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[Guide to Access Permission for Using Cardiac Diagnosis App]

1. Camera (required)

- It is necessary to detect the blood circulation of the measurement site.

2. Storage space (required)

- It is necessary to save the measurement result.

3. Microphone (required)

- It is necessary to use recording function in real time measurement.

This app detects the change in brightness caused by the blood circulation of the fingertip detected by the camera of the phone, measures the heart rate and measures the period of heart beat to determine whether it is arrhythmia.

Normal, bradycardia, and tachycardia according to heart rate are divided into signals and displayed

Arrhythmia is also indicated by the signal light according to normal, caution, and degree of danger.

Depending on the measured heart rate and the presence of arrhythmia, the condition of the heart is indicated by the signal light according to the normal level and the degree of danger.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:23 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:SUNG DO KIM

User Reviews


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barbara deise 2019-01-21

i use the app daily to help identity when my AFIB is acting like a brat. I don\'t consider it to be 100% accurate but does pick up when I am experiencing an elevated level. Always seek professional advice on heart issues. The app has greatly assisted me in determining when to seek out the doctor. We have used the app at the doctor\'s office alongside running an EKG, the results with both were reasonably similar. Doc was happy with me using app.
A Google user 2019-03-21

I absolutely love this app. Been having some issues with heart and showed it to my doc today and he compared what i got on here to his office ans he said it is pretty accurte. Well worth the money for full version especially when it can help save a life. Kudos to the developer. i just have one question, when condition is lit up red what exactly do they mean? worked in the heart center and i am a lil confused.
Jeffrey S 2019-07-01

i have AFib and have had cardiac procedures and medication. since i dont have 24/7/365 to a Holter monitor, this app is a good way to record episodes and send snapshots to my cardiac electrophysiologist. thank you for developing this app. it would be great if it could interface with Fitbit Versa as these watches can even more accurately check heart rate.
Curtis Murray 2020-11-13

This app seems accurate enough. Ungortunately there is no way that I have found, to save the graph or the test. Having the bare numbers is not enough info for my doctor At present I must record the screen on my phone. For a paid app that pretends to have a record feature thus is unsatisfactory .
Stu and Emm Greenslade 2020-11-07

This falsely reported AF and ended up costing time and expense with hospital Consultations. ECGs and 24hr traces all came out normal. I have wasted my money on this app! So annoyed. Try a good app like Fibricheck.
Christina Johnson 2020-05-12

I would give it zero stars were that possible. Don\'t use it. The measure is made even when you are not even touching it. If you want a good monitor I suggest you purchase an actual device that bluetooth links and syncs with its matching app. Be sure to find one that is centered toward health monitoring and fitness. If you want reliability and quality then this app is not for you that...nor is it for you. Junk.
John Mills 2019-08-14

very poor instructions. did not give variability
Peter McCracken 2020-07-28

I love this. I use it at least 4 times a day with a pressure cuff and a oximeter. It helps provide me with information and gives me something to show Doctor. It has saved my life once, and I now have a pacemaker. The app itself is easy to use. There are some issues. It is important to get the correct pressure on the camera. If you don\'t keep it constant, the waveform and the heartbeat won\'t be correct. I would like to see the final display horizontally with the graph fully expanded for detail.
Ken Lewis 2019-02-15

shows results without any reference.
Spencer Holloway 2020-03-23

I\'m laying in the ER as I write this... my chest felt weird so I downloaded the app and tried it out. The app detected an arrhythmia I thought it best to play it safeand head to the ER. The app was right! Doctor told me that it was good I came in. Holysht.