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Car sounds



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Description of Car sounds

Listen to the engine sounds of over 360 different cars.

New cars every week!


- Choose between 42 top marques

- Technical data for each car

- Startup, revs, and acceleration sounds

- Set the sounds as a notification sound or as a ringtone

- Share function

- Integrated Quiz

- Every car can be used without paying money

- Clear and easy to use

All logos shown or represented in this app are copyright and/or trademark of their respective corporations. The use of low-resolution images in this trivia app for use of identification in an informal context qualifies as fair use under copyright law.

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lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:2.0.6 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Eighteen1 Studios

User Reviews


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CaseyPlaysMadout2 2020-03-19

The motor sounds are not long enough, and you can\'t even rev the engine you only get like five seconds of car sounds the only reason I\'m giving you two stars is because you worked really hard on finding each car and sound, don\'t get me wrong the sound of the cars are on point just needs a little bit more work, I\'ll come back in a few years maybe you updated it by then or you can comment back ~Regards HomeSlice420~ ~Uninstalled~
LPR Gaming 2021-01-26

So it\'s meh. Some of the sounds are either incorrect (1970 challenger is clearly a modern one) and some are poorly chosen (the viper has a much louder car in the background) also, it\'s supposed to add new cars every Friday. It doesn\'t. Hasn\'t done for about a month. And before then it was even longer. Not as good as it could be. There is a LOT of cars though.
Joe Kauffman 2020-05-10

One of the best apps I\'ve used and learned about Cars, even ones that I haven\'t heard the engine if before. In the Dodge Section, add the 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 with a MAGNUM 4.7L V8, the Dodge Dakota, and the Dodge Dakota. Also put in the 1933 Napier Railton, the 1948 Tucker Torpedo, and the Hennessey Velociraptor, both the 6X4 and the 4X4/2X2/2X4 version, and in the Ford Section, add the Ford Ranger Raptor please.
xc Velazquez 2020-04-29

Love the app love the coin system but for some reason there\'s one level that she\'s randomly skipped also I\'m glad there\'s more variety of cars but I shouldn\'t really give it five stars for some reason every time I do a level sometimes it will say I got something wrong even though I never pressed anything besides the start level other
Freighter-845 2020-08-16

This is an amazing app, probably one of my favourites. It\'s really easy to use and there are loads of sounds. You don\'t even have to pay real money to unlock every sound, you can just do quizzes or watch an ad. It\'s really good I\'d recommend this to anyone who wanted an app like this! Keep up the good work C.Mrg Studios!
Vishal S 2020-03-05

Extremely good app and sounds. But please have a feedback button within every page, so that we may be able to suggest corrections for the particular car. Well done with the sounds. They are really good.
TYLARGAMEZ49 2019-11-22

Good app but I just feel like there should be a little more freedom to people that don\'t have enough coins or money to buy DLC cars all in all it\'s a good app I recommend it for anybody who is looking for any app to actually take sounds from and put them in your videos I do that a lot cuz I am a meme maker and sometimes I use it for animations that I make again I recommend this if you just want to hear good car noises or you like to add them to your video again there should be more freedom
CoopDiggity 21 2020-08-16

It is pretty cool cause you get to listen to so many different cars. The only thing bad that I have to say about this app is that why do you have to use coins to unlock more cars
ScarkX [GD] 2020-11-17

I mean, its a really good app for like, over 300 car sounds WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE, but...there are a few cars missing in some categories like the Mazda Demio or the Bugatti Divo and all that, put some more cars in it. But otherwise its a great app, reccommended for people who loves cars.
AYAN GAMING 2019-12-28

Not the actual sounds of these cars 😒😡😡😡.You can\'t search any car and it also stucks when you are searching.