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Description of BuzzKill - Notification Superpowers

BuzzKill allows you to see the notifications you want to see when you want to see them and filter out those you don't. Here is just a taste of what BuzzKill can do:

• Cooldown - Don't get buzzed multiple times when someone messages you multiple times in quick succession

• Dismiss - Automatically swipe away any notification you don't want to see, without hiding all notifications for that app

• Reply - Reply to a message if you haven't seen it after a while

• Vibration - Custom vibration for apps or contacts. Know who is messaging you without looking at your phone

• Remind me - Keep buzzing you until you see a notification

• Undo - Gives you a second chance to tap on a notification when you accidentally swipe it away

• Snooze - Receive your notifications in batches to make them fit your schedule

• Alarm - Get your attention such as for a security camera notification

• And many more...

BuzzKill is privacy first. There are no ads, no trackers and no data ever leaves your device. Unlike pretty much every app on your phone and the Play Store it doesn't have access to the internet (you can check) so you can be sure that your data is safe.

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More Information Of BuzzKill - Notification Superpowers

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:12.4 Publish Date:2022-05-14 Developer:Sam Ruston

User Reviews


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Jason Hicks 2020-10-08

Very useful notification manager that doesn\'t interfere with how Android handles notifications by default, works transparently in the background. Rule system and Tasker integration is what really sets it apart. I\'ve tested a few different notification managers and this is so far the only one that doesn\'t seem to affect my phone\'s performance.
Nutmeg 2020-06-22

Promising app and nice UI as expected from the dev. I\'ll review this app again as I get into deeper. I was using Daywise app for a while but when I read their privacy policy I realized that they are collecting metadata and using Google analytics for targeted advertising. Let\'s see how Buzzkill plays out. Remember: \"if you\'re not paying for something, you\'re not the customer; you\'re the product being sold\".
Marcos Paulo 2021-02-26

I\'d like to have \'Batch\' option but for specific times
Onur Buğdaycı 2021-02-25

Incredible app. Very very (!) good customization options. The fact that it doesn\'t have network permissions puts my mind at ease. One request would be an option to change the Always on Display (e.g. to turn on AoD when a certain notification arrives). Thanks for this great app.
David Colvin 2020-12-08

The simple interface makes it easy to quickly create and implement rules. Imo, it\'s more efficient than going into the notification settings of a specific app to change notifications that you may decide you need later. I never knew I needed this app until I bought it during a sale. Now it\'s something I plan to use for years to come.
AZEEM SHAIKH 2020-06-05

Awesome app, nice concept, Tasker was hard to use but this app made it very easy. I would request developer to please add more features/options available.
Clyde 2020-06-03

An IFTTT for Android notifications. Now I\'m stuck between BuzzKill and Filter Box. Both of them are elegant designed and so helpful.
Thomas 2020-10-10

Beautiful. Looks effective. Would be 5 stars if the app provided more than 4 examples of custom rules. I need more context and starting suggestions. At least 10. This should be relatively easy to implement if I\'m to believe all the positive reviews and would be invaluable for people like me that need a little more help. Thanks for any consideration.
Mike Hsu 2021-01-08

Just what I\'ve been looking for to keep me on top of my notifications. No more forgotten meetings, messages or reminders. One request: for the \"remind me\" action, add the ability to customize the notification sound and/or vibration. I would like to set a louder/different sound to tell it apart from the original. Great work! Worth every penny! 👍
Wei-An Hwa 2021-01-12

Had a couple of questions on how to use it at the start, but the dev was super helpful (hit Contact Support and send an email out) and helped me figure things out. Really appreciate how specific the app is, and what\'s possible with it, whether in blocking or whitelisting different types of notifications, and collating all of them (whether blocked or whitelisted) for future reference.