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Description of Canva: Design, Photo & Video

Canva makes video & graphic design amazingly simple for everyone! 🙌 Get a photo editor, video maker, and logo creator all in one FREE editing app. Stand out with eye-catching Insta stories, cards, flyers, photo collage — even if you’re new to design.

Crowd favorite features ⭐️

• Video editing – crop, flip, trim, cut and split video files; add pages to video stitch

• Add music to video – tell engaging stories with free audio tracks

• Photo editor – use photo filters, background eraser, and make transparent pictures

• Background Remover (Pro) – cutout product pictures for collages & ecommerce / online shops

• Animation – make designs move with transition effects & animated text stickers

• Add text to photo – 500+ fonts for every mood; use curved, glitch effect, neon text styles, etc

• Sticker / GIF maker – save videos as GIF for social media

• Logo maker – create logo design & watermark for your business, brand, or esports gaming

Everything you need to create is in Canva. Access a library that has thousands of free stock photos & video montage, background music, illustrations, photo frames, etc. Plus: get professionally-designed templates to use for business cards, flyer creator, Instagram stories, posters, CV, Instagram posts, and more.

Make people 👍❤️ 😂 on social

• Grab attention with stunning photo collages, no crop Instagram story templates, Instagram highlight covers, Highlight icons, & animated social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

• Spark excitement with our free video maker! Create the perfect video collage, Youtube thumbnail, Tiktok wallpaper, or Youtube banner. Crop videos for the Tiktok editor or for an intro maker.

• Make any occasion extra special with online party invitation, holiday greeting card, birthday card creator, wedding invitation maker, & save the date digital card

🚀Boost your business or side hustle

• Build a memorable brand with our business card & logo maker; ad creator & book creator; event poster maker

• Pitch ideas easily with free slideshow & PPT presentation designs, brochure creator

• Look professional with our CV and resume maker

Save time with 👑Canva Pro tools

• Background Remover – cleanly cut out photos with just one tap

• Magic Resize Image – Made an Instagram post? Instantly resize it to a story, poster, email banner in one go

• Plus: Get 75+ million premium photos, videos, background music tracks, and graphics!

Get creative with school & personal projects 🎨

• For students & teachers: create posters, infographics, PPT presentations & labels

• Create a fun virtual classroom with photo background editor for Zoom

• Play with photo retouch, photo grid, and picture editor

• Have fun with Youtube intro maker, motivational quotes creator, Instagram quiz & bingo story designs, podcast & mixtape covers

• Make graphic design for a scrapbook, mood board, vision board or photo book

👇 Start designing now

• Pick a blank design or ready-to-use template. We’ve got video collage, IG story / Instagram layout, invitation, banner, brochure, photo grid, and other needs covered.

• Customize it with your own photo designs or videos. Use our image editor & photo editing tools.

• Add text on photos: play with animated text stickers, neon & glitch effect; also a quick watermark maker.

• Make it extra with our free video editor with music; add photo effects & animations.

• Easily send your design to family & friends, or share the link to edit with your team!

• Canva is available on tablet, desktop & web so you can jump back in anytime, anywhere.

Follow @canva on Instagram for design tips. Need help or have a request? 👉 https://canva.me/android/

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lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:2.140.0 Publish Date:2021-11-26 Developer:Canva

User Reviews


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LaKeisha Truehill 2021-01-26

This app was great until the update. It was so much better to navigate through things and bring creations to life. It doesn\'t seem to have the same mobile capability as before. Just as others have said,, I too create things and after viewing them in my phone gallery,, everything is all out of place. Like the saying goes if it\'s not broke don\'t fix it. I am very irritated with the new way! Bring the previous way back!!!!
Tiff 2020-12-30

I use Canva regularly. Currently I just use the free version and there\'s a lot of options. There are times it\'s frustrating to use but I can\'t see myself using anything else right now. It\'s perfect if you\'re new to design. Canva is a necessity if you need help designing a website, youtube page, Instagram posts, blogging, the list is endless. They have tons of presets but you can modify and create your own design. It\'s been awesome so far. Very happy.
Prily Nuraini 2021-01-19

I love the previous version. This new version is totally a mess. Everything messed up. When I download either to JPG or PDF, every font & element size change automatically. As the result, it turns to something really different with my original design :( :( :( I used my android phone. But it works well on my pc. Unfortunately it\'s really not convenient if I have to use it on my pc only. I prefer to designing on my phone. Please fix it!
Angela Awde 2020-12-30

Update: the issue was fixed. 5 stars. The application won\'t even go online. At first, it worked perfectly, then a few days later I went to open the app to work on the designs I had saved previously and since then, I get a pop-up that says \'\'You\'re offline. We can\'t reach Canva. Try Again.\'\' my internet connection is excellent and yet this one particular app has been not connecting for the past week. I even tried reinstalling it. Nothing is working. Please this needs to be fixed.
Vishakha Meena 2021-01-15

Bring back the old canva. Why complicate good things?? This app used to be so quick and cool. And the update has ruined it totally for me. I would now probably be looking for some other app now. Where canva was my one stop solution for everything, now it\'s nothing like before. Full of glitches and problems. The previous version was more convenient. This is more time consuming.
Enna-Grace APULU 2021-01-19

I like the app it has many different templates and it is really fun to make wallpapers and birthday ideas but... there is a little bit of a slight down side it does have a premium section and that gives you access to everything! Where if you aren\'t paying for the premium section you are left with all the free stuff which also is fine it\'s just they leave some of the better fonts , filter\'s and so on. To those who pay premium.
A Google user 2021-03-02

Really miss the old version. This version makes me want to delete the app altogether. Uploading takes forever, where I could easily choose from photos before. The drop down lists for templates I miss, the new version seems like it is asking me twice to chose? Seems unnecessarily tedious. The effortless design is a thing of the past. I really hope they change it back. I love it so much! But deleting it if it stays this way.😪
Ashley Green 2021-01-29

Loved this app until it updated. It is less user friendly for many reasons. Previously when picking a canvas I could see a visual and now only the dimensions. Another thing is when adding items such as stickers the options now completely block the project you are working on. I want to be able to see my options to add and see what I already have. The simplicity that made me love the app is no more. I am frustrated and disappointed with the update.
Kyle Krozser 2021-02-10

New layout is infuriating. So many of the customization tools are too glitchy to use and no longer cooperate like they used to. The app used to be very easy to use. Now it seems like I have to troubleshoot and \"force\" the most basic things to work, most notably text and photo functions. Update from my previous 5 star review in 2020. The app is now inconvenient to use, and has far less freedom than the \"old version\". Posts take much longer to finish, and are now partially incomplete.

Please go back to your old format. This new version of Canva SUCKS! I can\'t navigate it the way I once did. You can\'t access the same options as easily, nothing works the same, it\'s way harder to navigate. The layout sucks. It all sucks so bad. I am just being honest. I am trying to find an older version of Canva to use and they are now all the same somehow. This app sucks now.