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Description of CalcList - Calculate Your List

CalcList is a calculator to keep your calculation as a list e.g shopping list calculation, monthly expense calculation, or any calculation that you want to put descriptions or note in the calculation steps.

CalcList is a calculator to keep your calculation neat and organized. Write down your calculation in CalcList to make it easier to read and maintain. CalcList has 'section break' and 'predefined items' features to group your calculation variables. Putting variables into formulas will be easily done with the 'link' feature.

CalcList is a calculator to help you minimalize the risk of doing mistakes in your calculation. Review your calculation on a clear and minimalist interface. Editing your calculation will be easier as you can see your calculation steps and the result will be updated instantly. Save your calculation with CalcList and avoid rewriting your calculation over and over again.

(Please note that the 'Free Version' is limited to save up to three lists)

Key Features:

☆ Section Break

Divide your list into multiple sections

☆ Link value

Assign your variable to formulas

☆ Predefined Item

Reuse your regular items

☆ Drag and drop

Arrange your items easily

☆ Export

Review or send your calculation as images (.png format)

☆ Backup/Restore data

Backup or restore data with Google Drive account

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More Information Of CalcList - Calculate Your List

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.6.2 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Yellocus

User Reviews


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jack sparrow 2020-02-15

Auto saving is non existent in this app, which is really unusual for a note taking app. Imagine losing a long entry just cuz you\'ve forgot to save it manually.
Ham Ham 2019-04-27

If you rotate your device before saving a list, all unsaved data will be lost!
sml 2020-11-13

I like it! Simple. Just hit the plus function sign to continue adding to a list. (I didn\'t get that at first.)
Ronaldo Vargas 2020-11-08

This is very helpful! To the ones who could not follow the tips, you should give more time on the app, rather ranting on your own. We have been given the privelage to use it as we please, with minimun payment/donation. Also Dev, I k ow there are future plans for this, please add a hide or drop down option for each calculations, thanks much. Power to you!
Caf Tomblin 2019-03-14

bugs fixed Great app once i figured out how to operate it, (developer was very helpful sending info and video with clear instructions) easy to use now and a great help organising expenses,
abbas ism 2020-07-27

Great simplicity. Please keep its simple UI. I think export as csv would be great
Remelle Ann Cambronero 2020-04-08

It was good but then it started crashing. I cannot do anything now. Opening, creating, deleting, copying, exporting crashes the app. I lost everything. Even restoring backup didn\'t work. I\'ll still give it 3 stars since I\'ve used it for a long time. EDIT: Updated to 4 stars. I wasn\'t able to retrieve my data and just retyped the list again. Haven\'t encountered the issue so far. If it will have an auto save to cloud or any feature to avoid recurrence of this issue, will change rating to 5 stars.
Cat Mom 2020-05-07

So far I found it really helpful for me. But I wish we can sign in/log in so I can log in in another phone with one account, and we can synchronization to each phone.
Nixon Rexzile 2020-02-20

Typical calculator with note. One time payment doesn\'t meant you Jack the price on a simple app. From 5 star to 3 just for having $5.49
Martin Dunne 2020-10-02

This is exactly what I need but it\'s so confusing and unuser friendly I\'ve deleted it. There\'s no user manual and no clue how to operate it. EDIT: in response to Dev reply. Thanks for the reply. I saw the tips section. To be frank it\'s useless. 4 screen shots with minimal text don\'t explain anything. I\'ve looked and still don\'t understand it. Please consider proper documentation :-)