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Description of CamToPlan

Measure distances, surfaces and draw your plans in seconds with CamToPlan! Horizontally and vertically! Export your data in PNG or DXF and manage your folders!

CamToPlan is revolutionary thanks to augmented reality, the tape measure is held on your screen as if it were real, in 3D! You can take measurements using the video on your device effortlessly: baseboards, walls, furniture dimensions, carpet ... There is no need to kneel on the ground to take measurements. Even simpler than a ruler or a laser rangefinder!

CamToPlan instantly calculates the area (in square meters or square feet) and draws the plan of the room with all measured dimensions. One click is all it takes to share that plan by email, message or on social media.

Discover this innovative app, essential for all professionals, such as architects and decorators, as well as the handyman.

Please note:

- You can select Metric or Imperial units

- CamToPlan measures distances horizontally (= on the ground) and vertically!

- There is no need to remove the furniture from the room for measurements. The application automatically determines the point of intersection between the floor and the target point, even if it is behind a piece of furniture.

- In good conditions = good lighting, textured (non-uniform) floor, lack of reflection on the floor. The app analyses the images of the video and relies on visual details identified automatically on these images. The application may have difficulty with some types of floor tiles. The accuracy is not guaranteed.

- You can safely move while taking measurements to get closer to your target point, for maximum precision, even if this point is hidden and calculated by extrapolation.

Terms of use: http://misc.tasmanic.com/camtoplanpolicy.html

Privacy policy: http://misc.tasmanic.com/androidctpprivacypolicy.html

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:3.2.9 Publish Date:2021-10-13 Developer:Tasmanic Editions

User Reviews


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Kristoffer Atienza 2018-04-03

The spot keeps moving. I tried it several times at three different spaces and in a well lit environment but it wasn\'t giving me the precise layout and results I want. It\'s frustrating. It has promise but it needs more calibration I suppose? I want my money back.
Daniel Doboga 2018-04-18

Measuring is, by definition, a matter of precision! This app shows me a simple line of 2 meters long onto my floor being 3.34 m. And if I measure it multiple times, it shows different values, depending on how tall I hold the phone, how I move it when marking the start and end of the line, etc. Even if I stay perfectly still, it\'s still unreliable... It\'s like it guesses some horribly rough approximations. That has nothing to do with what \"measuring\" means! I can estimate with better precision with my eyes.
Baz94 ! 2018-04-04

Not bad but would only use to get a rough measurement. I tried this with a tape measure on the floor and what was 6ft on the tape measured as 5ft 8in on the app. Not 100% but still handy
Samnan Shahid Mir 2018-04-03

Cant give a bog briefing but as i roughly gone through it\'s seem to be nice app i like it.but people thinking differs.
Dan Edwards 2018-04-26

Heard this app on All About Android and it was exactly what I was looking for! I am planning to purchase flooring and I needed to get a estimate of the square footage of each room and then set it up in a drawing program. With this I was able to quickly lay out a room. I am using this on a Pixel 2 and AR Core is pretty accurate with it. That said it is not perfect. This is great for getting quick square footage estimates, not for precise cutting measurements. This app makes square footage estimates crazy easy.
Chinedu Aniunoh 2018-04-17

I think it\'s a waste of 2.99 usd. The first point never stays in one place. This app needs a lot more work
Neil Holmes 2018-10-25

What is going on with this thing.. Been using outside for the past 8 months with no worries. I am a landscaper and have been relying on this app until now. Have lost customers over it since the update. Please fix. I have too larger areas to deal with for a tape measure. I do love this app but fix it. Please!!! Been reliable till now
Matt Ball 2018-05-22

This app worked exactly one time. Ever since, whenever I load it, it gives me a black screen for ten seconds and then crashes and restarts. I\'ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and it still refuses to work. A complete waste of money.
Neeleyss Dafda 2018-10-28

Wrost app always indicated wrong dimensions than actual
Matt Ank 2018-05-21

Does pretty good. But it NEEDS to auto adjust itself or semi-lock in place when square!! It\'s hard to be dead accurate and the floorplan comes out a little crooked