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Blood calcium, vitamin D, and osteoporosis are important health issues. The consequences of abnormal levels are often life-changing and occasionally life-threatening. Using this app is the equivalent to spending hours with the world’s most experienced doctors teaching you about your calcium, parathyroid, osteoporosis, and vitamin D issues. Your tests results are analyzed to determine if a problem exists, what risks are associated, and what to do about it. Beautiful graphs make understanding these problems simple!

Blood tests and bone density scans can be difficult to interpret—even many doctors do not diagnose calcium, vitamin D, and parathyroid problems correctly or timely. Hyperparathyroidism is a disease that affects 1 in 800 people and 1 in 250 women over 50 and is very often overlooked while patients suffer from chronic fatigue, memory loss, depression, osteoporosis, bone pain and many other symptoms. Calcium Pro is a powerful software program that will analyze your calcium health and provide you guidance about the status of your bones, kidneys, parathyroid glands, vitamin D, and other related health issues.

You start by entering your test results for calcium, parathyroid hormone, and vitamin D. Then we look at your bone density (osteoporosis levels). CalciumPro will analyze and graph your tests making them easy to understand. It will let you know the status of your parathyroid glands and your chance of having hyperparathyroidism. Suggested next steps are given. Tracking tools will show your calcium and vitamin D levels over time, and will show if your bones are losing density (worsening osteoporosis), or gaining bone density. There are important learning tools on every page, and an extensive video and reading library at the end. The app will provide guidance about talking to your physician regarding the possible need for surgery and other important steps.

A Risk Assessment Tool shows your relative risk for conditions associated with high blood calcium: Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Heart Arrhythmias and Palpitations, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Stones and Kidney Failure, GERD, several Cancers, and others. Watch your risk assessment graphs change as you address your calcium problems.

This app was developed by doctors at the Norman Parathyroid Center, the world’s leading parathyroid and calcium treatment center using over 4,000,000 data points from over 30,000 patients. Let the world’s leading doctors help you understand these problems so you and your doctor can make important, informed decisions. Take control of your own health!

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.7.4 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Calcium Science, LLC

User Reviews


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A Google user 2017-08-18

I highly recommend the Calcium Pro App. It is amazing! You can trust the information and analysis it provides. This app allows users to quickly and easily determine if they have hyperparathyroidism and thus need surgery to remove a parathyroid tumor. After entering lab values for blood calcium and parathyroid hormone, a graph is generated that clearly shows the likelihood of having hyperparathyroidism. You can also use the app’s reading library and video library to learn more about the disease. In my case, the app confirmed that my mother’s calcium was too high. The end result was that her health has improved tremendously since Dr. James Norman performed her parathyroid surgery at The Parathyroid Treatment Center at Tampa General Hospital. The Calcium Pro App is a fantastic diagnostic and educational tool. Without a doubt, using it was a first step in achieving a better quality of life for my mother.
gizzy guzzi 2018-12-20

Works pretty good. App won\'t save my surgery date, so I have to re-enter it to view my risk info pages moving forward. Some of the formatting on graph pages doesn\'t work so well, text boxes get in they. Could be compatibility issues with my phone or Android version. But all in all it worked and contains lots of good info. I got surgery and feel better. So thanks for that!
David Lewis 2014-01-28

Primitive app -- should be a web app rather than a smartphone app It\'s got very primitive, clunky data entry combined with glitzy meters and graphs that are obviously third-party components. A good idea functionally, but a web site would make a ton more sense. That wouldn\'t make them any money, of course. The company that probably commissioned this -- Norman Parathyroid Center -- has a big web site and could easily have done such an app. In any case, I think they either (a) used an amateur developer, like somebody\'s teenage kid who wanted to build a phone app or (b) got ripped off by a \"professional\" developer. One detail -- they haven\'t researched variations on data that users are likely to get from their lab tests. For example, the app expects PTH in ml/dg units, but my lab gave it in mmol/l. By searching I found that you multiple mmol/l by 4 to get ml/dg, but all the app said was \"some figures are out of range\" -- it didn\'t tell me which figure, much less offer alternative units So, if this outfit really wants to help people, as opposed to make a trendy smartphone app, they should invest in a good professional web developer with medical website experience. They should also say in advance what lab tests to ask your doctor for.
A Google user 2018-10-05

I think every PCP should use this tool to help Dx their patients
Brenda Curtis 2018-07-06

For years the doctors sat in my high calcium without providing any answers. I downloaded this app and it said I was very likely to have hyperparathyroidism so I started pushing for answers. This app saved my life. My adenoma was removed once week ago and I already feel better. Bone pain, muscle spasms, headaches, itching and many more symptoms are already gone and my heart rate has increased from low 40\'s to high 60\'s. Thanks for this app Dr Norman.
Victoria Pomeroy 2019-05-02

Downloaded this because my symptoms suggested hyperparathyroidism. Logged my plasma calcium, vitamin D, and PTH test results and was able to show trends over time to an endocrinologist. Finally being taken seriously and issue is being addressed. Highly recommend.
Elizabeth Edwards 2019-09-10

Well, first...note the date of the last update. (2017). I wish I had. Second, I cant keep my info in. I entered my surgery and when I went back a week later, nothing there. Tried to enter the info for my scans and the app kept shutting down. They should take this app down since they are doing nothing to maintain it. Wish i could get my money back.
sandra olensky 2019-10-23

I used for 3 months, then it stopped working. It won\'t open. Uninstalled and reinstalled..... nothing. All the input, gone. ☹
TheOlapMonkey 2019-07-08

The portion of the app where you enter Dexa scans is not functional. I know I have Osteopenia and that should play into my results, but I am unable to enter that info. I am changing my rating of this app to 1 star on Android and 5 stars on iOS. It seems to work perfectly on iOS, but is buggy and/or incomplete on Android.
Michelle Gasser 2017-02-22

Work for awhile doesn\'t anymore. When you charge money for an app it should work and if it gets bugs in it they should be fixed