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In Card Thief you move through a deck of cards as a stealthy thief. Sneak in the shadows, extinguish torches, pickpocket guards and steal valuable treasures without getting caught. In your thief hideout you can use your

stolen goods to unlock powerful equipment cards. Each heist you can use 3 equipment cards to become a skillful master thief.

Card Thief, the official follow up to Tinytouchtales excellent dungeon crawler Card Crawl, attempts to condense the classic stealth genre into a solitaire style card game. The game offers an accessible core gameplay with a deep layer of tactical planning and various risk reward mechanics on top. In 4 different heists you can test your skills against various enemy and trap types. By successfully completing heists you can unlock and upgrade 12 equipment cards each with a unique ability to improve your highscores.


+ Solitaire style gameplay

+ 4 heists each with different enemy and obstacle types

+ 12 unlock able and upgradable equipment cards

+ Mini deck building

+ Daily Heist with global highscores

+ Deep tactical planning for fans of the stealth genre

+ 2-3mins playtime per game

Visit www.tinytouchtales.com & www.card-thief.com

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.3.3 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Arnold Rauers

User Reviews


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Mia Couch 2019-05-24

Hands down the best mobile game I have ever played. Beautiful art and well designed game play. It is a card game but I don\'t \"feel\" like I am playing cards, I feel like I sneaking through a castle. I admire the developers for designing a free to play model that doesnt make it too difficult to play if you can\'t buy the game. There are wait times to unlock chests, but you can bypass wait times why watching ads, or you can even just play the game while you wait for the chest to unlock.
Jonathan Maassen 2018-09-05

A fun game, but I wish it had more things to work towards. Beyond unlocking three heists, unlocking the contracts, and upgrading all your gear, there\'s really no sense of long-term progress (beyond improving your scores). Opening chests becomes a chore, because the \'stolen goods\' no longer have any application. Still, the gameplay itself is pretty fun, with equipment adding some nice variety to individual heists.
Lucas Erickson 2017-09-15

Fun game. As Sid Meier would say, it is a series of interesting decisions. The rules are simple enough to start out, and new twists are added at a good pace. My favorite part is that playing the game isn\'t about winning or losing, but rather how big you can win and what risks to take. As a bonus, the art is all very thematic and beautiful. On top of all this, it\'s a bug-free experience. Highly recommend Card Thief.
Mmina Maclang 2018-06-26

One of the best games on the PlayStore to-date. It has a great concept, it\'s a challenging puzzle, it always changes and never gets boring. The character designs have great style and sense of humor. You can play the game without ever having to pay for it, watching an ad is totally your choice, and that is very generous of the developers. Do them the favor of purchasing the game if you are able to do so. We want them to have the funding to make more of these amazing gamesm. All in all, absolutely tremendous work. A truly entertaining and substantially challenging puzzler—perfection, in summary.
Xavier T. de Janon 2019-09-10

Extremely fun and innovative game with fantastic graphics, music, gameplay, rules and design. It\'s been created with a lot of attention to detail, and, impressively, ads are actually completely optional to accelerate more features and skills. I\'m very happy with how much depth there is to the game, since I usually go through free card-based strategy games pretty quickly! Hope to see more.
en1gmat0 2019-04-06

it froze, twice, right as I was close to finishing Black Manor (Level 1). I was willing to give it a 2nd try, but not a 3rd. Both times it froze, I had laid out my path, started the thief card up and moving, and it just, stopped when it still had 1 or 2 cards left in the path, and the \"spilled gems across the screen treasure graphic\" that normally doesnt happen until the end of the turn, happened. Then it just wouldn\'t respond at all, forever...
Andrew Cherney 2019-10-08

The game is rather fun and interesting, but once I realized the second castle sticks with a 3x3 grid the fun stopped. A small grid extremely hinders the ability to make a fair and fun experience while still adding new mechanics. Even the focal point of collecting treasure is completely meaningless when trinkets are the only usable currency. The idea is there but the application is extremely off and I am pretty disappointed to see that.
Justin Lafferty 2019-03-25

Really fun game. Took a while to understand the mechanics, but once I did the game is enjoyable. Only reason for four stars, is because each chest opened doubles the timer count down to open. And I want to support the devs, but on trying to purchase the game, there is a bug where it cant connect to store.
A Google user 2017-10-02

The game is definitely enjoyable I won\'t deny that. But the daily heist doesn\'t work. At all. Viewing ads to open chests only works 1/3 of the time and nothing will load in the hideout. I have other apps that require internet and they haven\'t been having these issues and my connection is good, so I have to assume these issues after with the app itself. I\'d like to give it a better rating but I mean most of the extras don\'t even work so what\'s the point?
Liam Richardson 2018-12-22

very poor explanations of how things work in the tutorial. Text says to experiment and see how numbers change, and then the game immediately locks in any move you make so experimentation is not possible. Shortly after that, a game breaking bug made the tutorial uncompletable. Not great.