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Card Wars: UNO Battle Royale CCG Lockdown brawl APK

Card Wars: UNO Battle Royale CCG Lockdown brawl

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Description of Card Wars: UNO Battle Royale CCG Lockdown brawl

Card Battle is an epic PvP card collection game that lets you unlock, upgrade, and battle with unique cards and quirky and fun characters.

- Play for FREE with players across the world

- Unlock up to 15 epic cards including FIRESTORM, BURGLAR, and CANNON

- Play with friends and strangers

- Play with Facebook Friends or as Guest

- Level up to move up leagues

- Unlock heroes

- Fast-paced competitive and fun - for FREE!

- Easy enough for beginners, tough enough to keep you hooked

- FREE bonus rewards every day!

- Excellent comic graphics and funny animations

- Build, upgrade, customize your deck

Experience a whole new world of unique characters and cards. The gameplay is simple enough for even the most novice players. Plan out your moves, grow the deck to suit your play style. Crush your opponents with brute force or outsmart them to claim your victory. Use clever tactics and strategies to eliminate your opponent. Card Battle offers a lot of heroes and abilities to choose from, which can be upgraded and evolved. Play with up to six people in a tournament like elimination structure. Play cards to deal damage to the opponents, the last survivor takes the crown, loot, cash, and glory.

Step into the battleground with your customized decks and go head-to-head against your family and friends in a game of strategy, tactics, and brute force. Experience the thrill of battling 4-6 people at once, with 6 times the twists and thrill.

Challenge opponents head-on, enter a world of online matchmaking and real-time matches, beat them for amazing rewards and glory. Online matchmaking allows you to clash against real people online, anytime, and anywhere. The winner gets amazing rewards, chests, and loot!

Enjoy the nostalgia of classic trading card games (TCG) and collectible card games (CCG). Mixed with the quirky fun elements of a throwdown game! Build, customize, upgrade, trade, develop your own unique deck, and take on your friends with competitive matches and tournaments. Experience unique gameplay and nail-biting matches as you play through different leagues in an amazing cross-platform experience. Play single player or multiplayer with two players, three players, four players, and five players and up to 6 people.

Go on an adventure in a fantasy world with human mobsters, punk-rock goblins, soda drinking orcs, and katana-wielding elves. Grow your magical and elemental powers to be the strongest of them all. Experience fun and quirky characters and amazing animations and effects that lead up to a throwdown of epic proportions.

Card Battle is a simple color matching game, play cards to damage your enemies, players whose health drops to zero lose, the remaining fight till only one remains. If you can play Uno you can play this too! Play Card Battle with up to 6 people, everyone from your family, even grandparents, and kids can enjoy a party card game along with their Friends.

As you level up, you unlock amazing characters, meanwhile, you upgrade and switch between old cards to create your own all-powerful and custom deck. Strategize your deck and play with 8 different cards at a given time.

The players have to match the color of the card or type of card to the card in the center on their turn. All cards have unique abilities and use them to unleash a FIRESTORM or to FREEZE the opponents. To turn around the flow of a game, use clever counter-attacks to deal multiplied damage! Characters have unique animation in a 2D graphic novel and comic style.

A unique cross-platform gaming experience allows you to play with players on Android, iOS, and Facebook.

Please rate and give your feedback for Card Party to help us improve the game on feedback@bombayplay.com

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:4.0.1 Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:Bombay Play - Card Games for Friends and Family

User Reviews


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John Nguyen 2021-01-14

Other than the skewed match-ups, like OP players with 1300hp vs 1010hp, it\'s pretty fun. However, I\'ve noticed that if you are winning, the system will lag you to give opponents a winning edge. This is so messed up. Of course when it happens to me, it\'s great. But this beats the purpose of fair gaming. You\'ll see it: you are winning, and all of a sudden, you freeze when it\'s your turn to select a card. At least make it less obvious. It cannot be a coincidence after 15 times, lol.
Travez Simanu 2021-02-10

Points for being easy to learn. They use ads which is fine They also have in game cash which is used for upgrading everything as well as needed to play matches. You cannot opt not to use cash. You must come 1st or 2nd to at least break even. If you are on a loss, you can pay for more cash. Needs an energy system over the cash system. Uninstalling to save grief
Sam a 2021-01-13

Good twist could imagine real card game being made too! Only thing i can think to add is the ability to add freinds into a game or make it so freinds can play each other
tjtjtjtjtjify 2021-01-18

FINALLY! An implementation of clash royales chest system that makes SENSE and actually ENCOURAGES you to play. All 4 chests open at the same time! Thank you! I\'ve always hated the chest system in other games because you could only open them one at a time which made no sense given the 4 slots. Other than that the art style of the game is unique and fresh. I actually love the 4 armed elves and dorky orcs. Very cool taking the classic fantasy races and giving them some new flair. Gameplay good too!
Trevion Marks 2021-01-11

Its basically uno but it has a really interesting twist and i like it. Could use some balance and tender love n care but it is playable and enjoyable
crunch bang 2021-02-04

it\'s a fun spin of a popular card game with a lot of action poured in. If you win you get boxes which advance your card deck. I\'d like to see the possibility to have clans. One big issue for me is though that you can only request keys for additional extra cards from facebook friends, as I don\'t want to use facebook I am missing out of this progression possibility.
Silent Killer 2021-01-19

Overall game module is simple yet amusing, can be addictive but the lack of rewards and waiting for chest makes one wanting to play less. Can be improved by giving players more reward(dopamine) for wins. Simply put to increase playtime, remove chest wait time and balance it with increased progression time.
manoj chauhanpugt24800 2021-02-06

Game is awesome and concept is good but coin and star animation after result are lagging.there are not smooth. Also there is no tutorial for understanding game. so for complete understanding of game I have to play atleast 3 to 4 times. So please add some type of tutorial game play for player to understand.
brambell 2021-02-15

So far good fast fun would love some more card types tho. Nice work Not sure how to report possible bug but I entered the Q for waiting match and had to cancel and it too 200 of my balance even tho I didn\'t get in a game
Ed G 2021-03-04

A fun variation of Uno. My biggest issue playing has been connectivity issues. If the player before me chooses to draw a card, somehow I lose my connection for the duration of my turn, the game reconnects only after my turn is skipped. I was playing about 15 minutes ago and lost connection all together and had to force stop the app. I\'m not an expert, but the fact that I\'m reviewing this game right now must mean that my internet is indeed working. Even so, this game is still worth playing.