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Description of CAD Assistant

OPEN CASCADE CAD Assistant for Android is an offline viewer and converter for 3D CAD and mesh models.

If you wish to use this technology for development of customized solutions for your business, contact us at:


Basic CAD model viewing and converting

Basic functionality is provided by CAD Data Exchange component of Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT).

The supported file formats and data are:

- BREP: native OCCT format for shape geometry, topology, and assembly structure.

- IGES (5.1 and 5.3): shape geometry, colors, top-level object names, file information.

- STEP (AP203 and AP214): shape geometry, assembly structure, colors, names, validation properties, file information.

Assembly structure of the model can be navigated through the tree browser. The components of the assembly can be hidden or shown as necessary to inspect the model. The selected sub-assembly or part can be queried for its properties.

CAD model (whole or selected part or sub-assembly) can be exported to any of supported CAD or mesh formats.

Viewing mesh data

Additional functionality is viewing of mesh models with associated data, implemented using the mesh visualization component of OCCT.

Supported mesh formats are:

- glTF is an open standard for 3D assets.

- STL is de-facto standard in 3D printing.

- PLY has capability to store data associated with mesh nodes and elements. If you have in your application a model represented by mesh, it can be saved easily to PLY format and viewed on a tablet. Additional data (RGB color or scalar) can be added to each polygon or node.

- OBJ is standard for 3D animation and supported by most 3D graphics applications.

- JT is ISO standard for efficient visualization of 3D CAD data.

CAD Assistant allows you to view the mesh in wireframe, shaded, and shrink view. If mesh contains associated textures, colors, or scalar data, it can be viewed with elements colored according to the selected property. For scalar quantities interactive color scale is shown, providing controls to manipulate the range of displayed quantities.

Common operations

CAD Assistant for Android is optimized for devices with multi-touch screen and provides intuitive manipulation of the 3D view by finger gestures.

Left toolbar provides buttons for fitting model to window and choice of standard views. Settings submenu provides access to viewer and application options, file information, and message log.

Files can be opened from local storage (internal memory or SD card). CAD Assistant integrates with Android so that applications supporting file associations will launch it for opening files of relevant types. For instance, you can open STEP file sent to you by mail by simple click on attachment in mail client.

CAD models can be saved in STEP, IGES, or BREP format as CAD data; CAD and mesh models can be saved in PLY, STL, or OBJ format as polygonal data. Save file dialog also allows saving current image of the model to PNG format. If target directory Mail is selected, the mail client will be automatically started with saved file as attachment.

Supported devices

CAD Assistant has been tested to work on a wide range of modern tablets and smartphones. Note however that it is optimized for landscape screen orientation, which might be inconvenient on phones.

Application requires OpenGL ES 3.0+.


Depending on a device, opening large files may take time. Devices with low-range graphic processor could be slow on displaying large models, and system might (silently) close application if model requires more memory than available on device.

See more at https://www.opencascade.com/content/cad-assistant


We welcome your feedback on Google Play or on our User Forum at https://dev.opencascade.org/forums/open-cascade-applications

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.6.0 Publish Date:2021-10-10 Developer:OPEN CASCADE

User Reviews


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H Rice 2020-04-06

Really useful tool. Extremely useful for a quick look at customer files instead of loading up CAD on pc. It always amazes me that people complain that it doesn\'t open odd file formats - it certainly opens the majority of files in common use in industry (uk). (I would actually pay for this). Well done chaps!
Mak 2017-04-03

Nice app.. but only can be used for viewing igs and stp files. It could be batter if dimensions can be measured.
deval panchal 2017-05-24

Best CAD viewer i have ever seen....
Ken Crossen 2019-08-18

This is easily the best 3D viewer on ANY mobile platform. Second place is 3Dskope (only on iOS). What makes CAD Assistant best? It loads huge models as models (rather than as a batch of polygons), allows user to select and hide individual parts. It has as good a clip tool as any other product. Two ways to see inside your model. Fastest loading, most capable file format is glTF. CAD Assistant desktop will convert STEP, IGES (of nearly any size) to glTF. Kudos to great Open Cascade staff.
Sail Shirsat 2017-04-06

Plz add dimensions measuring option..
surjeet sharma 2020-05-20

Really a good platform for me and my team whod dont have access to cad softwares. Now they can see and understand the product easily. Thanks for developing this app. I highly recommends this app.
Daniel Porter 2020-08-29

Opens .obj with .Mtl very well. I\'m just a hobbyist but recognised everything I\'ve thrown at it. Great. No adverts that I\'ve seen either.
Recayi Murat Köse 2019-10-18

A very good app for viewing 3d work on an android device. But there is a little problem, when I enable file name and the frame rate at the same time, I cant see the frame rate because it stays under the name.
James Stephens 2018-11-08

Start screen comes up then it crashes everytime, uninstalled.
Matthew Perlman 2018-11-29

I use this all the time to double check my cad work on the go before 3d printing, and to show my friends what i am working on. I am updating this review now because the developer has fixed the one minor issue i brought up about a prior version in my first review