so that $0 would be allocating to a tag would not work in app version)
Nipun Kavinda 2016-02-03

Not an app I feel this as a browser window opening in an android app. Not really an android app. An offiline version with better UI would be much helpful. Please have some bigger buttons and letters which fit the mobile screen.
Chad Knoblock 2020-03-28

Find another financial software app!! The syncing never works accurately. It zeroes my balances daily. Nothing works as it should. I emailed my issue to the ONLY avenue they have, their support email. I get a reply saying the fix could take 20 days. You can\'t speak to anyone on the phone or live chat because you must pay an extra $6 for actual customer support which is ridiculous. I loved the platform and software. It simply doesn\'t work. And lack of real customer support is unacceptable.
David Lameiro 2018-07-06

The app was nothing special before but it did the job. However since the new update it\'s impossible to use it. Super slow, buging every time you edit a transaction (ex: the amount of the transaction doesn\'t appear on the edit screen)etc...make me wonder if I should continue with the pro plan. [Edit 05/07/2018] tge recent updates fixed theses issues. Good job.
Jonathan Finney 2018-11-26

The app\'s okay, but WHERE\'S THE SUPPORT? This app is a useful way to see the basic transaction information and account totals in Buxfer, but not much else. There\'s no way to initiate a sync to update linked accounts, for example, but the real issue is that there\'s NO SUPPORT from Buxfer. I sent two email support tickets recently and had no response after a week! ...and it seems I\'m not Buxfer has a truly excellent product/service, but without support it\'s just not an option. This is a pity because there are some really powerful features, such as the option to create custom rules that perform actions based upon the contents of a transaction\'s fields, but the documentation is just not good enough and leaves lots of questions. Not sure how Buxfer gets away with this, but I\'m not expecting them to be around much longer and I\'m certainly not going to entrust my financial control to a system with no support. Hey, Buxfer please don\'t ask me to contact you with further details - Just reply to my support request #857185.
A Google user 2018-09-20

I have used Buxfer for a couple years after moving away from Quicken. Buxfer\'s web app is generally great; however, the Android app is awful - unstable and buggy. Using the app for anything other than entering transactions \'on the go\' is often a mistake. I have yet to find a better online service for a better price, but I have been shopping for other online finance software in the hope that I will find a more stable and reliable option for my Android device(s).
Cristian Viorel Pasat 2017-07-13

Can\'t login with Google. Doesn\'t recognize Google account.
v wilborn 2020-07-26

Seemed promising, price comparable to quicken, but after serveral tries with support, my checking balances were consistently wrong. I found myself double checking this app constantly and putting in \"dummy\" adjustments just to make it balance, finally gave up went to quicken