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Description of Call of Spartan

A mind blowing Online Strategy game designed for everyone who values honor and glory!

Game Features:

✔ Real Battle: You can see REAL battle in the map, diffrent from all Strategy games.

✔ Simple Design: Everything in the game is easy to control

✔ Easy play: Get Diamond from Event.

✔ Temple and Olympus hill: A whole new way to Occupy a Kingdom

✔ Heroes Allegiance: Heroes lead the troops and fight for you.

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More Information Of Call of Spartan

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:4.4.7 Publish Date:2022-05-25 Developer:Wang Xin

User Reviews


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A Google user 2020-07-28

DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME! Too much glich and its just gonna make you spend more money for boring events. It does not add basic instructions on tutorial everything you need to know. The game is dying so find a new and better game than this game.
Rebel Crump 2020-07-01

I think that this is a great game I\'m very impressed that is not your typical war game I love the idea of speed ups they are very helpful because sometimes the upgrades can take 2 days and the speed ups really help speed it up and I personally think that is great I also love how the alliances work and teleports, I love all the variations of teleports!
Jeffrey Lansford 2021-02-25

The best game I\'ve ever played but we need more free stuff
Kurt Lawrence 2020-06-12

The game itself is good, but in order to get stronger you have to pay consistently. It\'s hilarious since even if you grind for a lvl 255 messenger equipment to purple level it will take 2-4 months if you don\'t spend for it. If you wanna play this game i advise you should be patient to get stronger(but it takes 1 year to become an average dude in the game).
Dirty South 2020-04-15

Its really fun. Ive played a lot of games like this but i like tue story line involved. Try it you\'ll enjoy it. WE ARE SPARTANS!!! This is amazing I\'m playing in another server now I had so much fun in my first server. Moved on to third server and I\'m still living this game. So much easier to grow after having been around for awhile
DonutGuy640 2020-01-26

Why... THE HELL... Would you ask to \"make and manage phone calls\"? -2 stars! Also, why access to files and photos? -1 more star! A lot of games seem to do the 2nd one, but they\'re both unacceptable! Also, why wait till after downloading an update to ask? Decent story (at least at the start), if you can overlook the constant bad translation and word wrap errors. The ad looked pretty good, but I don\'t have the patience to see if it ever gets there, not for an Evony clone. (-1 star)
Paul Harris 2020-11-27

Was a great game but now I see several are having the same issue I\'m having. Within a few seconds of game play the system freeze up. And the support staff seems to only answer emails at end of thier shift so for me I have to be awake at 3am to be able to respond to them or wait several days for a reply. I have spent too much money to be ignored.
Zak boardman 2021-02-05

I have been playing this game for a while now. Some of these reviews keep saying that this game is pay to win. This game really isn\'t 😂, It is consistantly easy to grow if you know what to do. If you want to pay for bonus packs you still can because they are cheap and affordable. The only reason anyone should not succeed in this game is if they are not that good at strategy or just new to it. I love this game, it is well organized and easy to play.
Georgi Terziev 2020-04-29

Very Good. You can have your game, even without spending, which is good. Of course it takes a lot of time, but is fun. Once when you join good alliance, gets very interesting. It is something I choose to play in my free time, helps me relax from work and chill. Recommending it. One suggestion to the admins if they read this things. Please give us option to choose how many times we would like to attack monster. Thank you
Tara fetters 2019-11-05

Says app needs updated but play store has no update. When i open it it sticks on a black screen... What is going on? Please fix! It just keeps Freezeing and force closes!