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Description of Cafeland - World Kitchen

Design your cafe world and join cooking with Chef Eva's restaurant game! Write your own restaurant story in Cafeland today, Chef! Master your cooking and design your 5 star cafe to be the top chef in the world! Run your own restaurant and get carried away in a cooking fever! Home cooked meals and fresh coffee are waiting for the customers. Just say “I’ll decorate my cafe and I’ll also add a lovely garden!” and your cafe will thrive! FROM A SNACK BAR TO A WORLD FAMOUS CAFE!

Decorate and design the place of your dreams in this cafe game! Cook tasty food to keep your customers happy - From the creators who brought you Cafeland, it’s a fun-tastic new cooking game!

In Cafeland, you have dozens of different dishes; desserts, appetizers, fast food and many more which make this the perfect kitchen game! Not to mention that there are hundreds of shiny new items to decorate your place. Are you ready to be the owner of your cafe business? Then start your restaurant game in Cafeland because this place is for you, chef!

Facing issues while playing Cafeland or have suggestions/feedback? We would love to hear from you!

Use the Contact button in settings while you are in the game or e-mail us at: cafelandmobile@gamegos.com

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:2.1.91 Publish Date:2021-11-05 Developer:GAMEGOS

User Reviews


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Samantha 2020-11-03

One of my favourite games I just keep going back to. I love how you keep updating the game, alot of game developers dont care and go onto their next project but you seem to want to improve it for the players. I did find it quite difficult at first to earn money but now i find it quite easy. Thank you for a great game! Oh . . . Also my memorable favourite update is the time waiting on a catering order (with the van) it used to be 4 hours but it was reduced to 2. So much better! Thank you
Mikaela Queen 2021-03-02

I love this game! It may seem boring at first but that\'s all games. There are so many things to do that I play for hours. The challenge and the tournament are fun. The rewards are generous. Only thing I would change is more drops for magic sauce and a safety confirm after making sauces. I have accidentally spent alot of cash. I love that dishes are from around the world, some I\'ve never heard of and some I have googled for recipes! I suggest finding a good club. Thanks for hours of great fun.
Dawn WOOD 2021-03-06

I played the regular CL for years before it ended. There are a lot of things I like about this game. The old CL did get boring. But this one is a lot better in that aspect. My only criticism comes from the fact that I can\'t get or buy what I need. The snow floor has shown up only once in the rainbow market and then could only get 5 tiles. C\'mon!!. I would love to see some of the same decorations that were available in CL. And the ability to buy SNOW OR WATER floor tiles
Debbie Clark 2021-01-24

love this game. It reminds of the game zynga had out a few years ago. Before they took it away, called cafe world. This game is very cool i play it daily. love to cook and watch the customers walking in. Keep up the good work. Gamegos. Excellent game. 5 stars . Thank you for all the updates. They help improve the game
Judy Clark 2020-10-07

I love this game very enjoyable. I noticed you made it change on the game with the 40,000 box .. I definitely do not like this, we should be able to pick out our own prizes. we\'re are doing the work and putting in money.. please change it back, or I will no longer play this game. it\'s such a buzzkill that you\'re taking our choices away from us .. Not fair!!
Teresa Trotter 2021-03-08

You guys have refused to take responsibility that you have the worst playing platform known to man. More than three dozen times I have left food overnight to cook, and I come back the next morning & they all completely disappeared from my stoves. I also finished all my tasks yesterday, including the catering...& yet this morning some of my catering are gone & I had to redo them all again. The comments I leave for my team on the message board that I finished all my tasks, also disappeared.
Sassy Cassie 2021-01-30

With the new update, please fix the price of upgrading! We are all talking in our group about how upsetting it is that we love the game and do not want to give up on an active group but 60 mil coins to expand is a lot when you had it at 12, which is what we were antipating. For those reading this, it\'s easy to build up coins once you level up, but to be honest we are all very active, either way easy. Still angry about this update, please fix it to at least 20 mil instead of 60 mil. Thank you.
Debbie Levey 2020-12-17

I have reached the point where I am going to delete the game. It\'s supposed to be Christmas and you show a lovely floor tile of snow. I just can\'t believe that you have produced all these lovely graphics and show them off to everyone, but make them so impossible to obtain. I have a 25x25 cafe but how many centuries would it take me under the current system to get enough floor tiles? Yet alone tables and chairs. I have been taunted long enough. A HUGE rethink is needed here.
Cynthia Hockenberry 2021-03-07

I have played this game for a year and spent money to do so. I use to love it until you changed the event. We should be able to buy what we want. We work hard for those points.PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK. We need to hold more sauces and we should be able to sell food by numbers instead of all of it.The refrigerator should be able to expand more. Thanks, I hope you change the event so the game is fun again!! Thank you for the recent changes with gifting 30 friends.
T C 2021-01-06

So I have played over two years and I enjoy the updates. However with new updates come new problems. The cake machine doesn\'t give you cakes as it should. I have spent money on the entire game. The cakes should come regularly giving the player portion sizes. This is not occurring for me or my teammates. Can we have someone check the updated patches to ensure other areas of the game are not impacted.