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Description of Cardiac diagnosis (arrhythmia)

If the measurement result is abnormal, please recommend an electrocardiogram(EKG,ECG) test.

[Guide to Access Permission for Using Cardiac Diagnosis App]

1. Camera (required)

- It is necessary to detect the blood circulation of the measurement site.

2. Storage space (required)

- It is necessary to save the measurement result.

3. Microphone (required)

- It is necessary to use recording function in real time measurement.

This app can detect heart rate and arrhythmia(Atrial fibrillation (AF or Afib)).

So arrhythmia, bradycardia, and tachycardia are detected to show the state of the heart as normal, caution, and danger.

If the arrhythmia is detected recommends an overhaul in the hospital.

If the arrhythmia is detected,Get treatment.

Share the application with many people around you.

Even if the results come out as normal you can help prevent the disease should be checked regularly.

How to use -

1. Gently place the tip of your finger on the camera lens

2. Click start button.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:146 Publish Date:2021-08-22 Developer:SUNG DO KIM

User Reviews


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Dan Olson 2019-06-10

To suggest this is an irresponsible app is an understatement. We tested this out with a group of people and every one of them has a critical heart issue that\'s \"diagnosed\" as DANGER. This needs to be removed from the Playstore as it\'s reckless and useless.
Dawn Leatherby 2019-03-23

suffered 10 yrs with A Fib this app is dangerous to sufferers, tried it when clearly in A Fib BPM was 138 this app said 71 Normal no Arrhythmia. it doesn\'t work so should not be allowed and then you need to watch vids to use other features. do not download if you have A Fib not safe
Curt F82 2019-09-17

One star till someone explains why it says the floor or table has a heart beat and a dangerous arrhythmia... then keeps telling me I have a dangerous heart arrhythmia as well... when running a real time scan it keeps flashing from normal to danger on all the categories continuously... light will burn the heck out of your finger before the reading is finished as well.. App tested on Samsung Note 9.
Lawrence Li 2018-10-22

The app is OK, sometimes it is not quite accurate, sometimes it is. It is a good start for the developer, in time with updates & improvements, I think it will work pretty good. Please be aware that, all these apps, using a camera or a simple device from the phone cannot be a reliable replacement to medical devices. It is used as a reference only and I think it does its job pretty good. The graph is a good reference. I have aFib 50% of the time beating at 120/140 & 85 within 2 seconds. The app measured it. If you are not still, it affects the result.
Wayne Harmor 2020-06-11

I had A-Fib and it showed the heartbeat as erratic, tested it alot on this. Once I had my heart shocked back to a normal pattern, it showed perfectly on this app. Clearly shows what it is supposed to show.
To M 2020-07-03

This app works well. Im a senior athlete with a resting heart rate below 60. The app picked up the occasional arrhythmia Ive been experiencing in real time, and reported both my heart rate and heart rate variability with accuracy. I was wearing a garmin hr strap with Acentas app and a finger pulse oximeter simultaneously as I used the app. I believe this app tracked faster and more accurately out of the three! Excellent thank you.
Rozsika den Haan 2019-04-19

It is a good little app to see some basic information. I am happy to watch an ad to see test results as this app seems better than the others I have tried. I use it just as a point of reference, I know it is not the same nor as accurate as hooking up 4 sensors as a real one, but that is to be expected from only using your finger! I do wish you could choose your own name for some saved results. My kids and I use it, and can\'t determine whose results are which.
Joshua Jones 2019-09-15

Normally i do not rate apps, but this earned it. I have a lot of heart problems and this app has gotten them right so far, arythmias, tachycardias. This idea has a good chance at saving lives, make it a smart watch app with alerts and people will know they are having a heart attack or heart failure instead of \"I am fine\". I hope to see this app realized in its full potential, preloaded with samsung health on smartwatches, this is by far handier then auto workout detect.
Jim Herron 2018-10-29

Works pretty well. Would be nice to use the built in heart monitor on newer phones instead of only the camera lens. Wish the historical graph could be sorted by timeframes other than the day, week, month, etc. When multiple readings are taken in a day the graph becomes useless as it is so full of records and is not resizable to read the graph. Rest of the app is great. Kudos to the developer
Melanie Hart-Weed 2020-03-05

Does what it says. I was just diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and this app picked up the arrhythmia in my pulse. So I think it\'s a pretty cool app. U have to watch an add to get real time measurements. But u can X out in 5 seconds. Or pay for the no ad version. I don\'t mind watching the ads as long I don\'t have to watch it all. It\'s well worth my peace of mind knowing how my heart is functioning without being in a hospital setting. Thanks for nice app.