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Description of Capital Credit Union Mobile

The CCU Mobile app allows you to check balances, transfer funds, and view transactions anytime. It’s fast, free and available to all of our Online Banking users! With the app you can do things like:

- Check balances 24/7

- Create, approve, cancel or view funds transfers

- Make loan payments

- Send us a secure message

- Deposit Checks

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More Information Of Capital Credit Union Mobile

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:20.2 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Capital Credit Union-Wisconsin

User Reviews


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Brian Pavlovich 2021-01-04

Seems to be a bug with biometric access since updating to Android 11. Twice in as many weeks I have been locked out of my account, seeing a message about having entered the wrong credentials. It has been working fine for other apps.
tom reinke 2020-03-10

This app is nowhere near as good as the old one. Everytime I log in it sits and thinks and then takes me back to the log in page. Instant balances is nice but that\'s the only account info I can get from my phone. Give me the old app back please!
Aaron 2021-01-30

Good app that has made a lot of improvements over the last year. I have no complaints and the fast balance widget is noice.
mark mcgaw 2018-03-22

I love credit unions. Their interest rates are alot lower than traditional banks
Laura Weiss 2020-02-03

When it works, it\'s a good app. I\'m not even able to sign in. The app keeps crashing on me. I\'m getting very annoyed with this app to where I\'m about to go to a different bank.
Jessica Bartels 2016-04-24

Malware detected?! Had this app working quite well, but has come up as malware the last few days. Uninstalled app, then reinstalled, but still coming up as a Trojan. Hope it gets fixed, since it was working well.
Jennifer Krueger 2020-03-27

What\'s going on?! Anyone going to fix this?! It\'s been weeks before I could log on! It keeps crashing everytime I log in. Bring back the old app, that one actually worked. I am about to switch banks because of this.
kasey kaseywilmot121512@gmail.com 2017-05-24

Usually this app works great but lately it won\'t get past the logging in screen. :/
Daniel Pynenberg 2020-12-24

I never write reviews on anything, but I have to use this app to manage my finances Cons/things I want back: -Balances used to be displayed after every transaction -Used to be like 12pt font, now its 50pt -Glitches hard when I try to transfer $ -Banner on bottom telling you to \"scroll down for more content\" actually blocks the content -Used to be able to go into details of transactions Please bring back original app appearance, fix above issues, keep the pay to zero part, and member transfer.
Brennen Frisque 2020-02-08

Why the UI/UX update from the old app? This thing stinks. The text is bulky and obtuse. The button menu is clunky and navigation is not clean. Looks like modern user experience was lost. Bring the old app back. Nice job with the authentication options though.