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Description of Candy Royal

Candy Royal is a fun match 3 game, there are many different levels, each level has different rules, limited moves, limited time, blow special diamond candy bombs, just switch or match three or more diamonds. you can freely enjoy the feeling of bombing holes in the screen, or collecting the special candy, and advancing to higher levels of candy taping experience.

Enter the Candy Royale , smash the candy, collect special surprises, gently move the gems to dash matching candy, and win amazing rewards.

In this fantastic candy adventure , you can become a diamond candy champion taper and join other champions and compete with your friends ,just control these diamonds on your smash journey.

It will be a candy adventure , truly fun and exciting Candy Royal world!

Features Candy Royal:

*All levels are Free, and the game becomes more complicated as you go on

*amazing diamond jewels, and new special adventures and rewards along the way.

*blow up the screen, smash special crates and bombs

*When you get stuck, wait for a hint to help you,

*Easy but funny to play, a challenge to those who can open much more levels,

*Suitable for all ages,

*Cool game pieces,

*variety of Sound, and enjoyable music.

*Share it with others.

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More Information Of Candy Royal

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.28 Publish Date:2021-11-12 Developer:Click Team

User Reviews


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Christi Conklin 2020-08-24

This game is so much fun and I really enjoy playing this game, relaxing, nice soft music and the graphics are awesome, Thank you for sharing your game,I gave 5 stars.This game is still fun and relaxing, I still give 5 stars...
Michelle Nash 2020-10-02

I like it as you have to remember to watch the colors and numbers of them! I\'m not sure how much I appreciate sticking ads in when you think you\'ve finally found yourself getting away from them. But don\'t hold your breath as I was having fun until then.
Magda Van Heerden 2020-03-06

This is for sure a nice game but problem is not enough moves so I have to play over and over again. It is really frustrating so please can you fix the problem. Thanks for the update. This is now so much better. After the last update I can not finish game without using items and then only 10 coins bonus.
Kevin Mccdonell 2020-04-29

I would have given this game 5 stars the reason I took away one star was the game immediately shows you what your next move could be I mean it doesn\'t even give you a chance to figure it out for yourself! I mean isn\'t this a puzzle game? But anyway it just kept doing this and it\'s so irritating fix this problem and I\'ll give you five stars
Gordy Kohs 2020-09-12

Too many ads...very annoying. Hard to get into a rhythm and flow of the game
Leigh Brus 2020-10-11

Noises are a bit annoying but the advertising after each level is annoying and slows the game down a quick game is a good game
Tana\'ya {Tea•Tee} Wright-Jackson 2019-12-07

Colorful, fun, challenging and a great time killer. Believe me it\'s way better than I just unintentionally made it sound.
sharon reed 2020-12-24

I am so enjoying this fun colorful action filled game. It keeps your mind focused on the game.
Dawn Smith 2020-08-10

I really dig playing this game, kinda blows candy crush out the water!!!
Mary Jane Barnhart 2020-03-28

Just started playing, good game so far. Not too many ads. Game is a little different than other match 3 games. Has potential will stick w/it for awhile