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Description of CARD Prepaid Debit

Deposit checks with a picture, switch between your multiple cards, and check your balance without having to login using "Quick Balance." Everything needed to service your CARD.com account is now in our new, easy to navigate app. And easy to access with optional fingerprint login!

Find nearby ATMs, locate cash reload stores, and get instructions on how to use direct deposit or transfer funds from a bank account, or virtual wallet such as PayPal or Google Wallet.

Don't have a CARD.com card with us? Choose from thousands of card designs inside the app and sign up for one that matches you.

Your CARD.com prepaid card is accepted worldwide. Use it everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Use it everywhere debit Mastercard is accepted.

Download the CARD.com app today, and manage your finances in a flash.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.1.1 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:CARD.com

User Reviews


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Ashley S 2019-08-09

it was easy to apply for and I recieved it very quickly ..but the fees are crazy $10.00 for monthly services, over $5.00 for loading charges. I\'m not happy about this I was unable to pay my phone bill because they took it as soon as I deposited my money. I was not aware of the outrageous fees at that time. SMALL PRINT i want my $ back I\'m a single mom and can\'t afford a $10 loss I used this card to avoid paying $ in-store fees for my phone bill.
Baylee Lambert 2019-04-09

Very very bad!!! My first and only account activity was immediately \"blocked for my own protection.\" They put a hold on my money, and locked my debit card functions. Because of them my rent is late and that\'s just the start of the problems caused by their actions. They show no sense of urgency or regard for how this affects daily life.
Jennifer n Shirley Davies 2019-04-06

Love this card. Absolutely the best card I have ever had. I plan on keeping this card forever. I highly recommend this card to everyone. especially if you get ssi or ssd, you get your funds a week early. don\'t forget to add Jennifer Jeffries recommended it so we both receive $30, 💯👌 :)
Kimmy Waller 2019-09-22

Great app!! My only complaint is the monthly fee for the \"family of cards\" option. It\'s a little bit high I think... Then again, I think the individual monthly fee is a bit too much, too!! But besides that though, very pleased with this app. The check upload is a great feature to have on my phone. Saves me time and frustration messing around having to go to check cashing places and what-not... I\'d recommend this app to anybody who doesnt have access to a regular bank account.
Jessica Napier 2019-06-18

I absolutely love this card, and how convenient it is to use, and receive my funds even faster than I should!! Not only, are these cards awesome in appearance (i got Rainbow Bright, and Care Bears, being an 80\'s girl, I\'m in love!) Its easy to use, easy to load, and have had several different places, set up with direct deposit, and not one single problem! The app makes everything so convenient, that just at your fingerstips, you can do ALL your banking! The security of this card, is impeccable!
Becky Strong 2020-11-12

I absolutely hate that I have to sign into this app every time I want or need to use it. It\'s very time consuming having to do this. *UPDATE** I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the quick balance works great. ***UPDATE*** I got a new phone, back to the same issue, no quick balance, and I get an email every time I log in saying my account is being accessed from a new device. My boyfriend is having the exact same issue. No way to change my device. It sucks.
Ranytta Johnson 2019-07-11

I rate this 3 Stars only because the only problem with my account is when I am charged a monthly maintenance fee. You have to have at least $1000 deposited to you account, and for July I was 5 dollars short and they charged me the fee and my account is now in the negative. They will charge u the fee even if you do not have any money in your account, which is dumb to me. Other companys will waive the fee if there are not enough funds to cover the charge, but this company does not. Be wary.
Aubri Johnson-Dabbs 2019-02-06

i was able to get 2 of the cutest cards. i don\'t have to make a special trip to any bank when i Get a check, it lets me take a picture and submit. you can pay a kinda high fee ($5) to get the money right then, or wait 10 days for free. you can use it anywhere over found so far and online is a breeze. THANK YOU!!! one happy momma, and I\'ve already referred friends. 😁
Garrett Kline 2021-02-24

This app couldn\'t be more easily usable with a little bit of common sense and direct questions about the subject and you should have no issues. Highly recommend it to anyone and highly satisfied. Keep up the hard great work guys! Oh yeah that\'s right I almost forgot, I was able to deposit a check from Christmas from my grandmother for my three daughters and I couldn\'t find a place to cash it . I was browsing through the app and found an option to deposit w/a pic! And free? Great!
amy higgins 2019-06-07

i was so excited about this card and then i tried to do a deposit a check by picture and that was going good UNTIL the check was not going to be good im not even sure what the problem was but they sent a message saying my hole account was closed!?!? WHAT??? like isn\'t that the point they make you wait 10 business days to make sure its going to go through amd how is it my fault the company that sent the check is trash. im so angry im totally over the hole deal